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오병호 [Oh, Byung Ho]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Dermatology (피부과학교실)
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2020삼중 유방외 Paget병 1예김제민, 오병호, 정기양Article
2019Application of secondary intention for the restoration of the apical triangle after Mohs micrographic surgery남경애, 노미령, 오병호, 오영주, 정기양Article
2019Checkmark rotation flap for nasal tip reconstruction in Asian patients남경애, 노미령, 오병호, 오영주, 정기양Article
2019Skin Imaging Using Ultrasound Imaging, Optical Coherence Tomography, Confocal Microscopy, and Two-Photon Microscopy in Cutaneous Oncology 오병호, 정기양Article
2019Effect of Radiotherapy Combined With Pembrolizumab on Local Tumor Control in Mucosal Melanoma Patients 금웅섭, 노미령, 신상준, 오병호, 장지석, 정기양Article
2018Mohs micrographic surgery for dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans: comparison of frozen and paraffin techniques남경애, 노미령, 오병호, 오영주, 이시형, 정기양Article
2018피부암의 병인과 예방 오병호Article
2018Genetic Alterations among Korean Melanoma Patients Showing Tumor Heterogeneity: A Comparison between Primary Tumors and Corresponding Metastatic Lesions. 노미령, 라선영, 신상준, 오병호, 이시형, 정기양Article
2018Acral melanoma detection using a convolutional neural network for dermoscopy images 오병호, 정기양Article
2018Error rate of automated calculation for wound surface area using a digital photography오병호Article
2017Dermoscopy guided dark-field multi-functional optical coherence tomography 오병호, 정기양Article
2015양성피부종양 환자 846명의 수술적 치료경험 오병호, 정기양Article
2015Delayed Reconstruction for the Non-Amputative Treatment of Subungual Melanoma 오병호, 정기양, 최민주Article
2015Treatment of Nodular Fasciitis Occurring on the Face 김지희, 노미령, 오병호, 정기양, 정진룡Article
2015Metastatic melanomas of unknown primary show better prognosis than those of known primary: a systematic review and meta-analysis of observational studies김대석, 노미령, 배정민, 오병호, 이지혜, 정기양, 최윤영Article
2015Reconstruction of large wounds using a combination of negative pressure wound therapy and punch grafting after excision of acral lentiginous melanoma on the foot김지희, 서지명, 오병호, 정기양, 정진룡Article
2014비전문적 피부미용시술로 인한 합병증과 치료 방법의 고찰 오병호, 정기양Article
2014High-dose vitamin K: a remedy for excessive bleeding induced by warfarin노미령, 오병호, 정기양Article
2014Comparison of Melanoma Subtypes among Korean Patients by Morphologic Features and Ultraviolet Exposure 김지형, 노미령, 라선영, 배정민, 오병호, 이재석, 정기양Article
2013Mohs micrographic surgery for extramammary Paget disease: A pooled analysis of individual patient data김희수, 노미령, 배정민, 오병호, 정기양, 최윤영Article
2013Application of Keystone Island Flap in Three Cases of Large Skin Defects노미령, 오병호, 정기양Article
2013Comparison of negative pressure wound therapy and secondary intention healing after excision of acral lentiginous melanoma on the foot오병호, 이훈범, 정기양Article