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남궁기 [Namkoong, Kee]
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College of Medicine : Dept. of Psychiatry
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2017 Suppression of AIMP1 protects cognition in Alzheimer's disease model mice 3xTg-AD 김어수, 김철훈, 남궁기, 이정호, 장수아
2016 Alexithymia and perfectionism traits are associated with suicidal risk in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder 강지인, 김세주, 남궁기, 서지우, 손성연
2016 Impaired anterior insular activation during risky decision making in young adults with internet gaming disorder. 남궁기, 정영철, 이덕종
2016 Association between the Catechol-O-Methyltransferase (COMT) Val¹⁵⁸Met Polymorphism and Alexithymia in Patients with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder. 강지인, 김세주, 남궁기
2016 Frontostriatal Connectivity Changes in Major Depressive Disorder After Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation: A Randomized Sham-Controlled Study. 강지인, 김경란, 남궁기, 안석균, 이은
2016 Utility of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MoCA) and its subset in HIV-associated neurocognitive disorder (HAND) screening 구남수, 김준명, 남궁기, 이영준, 최준용, 김어수, 김우정
2016 Blunted response of hippocampal AMPK associated with reduced neurogenesis in older versus younger mice 김어수, 김철훈, 남궁기, 박민선, 이종은, 장수아
2016 Cholinesterase Inhibitor Donepezil Increases Mitochondrial Biogenesis through AMP-Activated Protein Kinase in the Hippocampus 김어수, 남궁기, 박민선, 오병훈, 이은
2016 Associations between actigraphy-assessed sleep, inflammatory markers, and insulin resistance in the Midlife Development in the United States (MIDUS) study 김태호, 남궁기, 안석균, 이은
2016 한국어판 완벽주의 구성 척도의 표준화 연구 강지인, 김세주, 김혜원, 남궁기, 손성연, 천주아
2015 Effect of hypertension on the resting-state functional connectivity in patients with Alzheimer's disease (AD) 박진영, 오병훈, 이은, 김어수, 김진아, 남궁기
2015 Internalized stigma and its psychosocial correlates in Korean patients with serious mental illness 김우정, 남궁기, 조현상
2015 Further evidence of a dissociation between decision-making under ambiguity and decision-making under risk in obsessive-compulsive disorder 강지인, 김세주, 김혜원, 남궁기
2015 Circadian preference and trait impulsivity, sensation-seeking and response inhibition in healthy young adults 강지인, 김세주, 김혜원, 남궁기, 손성연
2015 Associations between polymorphisms in the NR1D1 gene encoding for nuclear receptor REV-ERBα and circadian typologies 강지인, 김세주, 남궁기
2015 Relationships between chronotypes and affective temperaments in healthy young adults 강지인, 고민정, 김세주, 김혜원, 남궁기, 안석균
2015 Progress of PTSD symptoms following birth: a prospective study in mothers of high-risk infants 김경란, 김우정, 나동욱, 남궁기, 박은숙, 이은
2014 Resting-state synchrony between anterior cingulate cortex and precuneus relates to body shape concern in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa 김경란, 남궁기, 이서정, 정영철
2014 Synchrony of anterior cingulate cortex and insular-striatal activation predicts ambiguity aversion in individuals with low impulsivity. 남궁기, 정영철
2014 Influence of the BDNF Val66Met polymorphism on coping response to stress in patients with advanced gastric cancer 강지인, 고민정, 남궁기, 정현철, 정희철
2014 Multidimensional measures of impulsivity in obsessive-compulsive disorder: cannot wait and stop. 강지인, 김세주, 남궁기
2014 Compromised frontocerebellar circuitry contributes to nonplanning impulsivity in recovering alcoholics. 남궁기, 정영철
2014 Phosphorylation of hypothalamic AMPK on serine(485/491) related to sustained weight loss by alpha-lipoic acid in mice treated with olanzapine. 김현정, 남궁기, 박민선, 박진영, 이병인, 이수경, 정지현, 조현상, 김어수
2014 Metabolomic signatures in peripheral blood associated with Alzheimer's disease amyloid-β-induced neuroinflammation 박민선, 윤호근, 김어수, 남궁기
2014 The relationship between parental marital status and suicidal ideation and attempts by gender in adolescents: results from a nationally representative Korean sample. 남궁기, 박진영
2014 위험감수와 충동성 및 불확실성에 대한 인내력 부족의 관련성 강지인, 김세주, 남궁기, 손성연
2014 젊은 성인에서 일주기유형과 기질 및 성격의 관련성 강지인, 김세주, 남궁기
2013 Neural evidence for emotional involvement in pathological alcohol craving 김경란, 남궁기, 안석균, 이은, 정영철
2013 Does a copycat effect exist in the emergency department? 남궁기, 이은
2013 Genetic Influence of COMT and BDNF Gene Polymorphisms on Resilience in Healthy College Students 김세주, 남궁기, 송윤영, 안석균, 강지인
2013 Disruption of Orbitofronto-Striatal Functional Connectivity Underlies Maladaptive Persistent Behaviors in Alcohol-Dependent Patients 남궁기, 이서정, 이은, 정영철
2013 Organotypic hippocampal slice culture from the adult mouse brain: A versatile tool for translational neuropsychopharmacology 김어수, 김현정, 남궁기, 박민선, 이은
2012 Relationship between BMI, body image, and smoking in Korean women as determined by urine cotinine: results of a nationwide survey. Relationship between BMI, body image, and smoking in Korean women as determined by urine cotinine: results of a nationwide survey. 김희진, 남궁기, 박은철, 조우현, 지선하
2012 Alpha amplitude and phase locking in obsessive-compulsive disorder during working memory 김세주, 김재진, 남궁기, 박진영, 박해정
2012 Gamma oscillatory activity in relation to memory ability in older adults. 김재진, 남궁기, 박진영, 안석균
2012 Abnormalities of emotional awareness and perception in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder 남궁기, 정경운, 강지인, 김세주
2012 AMPK γ2 subunit gene PRKAG2 polymorphism associated with cognitive impairment as well as diabetes in old age 김어수, 남궁기, 오병훈, 이성희
2012 FKBP5 polymorphisms as vulnerability to anxiety and depression in patients with advanced gastric cancer: a controlled and prospective study 정현철, 정희철, 강지인, 김세주, 남궁기, 안석균
2012 Body image, sexual function and depression in Korean patients with breast cancer: modification by 5-HTT polymorphism 김경란, 김세주, 남궁기, 이은, 정현철
2011 Differential priming effect for subliminal fear and disgust facial expressions 남궁기, 안석균, 이은
2011 Prevalence and associated factors of psychological distress among Korean cancer patients 김건민, 김경란, 김승준, 남궁기, 라선영, 윤상현, 정현철
2011 The effects of serotonin transporter promoter and monoamine oxidase A gene polymorphisms on trait emotional intelligence 강지인, 김세주, 남궁기, 송동호
2011 Screening and Treating Wernicke's Encephalopathy among Alcoholic Patients in a University Hospital 김어수, 남궁기, 이서정, 정영철, 하라연
2010 Association of DRD4 and COMT polymorphisms with disgust sensitivity in healthy volunteers 강지인, 김세주, 남궁기, 안석균
2010 Caregiver's burden and quality of life in mitochondrial disease 김경란, 김흥동, 남궁기, 이영목, 이은, 이준수
2010 Human orbitofrontal-striatum functional connectivity modulates behavioral persistence 김재진, 남궁기, 정영철
2010 Interaction effects between COMT and BDNF polymorphisms on boredom susceptibility of sensation seeking traits. 김세주, 남궁기, 송동호
2010 Perception bias of disgust in ambiguous facial expressions in obsessive-compulsive disorder 김세주, 김찬형, 남궁기, 안석균, 정경운, 하라연
2010 Restoration of mammillothalamic functional connectivity through thiamine replacement therapy in Wernicke's encephalopathy 김어수, 김재진, 남궁기, 송동호, 정영철
2010 Sleep disturbance in women with eating disorder: prevalence and clinical characteristics 김경란, 남궁기, 정영철
2010 Psychotic features as the first manifestation of 22q11.2 deletion syndrome 김경란, 남궁기, 안석균, 이은
2010 Influence of BDNF and COMT polymorphisms on emotional decision making 강지인, 김세주, 남궁기, 정경운, 하라연
2010 Reduced visual P300 amplitudes in individuals at ultra-high risk for psychosis and first-episode schizophrenia 남궁기, 송동호, 안석균
2009 Interaction between serotonin transporter promoter and dopamine receptor D4 polymorphisms on decision making 강지인, 김세주, 남궁기
2009 Association of a 5-HT1Dbeta receptor gene polymorphism with obsessive-compulsive disorder in Korean male subjects. 강지인, 김세주, 김찬형, 남궁기
2009 Mammillothalamic functional connectivity and memory function in Wernicke's encephalopathy 김어수, 김재진, 남궁기, 이강수, 이수영, 정영철
2009 Association between homozygosity of a G allele of the alpha-2a-adrenergic receptor gene and methylphenidate response in Korean children and adolescents with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder 남궁기, 송동호, 천근아
2009 A randomized controlled study of sequentially applied repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in obsessive-compulsive disorder. 강지인, 김세주, 김찬형, 남궁기
2009 Distinct affective processing of emotionally stimulating written words and pictures in patients with alcohol dependence 김재진, 남궁기, 정영철
2009 트립토판 가수분해 효소 및 세로토닌-2A 수용체 유전자 다형성과 정서기질의 관련성 강지인, 김세주, 남궁기
2009 한국 여성 섭식장애 환자에서 알코올 사용 장애의 공동이환율 남궁기, 정영철
2008 Development and verification of an alcohol craving-induction tool using virtual reality: craving characteristics in social pressure situation 김재진, 남궁기, 정영철
2008 The association of 5-HTTLPR and DRD4 VNTR polymorphisms with affective temperamental traits in healthy volunteers 김세주, 남궁기
2008 The relationship between online game addiction and aggression, self-control and narcissistic personality traits 김세주, 김은주, 남궁기
2008 Association of DRD4 and COMT polymorphisms with anger and forgiveness traits in healthy volunteers 김세주, 남궁기
2008 Association study of dopamine D2, D4 receptor gene, GABAA receptor beta subunit gene, serotonin transporter gene polymorphism with children of alcoholics in Korea: a preliminary study. 천근아, 남궁기
2008 니코틴 의존의 심리사회적 치료 김경란, 남궁기, 이은
2008 Social Pressure-Induced Craving in Patients with Alcohol Dependence: Application of Virtual Reality to Coping Skill Training 김재진, 남궁기, 정영철
2008 Standardization of the Korean version of Mini-Mental Adjustment to Cancer (K-Mini-MAC) scale: factor structure, reliability and validity 최혜진, 강지인, 김세주, 남궁기, 안중배, 정현철, 정희철
2007 알코올 의존으로 입원한 여성 환자들의 특성 남궁기, 이은
2007 암 환자의 정신사회적 특성과 정신 건강 강지인, 남궁기
2007 뚜렛 장애 남아에서 틱 억제시 대뇌 피질 정보 전달 남궁기
2007 한국인 알코올 의존 자녀들과 도파민 D2, D4 수용체, GABAA 수용체 β Subunit 및 세로토닌 운반체 유전자 다형성 사이의 연관성에 대한 예비적 연구 남궁기
2007 Alteration of brain metabolites in young alcoholics without structural changes 김재진, 남궁기, 안석균, 이은
2007 Shape deformation of the insula in alcoholics: reduction of left-right asymmetry 김재진, 남궁기, 이은, 정영철
2007 The relationship between brain morphometry and neuropsychological performance in alcohol dependence 김재진, 남궁기, 이은
2006 Aberrantly flattened responsivity to emotional pictures in paranoid schizophrenia 안석균, 이홍식, 김재진, 남궁기
2006 24주간 추적하는 임상 연구에서 한국인 남자 알코올 의존 환자의 비재발률 남궁기
2006 Pharmacotheraphy for alcohol dependence: Anticraving medications for relapse prevention 남궁기
2006 Greater impairment in negative emotion evaluation ability in patients with paranoid schizophrenia 김재진, 남궁기, 안석균
2006 Mirtazapine for patients with alcohol dependence and comorbid depressive disorders: A multicentre, open label study 남궁기, 신동환
2006 Differences of photographs inducing craving between alcoholics and non-alcoholics 남궁기, 안석균
2006 Emotional Instability and Harm Avoidance for Childhood Obesity are Related to the Motivation for Weight Loss: A Pilot Study in Korea 남궁기
2006 한국판 Mini International Neuropsychiatric Interview 타당도 연구 김세주, 김찬형, 남궁기
2006 알츠하이머형 치매환자의 발화특성 김덕용, 김세주, 김향희, 남궁기
2005 Quality of Life of Acne Patients 남궁기, 이상주, 이승헌, 정예리
2005 Four Years Reviewer Evaluation Reports of "Journal of Korean Neuropsychiatric Association". 김세주, 남궁기, 오병훈
2005 null 김재진, 남궁기
2004 Increased P3 Amplitudes Induced by Alcohol-Related Pictures in Patients With Alcohol Dependence 남궁기, 안석균, 이은
2004 Dopamine transporter density of the basal ganglia assessed with [123I]IPT SPECT in drug-naive children with Tourette's disorder 김재진, 김찬형, 남궁기, 유영훈, 이종두, 천근아
2004 피부과 환자의 삶의 질 평가를 위한 한국어판 Skindex-29 남궁기, 이상주, 이승헌, 정예리
2004 알코올 금단 섬망 발생의 예측 남궁기, 박성혁, 석정호, 이은
2004 알코올 사용 장애의 약물 치료 남궁기
2004 알코올 사용 장애의 최신지견 남궁기
2003 비만 아동의 정서 및 성격적 요소와 체중 감량 동기간의 연관성 남궁기
2003 Initial and Maintenance Naltrexone Treatment for Alcohol Dependence Using Primary Care vs Specialty Care: A Nested Sequence of 3 Randomized Trials 남궁기
2003 주요 우울증의 에너지 수준에 대한 플루옥세틴의 효과 : 다기관 관찰연구 남궁기
2003 주의력결핍 과잉행동장애 아동에서 Methylphenidate 투여 전후 [123I]IPT SPECT로 측정한 기저 신경절 Dopamine Transporter Density 김찬형, 남궁기, 유영훈
2003 정신분열병에서 정서 평가의 기능이상 김재진, 남궁기, 안석균
2003 Reduced P3 amplitudes by negative facial emotional photographs in schizophrenia 남궁기, 안석균
2003 시각 자극 사건 관련 전위를 이용한 알코올 갈망의 신경 생리적 측정 남궁기, 안석균
2003 Dopamine transporter density in the basal ganglia assessed with [123I]IPT SPET in children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 김영기, 김찬형, 남궁기, 유영훈, 이종두, 천근아
2002 주의력결핍 과잉행동장애 아동에서 I-123 IPT SPECT로 측정한 기저 신경절 도파민 운반체 밀도 김찬형, 남궁기
2002 정신과적 측면에서 습관성 음주자의 관리 남궁기
2002 한국어판 강박음주갈망척도의 표준화 연구 : 신뢰도와 타당도 오병훈, 남궁기
2002 젊은 알코올 의존 환자에서 신경인지기능의 손상 남궁기
2002 알코올 갈망 유발을 위한 알코올 관련 시각자극의 개발 남궁기
2001 긍정적, 부정적 정서 자극에 의해 유발된 P3 남궁기, 안석균