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김향희 [Kim, Hyang Hee]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2019Analysis of Dysphagia Handicap Index in Stroke Patients and Associated Factors 김덕용, 김향희Article
2019지역사회 거주 재가노인들의 씹기 및 삼킴 문제 영향요인 김향희Article
2019Acoustic Characteristics in Epiglottic Cyst김향희, 최홍식Article
2019Effects of frontal-executive dysfunction on self-perceived hearing handicap in the elderly with mild cognitive impairment 김향희Article
2019Differentiation of Aphasic Patients from the Normal Control Via a Computational Analysis of Korean Utterances 김향희Article
2019Discourse Measures to Differentiate Between Mild Cognitive Impairment and Healthy Aging 김향희Article
2019Concurrent Validity of the Swallowing Monitoring & Assessment Protocol for the Elderly 김향희Article
2019노년층 씹기 기능과 관련 정서가 우울에 미치는 영향: 구조방정식 모형을 통한 검증김향희Article
2018Development of Short-Form of the Speech Handicap Index and Its Application to Tongue Cancer Patients 김향희, 조성래, 최은창Article
20183온스 물 삼킴검사 이후 정상 노년층의 음질 변화: 음향학적 분석 김향희, 최홍식Article
2018Global Coherence Analysis of Discourse in Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment and Associated Cognitive Function 김향희Article
2018전국 언어재활사 구직 및 구인 현황 김향희Article
2018A Comparison of Voice Activity and Participation Profiles Among Etiological Groups김향희, 최홍식Article
2018Frequency-Limiting Effects on Speech and Environmental Sound Identification for Cochlear Implant and Normal Hearing Listeners김향희Article
2018Content Validity of the Swallowing Monitoring and Assessment Protocol for the Elderly 김향희Article
2018삼킴 과제에 따른 한국 노년층의 혀압력 특성 김향희Article
2018Association between Frontal-Executive Dysfunction and Speech-in-Noise Perception Deficits in Mild Cognitive Impairment. 김향희Article
2018언어재활전공 교과과정의 국내 현황 조사 김향희Article
2018언어치료전공 임상교과 및 임상실습의 국내 현황 조사 김향희Article
2018Application of the Speech Handicap Index on Patients with Parkinson’s Disease 김향희, 조성래Article
2017알츠하이머성 치매의 단어 어휘성 및 규칙성에 따른 실독증 김향희, 조성래Article
2017대뇌 손상 위치에 따른 삼킴 시간과 침습 및 흡인 간의 관계 김향희Article
2017알츠하이머성 치매 환자의 숫자 처리 및 계산 특성 김향희, 조성래Article
2017Diagnostic Value of Time-Constrained Naming Test in Mild Cognitive Impairment김어수, 김용욱, 김향희, 남정모Article
2017일반노년층의 단어정의하기 과제의 실시방법 김향희Article
2017노화에 따른 구체명사와 추상명사의단어정의하기 능력 변화김향희Article
2017Effect of Daily Communication Behaviors on Cognitive and Language Abilities of the Elderly 김향희Article
2016Effects of Noise Level and Cognitive Function on Speech Perception in Normal Elderly and Elderly With Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment김향희Article
2016경도인지장애에서 문장 내 핵심 단어 위치에 따른 말소리 지각 김향희Article
2016Development and application of cognitive-pragmatic language ability assessment protocol for traumatic brain injury김향희Article
2015Efficacy of language-appropriate cueing on micrographia in Korean patients with Parkinson's disease김향희, 남효석Article
2015Initial phase performance in a 30-s verbal fluency task as being reflective of aging effect김향희Article
2015Association of alcohol drinking with verbal and visuospatial memory impairment in older adults: Clinical Research Center for Dementia of South Korea (CREDOS) study김향희Article
2015일반 노년층 파열음의 음향학적 특성 김향희Article
2015치매환자 담화분석의 최근 연구동향: 과제, 전사 및 측정요인 김향희Article
2015Aging Effect on Korean Female Voice: Acoustic and Perceptual Examinations of Breathiness김향희Article
2015청각적 이해에 대한 신경생리학적 기제로서의 대뇌백질 연결성: 정상 및 뇌신경 질환군을 중심으로 김향희Article
2015Abstract Word Definition in Patients with Amnestic Mild Cognitive Impairment 김향희Article
2014Impact of Depression on Age-related Decline of Language Abilities in the Elderly김향희, 남효석Article
2014특발성 파킨슨병의 시상밑부핵 심부뇌자극술 관련 말 평가 과제에 대한 문헌연구 김향희Article
2014성대결절 음성 중증도에 따른 MDVP와 Praat 프로그램 별 파라미터 차이 김향희, 신지철Article
2014Utility of the Boston Naming Test in Differentiating between Mild Cognitive Impairment and Normal Elderly: A Meta-Analysis김향희Article
2014Current State of Speech and Language Therapy in Long-Term Care Facilities in South Korea 김덕용, 김향희, 남정모Article
2014Effect of literacy level on cognitive and language tests in Korean illiterate older adults김향희Article
2014Response time measurements in the iOS app-based Token Test, the Brief Token Test in the elderly김향희Article
2014품사 산출 양상에 따른 여성 노년층의 발화 특성 김향희, 조성래Article
2014정상노년층과 경도인지장애의 언어이해력 특성김향희Article
2014The development of the Geriatric Index of Communicative Ability (GICA) for measuring communicative competence of elderly: A pilot study김용욱, 김향희, 남정모Article
2014Size variabiity of handwriting in healthy Korean older adults김향희Article
2013음향학적 분석을 통한 노년층 연령에 따른 조음교대운동의 속도 및 규칙성 김향희Article