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Drosophila microbiome modulates host developmental and metabolic homeost...

Seung Chul Shin ; Sung-Hee Kim ; Hyejin You ; Boram Kim ; Aeri C. Kim ; Kyung... SCIENCE, Vol.334(6056) : 670-674, 2011

Cyclooxygenase Inhibitors Regulate the Expression of a TGF-β Superfamily...

Seung Joon Baek ; Kyung-Su Kim ; Jennifer B. Nixon ; Leigh C. Wilson ; Thomas... MOLECULAR PHARMACOLOGY, Vol.59(4) : 901-908, 2001

CD24+ cells from hierarchically organized ovarian cancer are enriched in...

M-Q Gao ; Y-P Choi ; S Kang ; J H Youn ; N-H Cho ONCOGENE, Vol.29(18) : 2672-2680, 2010
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2020Evidence and main site of ATP secretion in the vestibular system by mechanical stimulation Dissertation
2020Eosinophil extracellular traps: molecular mechanisms and potential roles in chronic rhinosinusitis Dissertation
2020Elucidating pathological mechanisms of hearing loss induced by hypothyroidism using Duox2 mutant mice and rescuing with exogenous thyroid hormones Dissertation
2019Characterization of pathogenic dendritic cells and their roles in pathogenesis of allergic airway inflammationDissertation
2018Synergistic mucus secretion by histamine and IL-4 through TMEM16A in airway epithelium Dissertation
2018Tracheal reconstruction with a free vascularized myofascial flap : Preclinical investigation in a porcine model to human clinical application Dissertation
2017P2X2 and P2X4 receptor-mediated cation absorption in utricular transitional cells and macula Dissertation
2015Regulatory effect of dexamethasone on aquaporin 5 in human middle ear epithelium Dissertation
2015Anti-cancer effect of luminacin, a marine microbial extract, in head and neck squamous cell carcinoma progression via autophagic cell death Dissertation
2015The role of cancer stem cell in acquiring radioresistance of head and neck cancer Dissertation
2014Effects of vitamin A deficiency on age-related and noise-induced sensorineural hearing loss in mice Dissertation
2014Correlation between genotype and phenotype in patients with bi-allelic SLC26A4 mutations Dissertation
2014Developmental changes of ENaC expression and function in the inner ear of pendrin knock-out mouse as a perspective of development of endolymphatic hydropsDissertation
2014Study for pathogenesis of congenital cholesteatoma with comparison of proteins expressed in congenital cholesteatoma, acquired cholesteatoma and skin of the external auditory canal through proteomics Dissertation
2013Role of chaperone-like activity of high mobility group box 1 : its role in reducing the formation of polyglutamine aggregates Dissertation
2013Expression of anion exchangers in cultured human endolymphatic sac epithelia Dissertation
2012Airway submucosal gland serous cell dysfunction in vitamin A-deficient mice Dissertation
2011Activation of c-Myb transcription factor is critical for PMA-induced lysozyme expression in airway epithelial cells Dissertation
2011구강편평세포암 세포주QLL-2에서 Caveolin-1의 발현이 Cisplatin 감수성과 MMP-9 발현 및 활성에 미치는 효과 Dissertation
2011The role of Munc18b in mucin secretion in airway secretory cellsDissertation