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Choi, Jun Yong [최준용]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Internal Medicine (내과학교실)
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2024Trends, clinical characteristics, antimicrobial susceptibility patterns, and outcomes of Campylobacter bacteraemia: a multicentre retrospective studyINFECTION
2024Frequency and Risk Factor Analysis for Metronidazole-Associated Neurologic Adverse EventsJOURNAL OF GENERAL INTERNAL MEDICINE
2024Protective effect of vaccination on the risk of cardiovascular disease after SARS-CoV-2 infectionCLINICAL RESEARCH IN CARDIOLOGY
2024Smoothed quantile residual life regression analysis with application to the Korea HIV/AIDS cohort study BMC MEDICAL RESEARCH METHODOLOGY
2024Pentraxin 3 as an Immune Recovery Marker in HIV Infection After Combination Antiretroviral TherapyAIDS RESEARCH AND HUMAN RETROVIRUSES
2024Omicron BA.2 breakthrough infection elicits CD8+ T cell responses recognizing the spike of later Omicron subvariantsSCIENCE IMMUNOLOGY
2023Reply: Response to Significance of the Regular Publication of Statistics on National Health Indicators in Academic Journals and the Prospects of Korea National Antimicrobial Use Analysis System (KONAS) INFECTION AND CHEMOTHERAPY
2023Clinical utility of quantitative immunoassays and surrogate virus neutralization tests for predicting neutralizing activity against the SARS-CoV-2 Omicron BA.1 and BA.5 variantsJOURNAL OF MEDICAL VIROLOGY
2023Assessment of Disease Burden and Immunization Rates for Vaccine-Preventable Diseases in People Living with HIV: The Korea HIV/AIDS Cohort Study INFECTION AND CHEMOTHERAPY
2023Association of body mass index and bloodstream infections in patients on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: a single-centre, retrospective, cohort studyJOURNAL OF HOSPITAL INFECTION
2023Risk of lymphadenopathy from SARS-CoV-2 vaccination in Korea: a self-controlled case series analysis EPIDEMIOLOGY AND HEALTH
2023Prevalence, clinical significance, and persistence of autoantibodies in COVID-19 VIROLOGY JOURNAL
2023The third dose of measles-containing vaccine induces robust immune responses against measles in young seronegative healthcare workers who had previous two-dose measles vaccination JOURNAL OF INFECTION AND PUBLIC HEALTH
2023Identifying the Unmet Medical Needs of HIV-Positive Subjects in Korea: Results of a Nationwide Online Survey INFECTION AND CHEMOTHERAPY
2023Cortical and Trabecular Bone Deficit in Middle-Aged Men Living with HIVJOURNAL OF BONE AND MINERAL RESEARCH
2023Utility of Plasma Microbial Cell-Free DNA Whole-Genome Sequencing for Diagnosis of Invasive Aspergillosis in Patients With Hematologic Malignancy or COVID-19JOURNAL OF INFECTIOUS DISEASES
2023Long-term prognosis and overall mortality in patients with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Immune Response Kinetics Following a Third Heterologous BNT162b2 Booster Dose After Primary 2-Dose ChAdOx1 Vaccination in Relation to Omicron Breakthrough Infection: A Prospective Nationwide Cohort Study in South Korea OPEN FORUM INFECTIOUS DISEASES
2023Overcoming challenges across the HIV care continuum in the Asia-Pacific region: expert recommendations BMJ GLOBAL HEALTH
2023Antibiotic Use during Pregnancy in South Korea Using 2011-2020 National Health Insurance Claims Data ANTIBIOTICS-BASEL
2023Immunogenicity and Safety of Vaccines against Coronavirus Disease in Actively Treated Patients with Solid Tumors: A Prospective Cohort Study CANCER RESEARCH AND TREATMENT
2023Trends in hepatitis C virus coinfection and its cascade of care among adults living with HIV in Asia between 2010 and 2020 PLOS ONE
2023Detection and Characterization of Two Phenotypes of Candida parapsilosis in South Korea: Clinical Features and Microbiological Findings MICROBIOLOGY SPECTRUM
2023Significance of The Regular Publication of Statistics on National Health Indicators in Academic Journals and The Prospects of Korea National Antimicrobial Use Analysis System (KONAS) INFECTION AND CHEMOTHERAPY
2023Within-Host Evolution of SARS-CoV-2 in a B-Cell Depleted Patient With Successful Treatment JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE
2023Immunogenicity Differences of the ChAdOx1 nCoV-19 Vaccine According to Pre-Existing Adenovirus Immunity VACCINES
2023Effect of characteristics on the clinical course at the initiation of treatment for human immunodeficiency virus infection using dimensionality reduction SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Clinical Characteristics and Associated Factors for Mortality in Patients with Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae Bloodstream Infection MICROORGANISMS
2023Trends in Neisseria meningitidis serogroups amongst patients with suspected cerebrospinal meningitis in the meningitis belt of Ghana: a 5-year retrospective study BMC INFECTIOUS DISEASES
2023Factors associated with reduced function and quality of life among adult people with HIV with depression and substance use in the Asia-Pacific regionAIDS
2023A heterologous AZD1222 priming and BNT162b2 boosting regimen more efficiently elicits neutralizing antibodies, but not memory T cells, than the homologous BNT162b2 regimen VACCINE
2023Rate of and Risk Factors for Loss to Follow Up in HIV-Infected Patients in Korea: The Korea HIV/AIDS Cohort Study INFECTION AND CHEMOTHERAPY
2023Risk factors of pneumothorax and pneumomediastinum in COVID-19: a matched case-control study BMC INFECTIOUS DISEASES
2023Impact of tuberculosis on the incidence of osteoporosis and osteoporotic fractures: a nationwide population-based cohort studyPUBLIC HEALTH
2023CD4/CD8 Ratio Recovery Among People Living With HIV Starting With First-Line Integrase Strand Transfer Inhibitors: A Prospective Regional Cohort AnalysisJAIDS-JOURNAL OF ACQUIRED IMMUNE DEFICIENCY SYNDROMES
2023BMI as a predictor of high fasting blood glucose among people living with HIV in the Asia-Pacific regionHIV MEDICINE
2023Comparing the efficacy of different methods of faecal microbiota transplantation via oral capsule, oesophagogastroduodenoscopy, colonoscopy, or gastric tubeJOURNAL OF HOSPITAL INFECTION
2023Impact of the Duration of Postoperative Antibiotics on the Prognosis of Patients with Infective Endocarditis ANTIBIOTICS-BASEL
2022Prevalence and Risks of Depression and Substance Use Among Adults Living with HIV in the Asia-Pacific Region AIDS AND BEHAVIOR
2022Implementation of a Nurse-Delivered Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Adherence and Depression of People Living with HIV in Korea INFECTION AND CHEMOTHERAPY
2022Implementation of Procalcitonin in Antibiotic Stewardship: Derivation of a Consensus Algorithm for Procalcitonin Use in Clinical Practice INFECTION AND CHEMOTHERAPY
2022Estimation of SARS-CoV-2 Neutralizing Activity and Protective Immunity in Different Vaccine Types Using Three Surrogate Virus Neutralization Test Assays and Two Semiquantitative Binding Assays Targeting the Receptor-Binding Domain MICROBIOLOGY SPECTRUM
2022SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant of Concern: Everything You Wanted to Know about Omicron but Were Afraid to Ask YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2022Clinical characteristics of nontuberculous mycobacterial disease in people living with HIV/AIDS in South Korea: A multi-center, retrospective study PLOS ONE
2022Real-World Effectiveness, Tolerability, and Safety of Dolutegravir/Lamivudine in Korea VIRUSES-BASEL
2022Developing an app-based self-management program for people living with HIV: a randomized controlled pilot study during the COVID-19 pandemic SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2022Factors associated with high alanine aminotransferase (ALT) and cirrhosis in people living with HIV on combination antiretroviral treatment (cART) in the Asia-PacificJOURNAL OF MEDICAL VIROLOGY
2022Enhanced antibody responses in fully vaccinated individuals against pan-SARS-CoV-2 variants following Omicron breakthrough infection CELL REPORTS MEDICINE
2022Low Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) Level Is Associated with Poor Immunologic Response among People Living with HIV/AIDS JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE
2022Viral hepatitis and the cascade of care among people living with HIV in the Asia-PacificHIV MEDICINE