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2017Association of Serotonin 1A Receptor Polymorphism with Variation in Health-Related Quality of Life in Korean Hemodialysis Patients 김석형, 박선영, 박형천, 석정호, 이정은, 최훈영, 하성규Article
2016Glycated Albumin is Independently Associated With Arterial Stiffness in Non-Diabetic Chronic Kidney Disease Patients 박형천, 이정은, 최훈영, 하성규Article
2015Is the new GFR equation using inulin clearance a more accurate method for Asian patients?김범석, 최훈영, 하성규Article
2015High Water Intake and Progression of Chronic Kidney Diseases 박형천, 최훈영, 하성규Article
2015Mesenchymal stem cell-derived microparticles ameliorate peritubular capillary rarefaction via inhibition of endothelial-mesenchymal transition and decrease tubulointerstitial fibrosis in unilateral ureteral obstruction 김범석, 박형천, 이미래, 이정은, 이현규, 정아라, 최훈영, 하성규Article
2015Salt Sensitivity and Hypertension: A Paradigm Shift from Kidney Malfunction to Vascular Endothelial Dysfunction 박형천, 최훈영, 하성규Article
2015The relationship between hemodialysis modality and insulin resistance in non-diabetic hemodialysis patients강신욱, 박형천, 이정은, 최규헌, 하성규Article
2015Comparison of hydration and nutritional status between young and elderly hemodialysis patients through bioimpedance analysis 박형천, 이정은, 최훈영, 하성규Article
2014How do We Manage Coronary Artery Disease in Patients with CKD and ESRD? 박형천, 최훈영, 하성규Article
2014Uric Acid Puzzle: Dual Role as Anti-oxidantand Pro-oxidant 하성규Article
2014Risk Factors for Developing Hyponatremia in Thyroid Cancer Patients Undergoing Radioactive Iodine Therapy 박형천, 유영훈, 윤지영, 이정은, 최훈영, 하성규, 한경화Article
2014Epidermal Proteinase-Activated Receptor-2 Expression is Increased in End-Stage Renal Disease Patients with Pruritus: A Pilot Study. 박형천, 이승헌, 조성빈, 최훈영, 하성규Article
2014Dietary salt intake and hypertension 하성규Article
2014ACE insertion/deletion polymorphism and diabetic nephropathy: clinical implications of genetic information 하성규Article
2014Microparticles from Kidney-Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Act as Carriers of Proangiogenic Signals and Contribute to Recovery from Acute Kidney Injury 김범석, 박형천, 임범진, 최훈영, 하성규Article
2014Severe hyponatremia following radioactive iodine therapy in patients with differentiated thyroid cancer박승교, 박형천, 윤지영, 최훈영, 하성규Article
2013Asymptomatic renal pseudoaneurysm after percutaneous renal biopsy박승교, 박형천, 송석원, 윤지영, 이광훈, 이정은B, 최훈영, 하성규Article
2013Potassium Balances in Maintenance Hemodialysis 최훈영, 하성규Article
2012Immunogenicity of recombinant human erythropoietin in Korea: A two-year cross-sectional study신석균, 유태현, 하성규Article
2012Risk factors affecting seroconversion after influenza A/H1N1 vaccination in hemodialysis patients. 박형천, 이재면, 하성규Article
2011Severe Symptomatic Hyponatremia Caused by Low Dose Oral Cyclophosphamide: A Case Report 박형천, 하성규Article
2011Rhabdomyolysis-Induced Acute Kidney Injury Associated with Posterior Reversible Encephalopathy Syndrome 박형천, 하성규Article
2011중증 대사성 산증을 동반한 차아염소산나트륨(락스) 중독 1예 김좌경, 김지현, 박형천, 장성일, 하성규Article
2011Effects of lowering dialysate calcium concentrations on arterial stiffness in patients undergoing hemodialysis 김좌경, 박형천, 심성록, 이재성, 하성규Article
2011The effect of anemia and left ventricular geometric patterns on renal disease progression in type 2 diabetic nephropathy.김좌경, 문성진, 박정탁, 박형천, 배기선, 이정은, 임세중, 하성규Article
2010비당뇨병성 말기신부전 환자에서 심혈관질환 발생의 예측 인자로서 아디포넥틴의 유용성 김범석, 김좌경, 문성진, 박형천, 이용규, 하성규, 한대석Article
2010Application of a bridging ELISA for detection of anti-erythropoietin binding antibodies and a cell-based bioassay for neutralizing antibodies in human sera유태현, 하성규Article
2010Association of inflammation and protein-energy wasting with endothelial dysfunction in peritoneal dialysis patients 강신욱, 김범석, 박형천, 유태현, 이정은, 이호영, 최규헌, 하성규, 한대석Article
2010Effects of Oral Adsorbent AST-120 (Kremezin®) on the Progression of Chronic Kidney Disease 김범석, 김좌경, 문성진, 박형천, 이용규, 하성규Article
2010만성신질환 환자에서 레닌-안지오텐신 차단제와 efonidipine 병합요법이 단백뇨에 미치는 효과에 대한 다기관 관찰 연구 하성규Article
2010Comparative Analysis of Screening Results from Various ELISA Formats Used for Detection of Anti-Erythropoietin Antibodies in Korean Patients 하성규Article
2010자가 면역성 갑상선염 환자에서 발생한 쇼그렌 증후군과 원위 세뇨관 산증 1예 김좌경, 박형천, 이용규, 이정은, 하성규Article
2009보디빌더에서 발생한 횡문근융해증 1예 문성진, 박형천, 장성일, 하성규Article
2009Urinary TGF-beta1 as an indicator of antiproteinuric response to angiotensin II receptor blocker in proteinuric renal diseases김범석, 박형천, 하성규Article
2009Cancer in Patients on Chronic Dialysis in Korea 강신욱, 김범석, 박정탁, 박형천, 유태현, 이정은, 이호영, 조병철, 최규헌, 하성규, 한대석, 한승진Article
2008대장내시경 전 처치 약제 Solin? 투여 후 발생한 고인산혈증 및 급성신부전 1예 박효진, 하성규Article
2008The clinical usefulness of peritoneal dialysis fluids with neutral pH and low glucose degradation product concentration: an open randomized prospective trial 김동기, 김범석, 문성진, 박형천, 이정은, 이태희, 이호영, 최규헌, 최훈영, 하성규, 한대석, 한승혁Article
2008고의적 metformin 과복용 후 발생한 중증 유산 산증 치험 1예 박형천, 하성규Article
2007Percutaneous Coronary Intervention Versus Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease and Diabetic Nephropathy: A Single Center Experience 강병승, 박형천, 배기선, 윤영원, 하성규, 홍유선Article
2007Clinical impacts on patients outcome of biocompatible, neutral pH, low GDP solution in patients with CAPD강신욱, 김범석, 박형천, 최규헌, 최훈영, 하성규, 한대석Article
2006Severe cutaneous hypersensitivity to icodextrin in a continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis patient 박형천, 하성규Article
2006Usefulness of 23S rRNA Amplification by PCR in the Detection of Bacteria in CAPD Peritonitis강신욱, 김주성, 김준명, 류동열, 박형천, 유태현, 이호영, 장경희, 최규헌, 최훈영, 하성규, 한대석Article
2006비당뇨병성 말기신부전증 환자에서 양측성 기저핵 병변과 소뇌 병변을 동반한 요독성 뇌병증 김기중, 박우일, 박형천, 배기선, 심성록, 이경열, 임재윤, 장재훈, 하성규Article
2005Polymorphism of the ACE Gene in Dialysis Patients: Overexpression of DD Genotype in Type 2 Diabetic End-Stage Renal Failure Patients 강신욱, 김범석, 박형천, 이태희, 이호영, 최규헌, 최소래, 하성규, 한대석Article
2005Impact of Cyclosporin on Podocyte ZO-1 Expression in Puromycin Aminonucleoside Nephrosis Rats 강신욱, 김범석, 박형천, 이호영, 최규헌, 하성규, 한대석Article
2005Clinical Characteristics of Dialysis Related Sclerosing Encapsulating Peritonitis: Multi-center Experience in Korea 강신욱, 김범석, 류동열, 박형천, 유태현, 이호영, 최규헌, 최훈영, 하성규, 한대석Article
2005Angiotensin II receptor blocker inhibits p27Kip1 expression in glucose-stimulated podocytes and in diabetic glomeruli.강신욱, 류동열, 박형천, 유태현, 하성규Article
2005당뇨병성 신증 환자의 좌심실비대와 안지오텐신 전환효소 유전자 다형성과의 관계 강신욱, 박형천, 이태희, 이호영, 최규헌, 하성규, 한대석Article
2005당뇨병성 신병증의 역학과 임상경과: 제 1형 및 제 2형 당뇨병 사이에 신병증의 유병률 및 발생률의 차이가 있는가? 하성규Article
2004막성 사구체신염을 동반한 Sjögren 증후군 1예 박형천, 이태희, 하성규, 홍순원, 황성준Article