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정지형 [Chung, Ji Hyung]
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2013Effects of fisetin supplementation on hepatic lipogenesis and glucose metabolism in Sprague–Dawley rats fed on a high fat diet전현주, 정지형, 진태원Article
2013Protective effect of survivin in Doxorubicin-induced cell death in h9c2 cardiac myocytes. 강석민, 김수혁, 박성하, 오재원, 이범섭, 이상학, 정지형, 진태원, 최은영Article
2013Quantitative Assessment of Aortic Elasticity With Aging Using Velocity-Vector Imaging and Its Histologic Correlation박성하, 원호연, 장양수, 정지형, 하종원Article
20131-Deoxynojirimycin Isolated from a Bacillus subtilis Stimulates Adiponectin and GLUT4 Expressions in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes 정지형Article
2013The Effect of Soluble RAGE on Inhibition of Angiotensin II-Mediated Atherosclerosis in Apolipoprotein E Deficient Mice 박혜림, 이다정, 임소연, 정지형, 조소영, 진태원Article
2013Quercetin up-regulates expressions of peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor γ, liver X receptor α, and ATP binding cassette transporter A1 genes and increases cholesterol efflux in human macrophage cell line정지형Article
2013Alpha B-crystallin prevents the arrhythmogenic effects of particulate matter isolated from ambient air by attenuating oxidative stress김창수, 박혜림, 박희남, 송병욱, 이문형, 전현주, 정보영, 정지형, 황기철Article
2012Onion peel extract increases hepatic low-density lipoprotein receptor and ATP-binding cassette transporter A1 messenger RNA expressions in Sprague-Dawley rats fed a high-fat diet정지형Article
2012Human MutY homolog induces apoptosis in etoposide-treated HEK293 cells 정지형Article
2012Quercetin up-regulates LDL receptor expression in HepG2 cells정지형Article
2012Palmitate promotes the paracrine effects of macrophages on vascular smooth muscle cells: the role of bone morphogenetic proteins 이상학, 정지형, 홍성유Article
2012Arginase I and the very low-density lipoprotein receptor are associated with phenotypic biomarkers for obesity정지형Article
2012Plasma phospholipid fatty acid composition and estimated desaturase activity in heart failure patients with metabolic syndrome 강석민, 정지형Article
2012Urinary ketone is associated with the heart failure severity.강석민, 정지형Article
2012Plasma phospholipid fatty acid composition in ischemic stroke: importance of docosahexaenoic acid in the risk for intracranial atherosclerotic stenosis정지형Article
2011Ubiquitin ligase CHIP induces TRAF2 proteasomal degradation and NF-κB inactivation to regulate breast cancer cell invasion.김수혁, 김은숙, 장강원, 전현주, 정지형, 진태원, 최은영Article
2011Ribosomal protein S3 is phosphorylated by Cdk1/cdc2 during G2/M phase 정지형Article
2011Knock-down of human MutY homolog (hMYH) decreases phosphorylation of checkpoint kinase 1 (Chk1) induced by hydroxyurea and UV treatment 정지형Article
2011Matrix metalloproteinase-1 induces cleavage of exogenous alphaB-crystallin transduced by a cell-penetrating peptide강석민, 김수혁, 정지형, 최은영Article
2011Cathepsin L derived from skeletal muscle cells transfected with bFGF promotes endothelial cell migration 김수혁, 이경혜, 임은경, 장양수, 정지형, 진태원, 최은영Article
2011Identification of the genes involved in 1-deoxynojirimycin synthesis in Bacillus subtilis MORI 3K-85정지형Article
2011C-reactive protein induces p53-mediated cell cycle arrest in H9c2 cardiac myocytes강석민, 김수영, 김수혁, 오재원, 원호연, 이경혜, 이범섭, 정지형, 진태원, 최지원Article
2011Plasma ceruloplasmin as a biomarker for obesity: a proteomic approach.정지형Article
2011¹H nuclear magnetic resonance based metabolic urinary profiling of patients with ischemic heart failure강석민, 오재원, 정지형Article
2010Heat shock protein 90 regulates IκB kinase complex and NF-κB activation in angiotensin II-induced cardiac cell hypertrophy 장양수, 정지형Article
2010Development of bimolecular fluorescence complementation using Dronpa for visualization of protein-protein interactions in cells정지형Article
2010Relationship between the diagnostic components of metabolic syndrome (MS) and cognition by ApoE genotype in the elderly오병훈, 이강수, 장양수, 정지형Article
2009Mesenchymal stem cells pretreated with delivered Hph-1-Hsp70 protein are protected from hypoxia-mediated cell death and rescue heart functions from myocardial injury 송병욱, 심지영, 장양수, 정남식, 정지형, 차민지, 황기철Article