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Lee, Yun Sil [이윤실]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Radiation Oncology (방사선종양학교실)

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2003Protein kinase C-α activation by phorbol ester induces secretion of gelatinase B/MMP-9 through ERK 1/2 pathway in capillary endothelial cells이윤실Article
20038-Hydroxydeoxyguanosine Causes Death of Human Leukemia Cells Deficient in 8-Oxoguanine Glycosylase 1 Activity by Inducing Apoptosis 이윤실Article
2003Apoptosis in growing hair follicles following gamma-irradiation and application for the evaluation of radioprotective agents이윤실Article
2003Promoter hypomethylation of a novel cancer/testis antigen gene CAGE is correlated with its aberrant expression and is seen in premalignant stage of gastric carcinoma이윤실Article
2003Oxysterols induce apoptosis and accumulation of cell cycle at G2/M phase in the human monocytic THP-1 cell line이윤실Article
2002Enhancement of radiation response in human cervical cancer cells in vitro and in vivo by arsenic trioxide (As2O3) 이윤실Article
2002Downregulation of ERK2 is essential for the inhibition of radiation-induced cell death in HSP25 overexpressed L929 cells. 이윤실Article
2002Identification of signature genes associated with 5-flurouracil-resistance in human gastric cancer cells이윤실Article
2002Induction of Adaptive Response by Low-Dose Radiation in RIF Cells Transfected with Hspb1 (Hsp25) or Inducible Hspa (Hsp70) 이윤실Article
2002Radiation sensitivity depends on OGG1 activity status in human leukemia cell lines.이윤실Article
2002Identification of radiation specific response from gene expression profile이윤실Article
2001Subcellular redistribution of protein kinase C isozymes is associated with rat liver cirrhotic changes induced by carbon tetrachloride or thioacetamide.이윤실Article
2001Overexpression of heat-shock protein 25 augments radiation-induced cell-cycle arrest in murine L929 cells이윤실Article
2001Ionizing radiation can overcome resistance to TRAIL in TRAIL-resistant cancer cells 이윤실Article
2001Role of inducible heat shock protein 70 in radiation-induced cell death 이윤실Article
2001Expression patterns of cell cycle-related proteins in a rat cirrhotic model induced by CCl4 or thioacetamide이윤실Article
2001Dependence of Malformation upon Gestational Age and Exposed Dose of Gamma Radiation 이윤실Article
2000Adaptive responses is differently induced depending on the sensitivity to radiation induced cell death in mouse epidermal cells이윤실Article
2000Leukemic cell line, KG-1 has a functional loss of hOGG1 enzyme due to a point mutation and 8-hydroxydeoxyguanosine can kill KG-1. 이윤실Article
2000Susceptibility to the induction of glutathione S-transferase positive hepatic foci in offspring rats after gamma-ray exposure during gestation.이윤실Article
2000Inducible Heat Shock Protein 70 (HSP70) Is Involved in Radioadaptive Response.이윤실Article
2000HSP25-induced radioresistance is associated with reduction of apoptotic death: Involvement of Bcl-2 or cell cycle.이윤실Article
2000Effects of cyclocreatine in rat hepatocarcinogenesis model이윤실Article