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2009Effects of KR-33028, a novel Na+/H+ exchanger-1 inhibitor, on glutamate-induced neuronal cell death and ischemia-induced cerebral infarct윤재석, 이민구Article
2009The role of translation elongation factor eEF1A in intracellular alkalinization-induced tumor cell growth 김경환, 김주영, 이민구Article
2009Synaptic scaffolding molecule binds to and regulates vasoactive intestinal polypeptide type-1 receptor in epithelial cells.김경식, 김경환, 김주영, 김호근, 박현우, 이민구, 지헌영Article
2009PDZ-based adaptor proteins in epithelial anion transport and VIP receptor regulation 김경환, 박현우, 이민구, 지헌영Article
2009Identification and characterization of novel polymorphisms in the basal promoter of the human transporter, MATE1 이민구, 이정호Article
2009Chloride intracellular channel 1 regulates osteoblast differentiation이민구Article
2009Genetic variation in the promoter region of chitinase 3-like 1 is associated with atopy.김경원, 김경환, 김규언, 김소원, 손명현, 이민구, 이성희, 이지현Article
2008PAR2 exerts local protection against acute pancreatitis via modulation of MAP kinase and MAP kinase phosphatase signaling. 김경환, 윤재석, 이민구Article
2008기니 픽의 수술 후 장 폐색 모델에서 위장관 운동에 대한 Itopride Hydrochloride의 효과 박효진, 이민구, 이영호Article
2008Physical interactions and functional coupling between Daxx and sodium hydrogen exchanger 1 in ischemic cell death 김은희, 김준오, 김혜영, 이민구Article
2008Heterogeneity in the processing defect of SLC26A4 mutants.김경환, 윤재석, 이민구, 이원상Article
2008Influence of OATP1B1 genotype on the pharmacokinetics of rosuvastatin in Koreans.김경환, 박경수, 이민구Article
2008Pancreatitis: the neglected duct이민구Article
2008한국인 낭성 섬유증 진단을 위한 표준화된 땀 유발 염소 농도 분석 김정호, 이민구Article
2007Pharmacodynamic characteristics and cardioprotective effects of new NHE1 inhibitors김경환, 이민구Article
2007Interleukin-1β upregulates Na+-K+-2Cl− cotransporter in human middle ear epithelia손은진, 윤주헌, 이민구, 최재영Article
2007MRP2 haplotypes confer differential susceptibility to toxic liver injury김경환, 안상훈, 이민구, 이정호, 이지현, 전재윤, 최지하, 한광협Article
2007Effect of Slc26a6 deletion on apical Cl−/HCO3− exchanger activity and cAMP-stimulated bicarbonate secretion in pancreatic duct 이민구Article
2007Dynamic regulation of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator by competitive interactions of molecular adaptors 김경환, 이민구, 이지현Article
2007TRPC channels as STIM1-regulated store-operated channels김주영, 이민구Article
2007Molecular and functional expression of anion exchangers in cultured normal human nasal epithelial cells손은진, 윤주헌, 이민구, 최재영Article
2006Shank2 Associates with and Regulates Na+/H+ Exchanger 3 김경환, 이민구Article
2005Expression of Na+/H+ exchanger isoforms in normal human nasal epithelial cells and functional activity of Na+/H+ exchanger 1 in intracellular pH regulation김창훈, 신지현, 유종범, 윤주헌, 이민구, 이정권, 최재영Article
2005Gene SNPs and mutations in clinical genetic testing: Haplotype-based testing and analysis이민구, 이지현, 최지하Article
2005Base Treatment Corrects Defects Due to Misfolding of Mutant Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator김경환, 이민구Article
2004Purinergic Stimulation Induces Ca2+-dependent Activation of Na+-K+-2Cl- Cotransporter in Human Nasal Epithelia 윤주헌, 이민구, 최재영Article
2004Protease-activated receptor 2 exerts local protection and mediates some systemic complications in acute pancreatitis김경환, 이민구, 조경희Article
2004Pyrrolidine dithiocarbamate and zinc inhibit proteasome-dependent proteolysis김인숙, 김주희, 김철훈, 안영수, 이민구, 정광철, 최준정Article
2004Inhibitory regulation of cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator anion-transporting activities by Shank2 김경환, 김주영, 이민구, 이지현Article
2004Membrane-specific expression of functional purinergic receptors in normal human nasal epithelial cells 김성식, 김진영, 김창훈, 신지현, 윤주헌, 이민구, 이정권, 최재영Article
2003Ca2+ Activates Cystic Fibrosis Transmembrane Conductance Regulator- and Cl−-dependent HCOFormula Transport in Pancreatic Duct Cells 김경환, 안덕선, 안우인, 이민구, 이진아Article
2003Pancreatitis from bile reflux-again? - Reply김경환, 김주영, 신동민, 이민구Article
2003Multiple Effects of SERCA2b Mutations Associated with Darier's Disease 김경환, 이민구Article
2003A haplotype-based molecular analysis of CFTR mutations associated with respiratory and pancreatic diseases 김경환, 김동수, 박승우, 송시영, 윤주헌, 이민구, 이지현, 장준, 최지하Article
2002A molecular mechanism for aberrant CFTR-dependent HCO3- transport in cystic fibrosis 김경환, 김주영, 이민구Article
2002The cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator interacts with and regulates the activity of the HCO3- salvage transporter human Na+-HCO3- cotransport isoform 3 김주영, 이민구Article
2002Transporter-mediated bile acid uptake causes Ca2+-dependent cell death in rat pancreatic acinar cells김경환, 김주영, 신동민, 이민구Article
2002A protein sequence that can encode native structure by disfavoring alternate conformations이민구Article
2001Intracellular calcium mobilization induces immediate early gene pip92 via Src and mitogen-activated protein kinase in immortalized hippocampal cells 안영수, 안우인, 이민구Article
2001Regulatory interaction between the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator and HCO3- salvage mechanisms in model systems and the mouse pancreatic duct 김경환, 김주영, 이민구Article
2001HCOFormula Salvage Mechanisms in the Submandibular Gland Acinar and Duct Cells 이민구Article
2001Aberrant CFTR-dependent HCO3- transport in mutations associated with cystic fibrosis 이민구Article
2000Na+-dependent transporters mediate HCO3-salvage across the luminal membrane of the main pancreatic duct 김경환, 서정택, 이민구Article
2000Novel amiloride-sensitive sodium-dependent proton secretion in the mouse proximal convoluted tubule. 이민구Article
2000A novel effect of rebamipide: generation of Ca oscillations through activation of CCk1 receptors in rat pancreatic acinar cells김경환, 문석준, 서정택, 이민구Article
1999Multiple functional P2X and P2Y receptors in the luminal and basolateral membranes of pancreatic duct cells이민구Article
1999Dynamic association of proteasomal machinery with the centrosome 이민구Article
1999Cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator regulates luminal Cl-/HCO3- exchange in mouse submandibular and pancreatic ducts 이민구Article