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양헌무 [Yang, Hun Mu]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Anatomy
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2019Interfascicular septum of the calcaneal tunnel and its relationship with the plantar nerves: A cadaveric study김신형, 양헌무, 조태현Article
2019Use of Micro X-ray Computed Tomography with Phosphotungstic Acid Preparation to Visualize Human Fibromuscular Tissue김신형, 양헌무, 조태현Article
2019Ultrasound-guided versus blind temporomandibular joint injections: a pilot cadaveric evaluation김신형, 박종광, 양헌무, 오제훈, 차용훈Article
2019Intramuscular innervation of the subscapularis muscle and its clinical implication for the BoNT injection: An anatomical study using the modified Sihler's staining권현진, 양헌무, 오제훈, 조태현, 최유진Article
2019A Detailed Analysis of the Blood Supply to the Subscapularis Muscle양헌무, 조태현Article
2018Anatomical consideration of the occipital cutaneous nerves and artery for the safe treatment of occipital neuralgia권현진, 양헌무, 오제훈Article
2018Anatomical analysis of the distribution patterns of occipital cutaneous nerves and the clinical implications for pain management 강효정, 권현진, 김신형, 양헌무, 오제훈, 최유진Article
2018Cadaveric Evaluation of Different Approaches for Quadratus Lumborum Blocks 김신형, 박경은, 박상준, 양헌무, 윤경봉Article
2018The facial artery: A Comprehensive Anatomical Review김희진, 양헌무, 오제훈, 이형진, 허경석Article
2018Three-dimensional structure of the orbicularis retaining ligament: an anatomical study using micro-computed tomography 권현진, 양헌무, 오제훈, 조태현, 최유진Article
2018Comparison of injectate spread and nerve involvement between retrolaminar and erector spinae plane blocks in the thoracic region: a cadaveric study권현진, 김신형, 양헌무, 오제훈, 조태현, 최유진Article
2018Comparing the injectate spread and nerve involvement between different injectate volumes for ultrasound-guided greater occipital nerve block at the C2 level: a cadaveric evaluation 김신형, 김태림, 박경은, 백인찬, 양헌무, 오제훈Article
2018Stereotactic topography of the greater and third occipital nerves and its clinical implication 권현진, 신강재, 양헌무, 오제훈Article
2017Topographical Anatomy of the Distal Ulna Attachment of the Radioulnar Ligament양헌무Article
2017Anatomy of the external branch of the superior laryngeal nerve in Asian population 양헌무, 오제훈, 차용훈Article
2016Revisiting the Topographic Anatomy of the Marginal Mandibular Branch of Facial Nerve Relating to the Surgical Approach김희진, 박형우, 양헌무Article
2016Anatomy of superior medial genicular artery: A short cadaveric report양헌무Article
2015Neurovascular structures of the mandibular angle and condyle: a comprehensive anatomical review김희진, 양헌무, 허경석Article
2015Conventional Panoramic Radiograph Cannot Identify the Bifid Mandibular Canal양헌무Article
2014Neuroanastomosis and the innervation territory of the mental nerve김희진, 양헌무, 허경석Article
2013Anatomical study of the corrugator supercilii muscle and its clinical implication with botulinum toxin A injection김희진, 양헌무Article
2013Three-dimensional Courses of Zygomaticofacial and Zygomaticotemporal Canals Using Micro-computed Tomography in Korean김홍산, 김희진, 양헌무, 이재기, 최다예, 최종훈, 허경석Article
2013Sihler staining study of anastomosis between the facial and trigeminal nerves in the ocular area and its clinical implications김희진, 양헌무, 허경석Article
2013삼차-얼굴신경연결과 얼굴표정근육 운동의 해부학 및 기능적 고찰 김희진, 양헌무, 허경석Article
2012Sihler-stain study of buccal nerve distribution and its clinical implications김희진, 양헌무, 원성윤, 이재기, 허경석Article
2011Clinical and anatomical approach using Sihler's staining technique (whole mount nerve stain). 김다혜, 김희진, 박종태, 양헌무, 원성윤, 허경석Article
2010Innervation patterns of the canine masticatory muscles in comparison to human 김희진, 송우철, 양헌무, 허경석Article
2009The buccofacial wall of maxillary sinus: an anatomical consideration for sinus augmentation김희진, 송우철, 양헌무, 원성윤, 허경석Article
2009Course and distribution of the lingual nerve in the ventral tongue region: anatomical considerations for frenectomy.김다혜, 김희진, 양헌무, 원성윤, 허경석Article