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삼차-얼굴신경연결과 얼굴표정근육 운동의 해부학 및 기능적 고찰

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 Anatomical and Functional Consideration of the Trigemino-Facial Nervous Communication and Facial Expresssion Muscles 
 양헌무  ;  허경석  ;  김희진 
 Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology, Vol.26(1) : 1-12, 2013 
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Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology(대한체질인류학회지)
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Nervous communication ; Trigeminal nerve ; Facial nerve ; Facial expression muscles
The aim of the study is to examine the distribution and communications of the trigeminal nerve (TN) and facial nerve (FN) and considerate their relationship with the anatomy and function of the facial expression muscles (FEMs) by means of the literature study.
The TN emerged on the face via various structures of the skull, and received sensation of the skin and muscles on the face. The FN supplied the motor components to the FEMs, as ramifying five branches after running through the stylohyoid foramen.
The TN and FN constituted “nervous communication between heterogeneous cranial nerves” on the ocular (supraorbital nerve and temporal branch), zygomatic (zygomatic nerve and temporal/zygomatic branch), infraorbital (infraorbital nerve and zygomatic branch), retromandibular (auriculotemporal nerve and FN trunk), buccal (buccal nerve and buccal/zygomatic branch) and mental areas (mental nerve and buccal/marginal mandibular branch).
The exquisite movement of the FEM which was controlled by the facial motor nucleus would be referred by the proprioception from the TN. The motor components from the FN could be delivered to the FEM via the TN as recruiting the heterogeneous nervous communications. The sensation from the FN also could be conveyed to the TN via the communication.
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