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Kim, Hee Jin [김희진]
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College of Dentistry (치과대학) - Dept. of Oral Biology (구강생물학교실)
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2024Ultrasonographic examination of masticatory muscles in patients with TMJ arthralgia and headache attributed to temporomandibular disorders SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2024Superimposition Study to Determine the Angular Arterial Distribution and Its Clinical ApplicationPLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY
2024Comparison of ultrasonography-based masticatory muscle thickness between temporomandibular disorders bruxers and temporomandibular disorders non-bruxers SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2024Novel Clinical Anatomical Consideration of the Superficial and Deep Layers of the Deep Temporal FasciaPLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY
2024Sonographic observation of the paradoxical masseteric bulging and clinical implication of functional compartment Anatomy and Cell Biology
2024A novel histologic description of the fibrous networks in the lid-cheek junction and infraorbital region Anatomy and Cell Biology
2024Anatomical Proposal for Botulinum Neurotoxin Injection for Horizontal Forehead LinesPLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY
2024Anatomical Considerations for the Injection of Botulinum Neurotoxin in Shoulder and Arm ContouringAESTHETIC SURGERY JOURNAL
2024Do repetitive botulinum neurotoxin injections induce muscle fibrosis? Sonographic observation of the masseter muscleJOURNAL OF COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY
2024A novel description of the supporting system of the orbicularis oculi muscle in the infraorbital area: Tear trough muscle fiberSURGICAL AND RADIOLOGIC ANATOMY
2024Does injecting small amounts of fillers prevent the development of secondary blindness?JOURNAL OF COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY
2023Ultrasound‐guided thread lifting for the prevention of parotid gland and diagnosing parotid duct complications SKIN RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY
2023Botulinum neurotoxin injection for treating plunged nose and post-rhinoplasty: anatomical perspectives of depressor septi nasi, nasalis, leveator labii superioris alaeque nasi muscle Anatomy and Cell Biology
2023Sonoanatomy of the platysmal bands: What causes the platysmal band?SURGICAL AND RADIOLOGIC ANATOMY
2023Ultrasonographic observations of the paradoxical mentalis bulging in regard to botulinum neurotoxin injection for mentalis muscle SKIN RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY
2023Distribution of the intramuscular innervation of the triceps brachii: Clinical importance in the treatment of spasticity with botulinum neurotoxinCLINICAL ANATOMY
2023Ideal Injection Points for Botulinum Neurotoxin for Pectoralis Minor Syndrome: A Cadaveric Study TOXINS
2023A novel orthodontic adhesive containing zinc-doped phosphate-based glass for preventing white spot lesionsJOURNAL OF DENTISTRY
2023Anatomical proposal of local anesthesia injection for median nerve block in treating hyperhidrosis with botulinum neurotoxinSURGICAL AND RADIOLOGIC ANATOMY
2023Novel anatomical guidelines for botulinum neurotoxin injection in the mentalis muscle: a review Anatomy and Cell Biology
2023Anatomical analysis of the motor endplate zones of the suprascapular nerve to the infraspinatus muscle and its clinical significance in managing pain disorderJOURNAL OF ANATOMY
2023Three-dimensional micromorphology of human midpalatal suture and pterygomaxillary articular complexJOURNAL OF THE WORLD FEDERATION OF ORTHODONTISTS
2023Anatomical proposal for hyaluronic acid filler injection in subzygomatic arch depression: A dual-plane injection techniqueCLINICAL ANATOMY
2023A novel microcoring technology: A completely new concept of enlarged pore treatmentJOURNAL OF COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY
2023Novel anatomical proposal for botulinum neurotoxin injection targeting depressor anguli oris for treating drooping mouth corner Anatomy and Cell Biology
2023Novel Ultrasound-guided Injection Method for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Based on Anatomical Features: A Cadaveric Study PAIN PHYSICIAN
2023Face painting as an anatomical learning tool based on individual ultrasonographic examinationCLINICAL ANATOMY
2023Sonoanatomy and an ultrasound scanning protocol of the intramuscular innervation pattern of the infraspinatus muscleREGIONAL ANESTHESIA AND PAIN MEDICINE
2023The Deep Temporal Arteries: Anatomical Study with Application to Augmentations Procedures of the TempleCLINICAL ANATOMY
2023New anatomical insights of the superficial branch of the zygomaticotemporal nerve for treating temporal migraines: An anatomical studyCLINICAL ANATOMY
2023Evaluating intramuscular neural distribution in the cricopharyngeus muscle for injecting botulinum toxinAURIS NASUS LARYNX
2023Comparative study of the penetration force between the superficial and deep temporal fascia for easier temple augmentation technique using hyaluronic acid fillerJOURNAL OF PLASTIC RECONSTRUCTIVE AND AESTHETIC SURGERY
2023What is a superior labial frenulum? An anatomical and histological studyCLINICAL ANATOMY
2022Anatomical Proposal for Botulinum Neurotoxin Injection Targeting the Platysma Muscle for Treating Platysmal Band and Jawline Lifting: A Review TOXINS
2022Guidance to trigger point injection for treating myofascial pain syndrome: Intramuscular neural distribution of the quadratus lumborumCLINICAL ANATOMY
2022Positional deformation of the parotid gland: Application to minimally invasive proceduresCLINICAL ANATOMY
2022Analysis of facial ultrasonography images based on deep learning SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2022Hyaluronic acid filler injection for deep nasolabial folds: A novel intraoral approachCLINICAL ANATOMY
2022Ultrasonographic analyses of Crow's feet and novel guideline for botulinum toxin injectionJOURNAL OF COSMETIC DERMATOLOGY
2022Guidelines for Botulinum Neurotoxin Injection for Facial ContouringPLASTIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY
2022A novel needle-free microjet drug injector using Er:YAG LASER: A completely new concept of transdermal drug delivery systemCLINICAL ANATOMY
2022Novel Anatomical Proposal for Botulinum Neurotoxin Injection Targeting Lateral Canthal Rhytids TOXINS
2022Functional relationship between the anatomical structures of the calf and athletic abilityCLINICAL ANATOMY
2022Novel Anatomical Guidelines on Botulinum Neurotoxin Injection for Wrinkles in the Nose Region TOXINS
2022The radial artery running over the anatomical snuffbox: a case reportSURGICAL AND RADIOLOGIC ANATOMY
2022The botulinum neurotoxin for pain control after breast reconstruction: neural distribution of the pectoralis major muscleREGIONAL ANESTHESIA AND PAIN MEDICINE
2022Standardized statement for the ethical use of human cadaveric tissues in anatomy research papers: Recommendations from Anatomical Journal Editors-in-ChiefCLINICAL ANATOMY
2022Intramuscular Innervation of the Supraspinatus Muscle Assessed Using Sihler's Staining: Potential Application in Myofascial Pain Syndrome TOXINS
2022Intramuscular Neural Distribution of the Serratus Anterior Muscle: Regarding Botulinum Neurotoxin Injection for Treating Myofascial Pain Syndrome TOXINS
2022Revisited Arterial Supply of the Anterior EarANNALS OF PLASTIC SURGERY