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A Detailed Analysis of the Blood Supply to the Subscapularis Muscle

 Kwan‐Hyun Youn  ;  Tae‐Hyeon Cho  ;  Hyun‐Jin Kwon  ;  Hun‐Mu Yang  ;  Sung‐Yoon Won 
 CLINICAL ANATOMY, Vol.32(5) : 642-647, 2019 
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Sihler's staining ; axillary artery ; subclavian artery ; subscapularis muscle
This study aimed to provide a comprehensive description of the arterial supply to the subscapularis (SSC) muscle. This will provide critical information for various surgical procedures. Ten specimens of embalmed Korean cadavers were dissected and subjected to modified Sihler's method to reveal the branching pattern of the arteries surrounding the subscapularis, and its intramuscular blood supply. The SSC muscle was generally supplied by branches from the subclavian artery (suprascapular artery, supraSA; circumflex scapular artery, CxSA; and dorsal scapular artery, dSA) and the axillary artery (subscapular artery, subSA; lateral thoracic artery, LTA; posterior circumflex humeral artery, PCxHA; and a branch of the axillary artery, AAbr). The anterior aspect of the muscle was supplied by the subSA, LTA, CxSA, supraSA, and AAbr. The posterior aspect of the muscle was supplied by the supraSA, PCxHA, and subSA. The dSA was more scarcely distributed than the other arteries. In two cases, the dSA supplied the portion of the muscle near the medial border of the scapular. The anterior side of the muscle tendon was supplied by the CxSA, and its posterior side was supplied by the PCxHA. The subSA can be considered to be the main branch supplying the SSA based on its distribution area of arteries. It was mostly situated within the lower region of the SSC. After distributing to the anterior surface of the SSC, some branches of the subSA reached the posterior surface as perforating branches.
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