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2024Mosaicism-independent mechanisms contribute to Pcdh19-related epilepsy and repetitive behaviors in XenopusPROCEEDINGS OF THE NATIONAL ACADEMY OF SCIENCES OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA
2024TM4SF19-mediated control of lysosomal activity in macrophages contributes to obesity-induced inflammation and metabolic dysfunction NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
2024NLRP3 exacerbates EAE severity through ROS-dependent NET formation in the mouse brain CELL COMMUNICATION AND SIGNALING
2024Particulate matter stimulates the NADPH oxidase system via AhR-mediated epigenetic modifications ENVIRONMENTAL POLLUTION
2024Anatomical study of the sacrotuberous ligament and the hamstring muscles: A histomorphological analysisCLINICAL ANATOMY
2024Anatomical considerations for nerve transfer in axillary nerve injury SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2024MRI-Compatible, Transparent PEDOT:PSS Neural Implants for the Alleviation of Neuropathic Pain with Motor Cortex StimulationADVANCED FUNCTIONAL MATERIALS
2024Infraspinatus-teres minor (ITM) interfascial block: a novel approach for combined suprascapular and axillary nerve blockREGIONAL ANESTHESIA AND PAIN MEDICINE
2023Regulation of sexually dimorphic placental adaptation in LPS exposure-induced intrauterine growth restriction MOLECULAR MEDICINE
2023Global lineage evolution pattern of sars-cov-2 in Africa, America, Europe, and Asia: A comparative analysis of variant clusters and their relevance across continents JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL INTERNAL MEDICINE
2023Single-cell RNA sequencing identifies distinct transcriptomic signatures between PMA/ionomycin-and αCD3/ αCD28-activated primary human T cells Genomics & Informatics
2023Widespread somatic L1 retrotransposition in normal colorectal epithelium NATURE
2023Signalling by senescent melanocytes hyperactivates hair growth NATURE
2023Studying Hair Growth Cycle and its Effects on Mouse SkinJOURNAL OF INVESTIGATIVE DERMATOLOGY
2023SGLT2 and DPP4 inhibitors improve Alzheimer's disease–like pathology and cognitive function through distinct mechanisms in a T2D–AD mouse model BIOMEDICINE & PHARMACOTHERAPY
2023Presynaptic Protein Synthesis in Brain Function and DiseaseJOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE
2023NLRP3 Exacerbate NETosis-Associated Neuroinflammation in an LPS-Induced Inflamed Brain IMMUNE NETWORK
2023Intramuscular innervation of the tensor fasciae latae: Application to total hip arthroplastyCLINICAL ANATOMY
2023Hyperpolarized [1-13C]pyruvate Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Shows That Agmatine Increased Lactate Production in the Brain of Type 2 Diabetic Mice YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2023Optimization of the optical transparency of bones by PACT-based passive tissue clearing EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE

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