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김재영 [Kim, Jae Young]
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College of Dentistry - Dept. of Oral Biology

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2008Wnt11/Fgfr1b cross-talk modulates the fate of cells in palate development 김재영, 이민정, 이종민, 정한성, 조경원, 조성원Article
2007The primary enamel knot determines the position of the first buccal cusp in developing mice molars김재영, 이민정, 이현아, 정한성, 조성원Article
2007Patterning the size and number of tooth and its cusps김재영, 이민정, 정한성, 조성원Article
2007Temporospatial tissue interactions regulating the regeneration of the enamel knot in the developing mouse tooth김은정, 김재영, 이종민, 이현아, 정한성, 조성원Article
2007Modulation of cell proliferation during palatogenesis by the interplay between Tbx3 and Bmp4김재영, 이종민, 이충국, 정한성, 조성원Article
2007Evidence for expansion-based temporal BMP4/NOGGIN interactions in specifying periodontium morphogenesis김재영, 김종관, 이민정, 이종민, 정한성, 조성원, 최성호, 황희정Article
2005Formation of spacing pattern and morphogenesis of chick feather buds is regulated by cytoskeletal structures김재영, 송우철, 이민정, 정한성, 조성원Article
2005Characteristic tissue interaction of the diastema region in mice김재영, 송수진, 이민정, 정한성, 조성원, 황희정Article
2005Inhibition of connexin 43 alters Shh and Bmp-2 expression patterns in embryonic mouse tongue김재영, 이승일, 이종민, 정한성, 조성원Article