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College of Medicine - Dept. of Plastic Surgery & Reconstructive Surgery

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2019Effect of Relaxin Expression from an Alginate Gel-Encapsulated Adenovirus on Scar Remodeling in a Pig Model 김용욱, 나동균, 노태석, 윤인식, 이원재Article
2017Effect of Relaxin Expressing Adenovirus on Scar Remodeling: A Preliminary Study 김용욱, 나동균, 윤인식, 윤채옥, 이원재, 정복기Article
2017The Effect of Red Ginseng Extract Intake on Ischemic Flaps김영석, 나동균, 노태석, 박태환, 유대현, 윤인식, 이원재Article
2017Successful eradication of helical rim keloids with surgical excision followed by pressure therapy using a combination of magnets and silicone gel sheeting나동균Article
2016Comparing the Effect of Nonactivated Platelet-Rich Plasma, Activated Platelet-Rich Plasma, and Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 on Calvarial Bone Regeneration나동균, 노태석, 유대현, 윤인식, 이원재, 정복기Article
2016Bilirubin provides perforator flap protection from ischaemia-reperfusion injury in a rat model: a preliminary result나동균, 박태환Article
2016Surgical Management of Gynecomastia: Subcutaneous Mastectomy and Liposuction김대화, 나동균, 변일환, 이동원, 이원재Article
2016Quantitative Mandibular Angle Ostectomy Facilitated by Oscillating-Blade Saw With Scalable Guide나동균, 송승용, 유대현, 이원재Article
2016Foreign body reactions may not influence the keloid recurrence나동균Article
2016Hepatocyte growth factor-expressing adenovirus upregulates matrix metalloproteinase-1 expression in keloid fibroblasts나동균, 유대현, 이원재Article
2015Botulinum toxin A affects early capsule formation around silicone implants in a rat model김영석, 나동균, 노태석, 윤정호, 홍종원, 황용석Article
2015The effects of botulinum toxin A on survival of rat TRAM flap with vertical midline scar나동균Article
2015Functional Outcomes of Multiple Sural Nerve Grafts for Facial Nerve Defects after Tumor-Ablative Surgery 나동균, 유대현, 이명철, 이원재, 전여름, 최은창Article
2015Estrogen Upregulates Slug to Enhance the Migration of Keratinocytes 김건홍, 김산, 나동균, 노지연, 신정우, 이광훈, 이동원, 이윤선, 이주희, 정인희Article
2015Heat Shock Protein 90 Inhibitor (17-AAG) Induces Apoptosis and Decreases Cell Migration/Motility of Keloid Fibroblasts나동균, 박종철, 유대현, 윤인식, 이미희, 이원재Article
2014Treatment of Ischial Pressure Sores with Both Profunda Femoris Artery Perforator Flaps and Muscle Flaps 나동균, 유대현, 윤인식, 이동원, 이원재Article
2014Gene therapy using hepatocyte growth factor expressing adenovirus improves skin flap survival in a rat model 나동균, 윤인식, 이원재Article
2013Improved Scar Appearance With Combined Use of Silicone Gel and Vitamin C for Asian Patients: A Comparative Case Series김용욱, 나동균, 유한수, 윤인식Article
2013Robot-Assisted Free Flap in Head and Neck Reconstruction 나동균, 유대현, 윤인식, 이원재Article
2013Eyelid Dynamics and Supratarsal Crease Appearance After Double Eyelid Surgery김용욱, 나동균, 이동원Article
2013Ischemic Oculomotor Nerve Palsy and Skin Necrosis Caused by Vascular Embolization After Hyaluronic Acid Filler Injection: A Case Report권승기, 김성수, 김영석, 나동균, 노태석, 홍종원Article
2013Surgical considerations in secondary rhinoplasty for effective correction of an asymmetric nostril나동균, 윤인식Article
2013Proteomic Profiling Reveals Upregulated Protein Expression of Hsp70 in Keloids 나동균, 신정우, 이원재, 이주희Article
2013Skin-Fat Composite Grafts on Full-Thickness Facial Skin Defects권승기, 나동균, 이동원, 이원재Article
2013Reconstruction of various perinasal defects using facial artery perforator-based nasolabial island flaps 나동균, 윤인식, 이원재Article
2012보형물을 이용한 유방재건술에서 새롭게 개발된 무세포 동종사체진피(CG DermTM)사용의 유용성에 대한 전향적 연구김영석, 나동균, 노태석, 정보람, 홍종원Article
2012Reconstruction of a total soft palatal defect using a folded radial forearm free flap and palmaris longus tendon sling 나동균, 이동원, 이원재Article
2012Lower Extremity Reconstruction Using Vastus Lateralis Myocutaneous Flap versus Anterolateral Thigh Fasciocutaneous Flap 나동균, 윤인식, 이원재Article
2012Reconstruction of pretibial defect using pedicled perforator flaps 나동균, 이동원, 이원재Article
2012Effects of preoperative biopsies on recurrence in head and neck skin cancer 김용욱, 나동균Article
2012Outcome analysis of cranial molding therapy in nonsynostotic plagiocephaly 김용욱, 나동균Article
2012Anterior cranial base reconstruction with a reverse temporalis muscle flap and calvarial bone graft 김용욱, 나동균Article
2012Effect of human adipose derived stem cells on scar formation and remodeling in a pig model: a pilot study.나동균, 유대현, 윤인식, 이원재, 탁관철Article
2012Osteoconductivity of porous polyethylene in human skull김용욱, 나동균, 박병윤, 윤인식Article
2012안면이식에 대한 최근 동향: 한국에서의 안면이식은 어떤 단계에 있는가? 김영석, 김용욱, 나동균, 노태석, 박병윤, 유대현, 윤인식, 이동원, 이원재, 탁관철, 홍종원Article
2012Penoscrotal reconstruction with gracilis muscle flap and internal pudendal artery perforator flap transposition나동균, 이석현, 이원재Article
2012Relaxin-expressing adenovirus decreases collagen synthesis and up-regulates matrix metalloproteinase expression in keloid fibroblasts: in vitro experiments김용욱, 나동균, 이원재, 이주희Article
2012An analysis of the experiences of 62 patients with moderate complications after full-face fat injection for augmentation김영석, 나동균, 노태석, 홍종원Article
2011치원성 표피 누공과 연관된 만성 창상의 증례보고 김영석, 나동균, 노태석, 홍종원Article
2011돼지진피조직(Porcine Dermal Matrix, )을 이용한 보형물 유방재건술: 무세포성 사체 진피 (Acellular Cadaveric Dermis, )와 비교 연구 김영석, 나동균, 노태석, 홍종원Article
2011Three-dimensional computed tomographic analysis of frontal sinus in Asians김용욱, 나동균, 윤인식, 이승구Article
2011Effects of hepatocyte growth factor on collagen synthesis and matrix metalloproteinase production in keloids 나동균, 박상은, 이원재Article
2011Transport disc distraction osteogenesis for the reconstruction of a calvarial defect김용욱, 나동균, 박병윤, 윤인식, 홍종원Article
2011The effect of succinylated atelocollagen and ablative fractional resurfacing laser on striae distensae나동균, 노미령, 서활, 신정우, 정기양Article
2011상.하둔동맥 천공지피판을 이용한 대전자부 욕창의 치료 나동균, 윤인식, 이원재Article
2011Classification of the female hairline and refined hairline correction techniques for Asian women나동균, 윤인식Article
2011Descending necrotizing mediastinitis and facial palsy as serial complications in orthognathic surgery김영석, 나동균, 노태석, 백효채, 홍종원Article
2011Augmentation of rat skin flap viability by relaxin-expressing adenovirus김용욱, 나동균, 윤인식, 이원재Article
2011발뒤꿈치의 재건 시에 사용할 수 있는 다양한 피판술 나동균, 윤인식, 이동원, 이원재Article
2010서혜부 단독 결핵성 림프염의 증례보고 김영석, 나동균, 노태석Article