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College of Dentistry - Dept. of Conservative Dentistry
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2018Evaluation of the Biodistribution of Human Dental Pulp Stem Cells Transplanted into Mice김선일, 김의성, 신수정, 정한성
2018Comparison of Gap Volume after Retrofilling Using 4 Different Filling Materials: Evaluation by Micro-computed Tomography김의성, 신수정
2018Different Setting Conditions Affect Surface Characteristics and Microhardness of Calcium Silicate-Based Sealers 김선일, 김의성, 박정원, 신수정
2017Comparison of the Percentage of Voids in the Canal Filling of a Calcium Silicate-Based Sealer and Gutta Percha Cones Using Two Obturation Techniques 김선일, 박정원, 신수정, 정일영
2017Revascularization-associated Intracanal Calcification: Assessment of Prevalence and Contributing Factors김의성, 신수정
2017Local myogenic pulp-derived cell injection enhances craniofacial muscle regeneration in vivo김경호, 신수정, 정주령, 최윤정
2016Long-term Stability of Autotransplanted Premolars as a Substitute for Molars in Adults김경호, 김선일, 김선재, 박정원, 신수정, 정주령, 황순신
2016The influence of an isthmus on the outcomes of surgically treated molars: A retrospective study김선일, 김수연, 김의성, 신수정, 정회인
2016Effects of two calcium silicate cements on cell viability, angiogenic growth factor release and related gene expression in stem cells from the apical papilla신수정
2016Effects of two fast-setting calcium-silicate cements on cell viability and angiogenic factor release in human pulp-derived cells김의성, 박정원, 신수정, 정주령
2016A Randomized Controlled Study of Mineral Trioxide Aggregate and Super Ethoxybenzoic Acid as Root-end Filling Materials in Endodontic Microsurgery: Long-term Outcomes.김선일, 김의성, 신수정
2016Retention and Healing Outcomes after Intentional Replantation김의성, 신수정, 이승종, 정일영
2016Comparison of root canal filling quality by mineral trioxide aggregate and gutta percha cones/AH plus sealer김의성, 박정원, 신수정
2016Progression of periapical cystic lesion after incomplete endodontic treatment. 신수정, 허종기
2015Autotransplantation of an impacted premolar using collagen sponge after cyst enucleation박광호, 신수정, 허종기
2015In Vivo Experiments with Dental Pulp Stem Cells for Pulp-Dentin Complex Regeneration 김선일, 김의성, 신수정
2015Comparisons of the Retreatment Efficacy of Calcium Silicate and Epoxy Resin-based Sealers and Residual Sealer in Dentinal Tubules김의성, 신수정, 이승종
2014Orthodontic retraction of autotransplanted premolar to replace ankylosed maxillary incisor with replacement resorption김경호, 신수정, 정주령, 최윤정
2014Comparison of Clinical Outcomes of Endodontic Microsurgery: 1 Year versus Long-term Follow-up김의성, 송민주, 신수정
2014Esthetic rehabilitation of single anterior edentulous space using fiber-reinforced composite 박정원, 송민주, 신수정
2014Diagnosis and treatment of teeth with primary endodontic lesions mimicking periodontal disease: three cases with long-term follow ups 신수정
2013The influence of bone tissue deficiency on the outcome of endodontic microsurgery: A prospective study김의성, 송민주, 신수정
2013Misdiagnosis of florid cemento-osseous dysplasia leading to unnecessary root canal treatment: a case report 신수정, 허종기
2013Local Injection of Pulp Cells Enhances Wound Healing during the Initial Proliferative Phase through the Stimulation of Host Angiogenesis김경호, 신수정, 정주령, 최윤정
2012Prevention of tooth discoloration associated with triple antibiotics 박정원, 송민주, 신수정
2012Analysis of factors associated with cracked teeth박정원, 신수정
2012영구치 치수 기질세포를 이용한 연골 분화 및 분화 시기에 따른 형태학적 변화 김경호, 김민정, 신수정, 정주령, 최윤정
2012Considerations during crown reattachment procedure over the pulpal exposure: case report. 박정원, 송민주, 신수정
2011Transparent resin block을 이용한 K3, NRT, PROFILE의 apical transportation 및 working length 변화양상의 비교 김의성, 송민주, 신수정, 윤민정
2011수 종의 Ni-Ti 회전 기구들을 이용한 치근단 폐쇄 향상을 위한 근관 확대 평가 김의성, 송민주, 신수정, 신유석
2011연마시스템에 따른 복합레진의 표면거칠기와 연마시간에 대한 평가 박정원, 송민주, 신수정
2011근관 삼출액에서의 기질금속단백분해효소-8과 substance P의 수준에 관한 연구 신수정
2011치근단절제술에 대한 환자의 인식과 만족도 조사 김의성, 박정원, 신수정, 이승종
2011Outcomes of endodontic micro-resurgery: a prospective clinical study김의성, 송민주, 신수정
2011Matrix metalloproteinase-8 and substance P levels in gingival crevicular fluid during endodontic treatment of painful, nonvital teeth신수정
2010Mineral Trioxide Aggregate(MTA)의 생물학적 기전에 대한 고찰 김의성, 신수정
2010변형된 치관부 파절편 재부착술식을 이용한 치관치근파절의 치료 박정원, 송민주, 신수정
2010Tooth discoloration of immature permanent incisor associated with triple antibiotic therapy: a case report박정원, 신수정, 정일영
2010Comparison of the cleaning efficacy of a new apical negative pressure irrigating system with conventional irrigation needles in the root canals김의성, 신수정, 이승종, 이찬영, 정일영
2010X-Ray diffraction analysis of white ProRoot MTA and Diadent BioAggregate박정원, 신수정, 이승종
2010Effect of proinflammatory cytokines on the expression and regulation of human beta-defensin 2 in human dental pulp cells신수정
2010Biocompatibility of bioaggregate cement on human pulp and periodontal ligament (PDL) derived cells 김의성, 신수정, 정주령
2009Moment of truth(MOT) in endodontics,2신수정
2009저널과 친해지기 - 그 여섯번째 이야기신수정
2009In vitro evaluation of bacterial leakage resistance of an ultrasonically placed mineral trioxide aggregate orthograde apical plug in teeth with wide open apexes: a preliminary study신수정
2009pH 4.3에서 재광화 용액의 포화도에 따른 인공 탈회된 법랑질의 동력학적 변화 공형규, 노병덕, 신수정, 이찬영
2009Moment of truth in endodontics,1신수정
2009Repair of perforations with MTA: clinical applications and mechanisms of action신수정
2009Moment of truth (MOT) in endodontics,3신수정
2009저널과 친해지기 - 그 일곱번째 이야기신수정