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2017People with Spinal Cord Injury in Korea김창수, 송기준Article
2016Association Between Level of Fibrosis, Rather Than Antiviral Regimen, and Outcomes of Patients With Chronic Hepatitis B김도영, 김범경, 김승업, 김영진, 박준용, 송기준, 안상훈, 한광협Article
2016A Novel Prediction Model of Prognosis After Gastrectomy for Gastric Carcinoma: Development and Validation Using Asian Databases.김종원, 노성훈, 손태일, 송기준, 최승호, 형우진Article
2016Transient Elastography is Superior to FIB-4 in Assessing the Risk of Hepatocellular Carcinoma in Patients With Chronic Hepatitis B. 김도영, 김범경, 김승업, 박준용, 송기준, 안상훈, 한광협Article
2016How to Develop, Validate, and Compare Clinical Prediction Models Involving Radiological Parameters: Study Design and Statistical Methods. 송기준, 최병욱Article
2016Subclassification of Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer B and C hepatocellular carcinoma: A cohort study of the multicenter registry database.김도영, 김범경, 김승업, 박준용, 송기준, 안상훈, 한광협Article
2016Prediction of virologic response to tenofovir mono-rescue therapy for multidrug resistant chronic hepatitis B김도영, 김범경, 김승업, 박준용, 송기준, 안상훈, 한광협Article
2016Sarcopenia is associated with significant liver fibrosis independently of obesity and insulin resistance in nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: Nationwide surveys (KNHANES 2008-2011)강은석, 김도영, 김승업, 박준용, 송기준, 안상훈, 이병완, 이용호, 차봉수, 한광협Article
2015Comparison of the Effects of Telbivudine and Entecavir Treatment on Estimated Glomerular Filtration Rate in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis B 김도영, 김범경, 김승업, 박준용, 송기준, 안상훈, 한광협Article
2015Propensity score model 구축에서 상관성을 고려한 변수선택 박성훈, 송기준Article
2015Validation of hepatitis B virus-related hepatocellular carcinoma prediction models in the era of antiviral therapy김도영, 김범경, 김승업, 박준용, 송기준, 안상훈, 한광협Article
2015SPAN을 이용한 간경변증 발생 위험군 분류 평가 송기준, 유영애Article
2015Increased risk of hepatocellular carcinoma in chronic hepatitis B patients with transient elastography-defined subclinical cirrhosis김도영, 김미나, 김범경, 김승업, 박영년, 박준용, 송기준, 안상훈, 한광협Article
2015A polymorphism of the renin gene rs6682082 is associated with essential hypertension risk and blood pressure levels in Korean women 송기준, 장양수Article
2014Impact of atherosclerosis detection by carotid ultrasound on physician behavior and risk-factor management in asymptomatic hypertensive subjects. 박승우, 송기준, 장혁재, 홍그루, 홍성진Article
2014Liver Stiffness Value-Based Risk Estimation of Late Recurrence after Curative Resection of Hepatocellular Carcinoma: Development and Validation of a Predictive Model 김도영, 김범경, 김승업, 김지홍, 문도창, 박영년, 박준용, 송기준, 송인지, 안상훈, 정규식, 최기홍, 한광협Article
2014Rapid and safe learning of robotic gastrectomy for gastric cancer: Multidimensional analysis in a comparison with laparoscopic gastrectomy김형일, 송기준, 형우진Article
2013Transient elastography-based risk estimation of hepatitis B virus-related occurrence of hepatocellular carcinoma: development and validation of a predictive model 김도영, 김승업, 박준용, 송기준, 안상훈, 유은진, 한광협Article
2013Efficacy of a combined alendronate and calcitriol agent (Maxmarvil?) in Korean postmenopausal women with early breast cancer receiving aromatase inhibitor: a double-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled study박병우, 박세호, 박형석, 송기준, 이유미, 임승길Article
2013Staging of Adenocarcinoma of the Esophagogastric Junction: Comparison of AJCC 6th and 7th Gastric and 7th Esophageal Staging Systems김충배, 김형일, 노성훈, 송기준, 정재호, 형우진Article
2013Association between IL28B Polymorphisms and Spontaneous Clearance of Hepatitis B Virus Infection 김도영, 김승업, 박준용, 송기준, 안상훈, 전재윤, 한광협Article
2013간호행정학회지 게재논문의 통계학적 방법 사용과 오류 송기준Article
2013Vitamin B12 Deficiency After Gastrectomy for Gastric Cancer: An Analysis of Clinical Patterns and Risk Factors김유민, 김형일, 노성훈, 송기준, 이중호, 형우진Article
2012"Normal" liver stiffness values differ between men and women: a prospective study for healthy living liver and kidney donors in a native Korean population김도영, 김범경, 김승업, 김은혜, 박미성, 박준용, 송기준, 안상훈, 양승철, 전재윤, 최기홍, 최은희, 최진섭, 한광협, 한웅규Article
2012Effect of sevoflurane on grafted kidney function in renal transplantation. 구본녀, 김유선, 송기준, 이재훈, 주동진Article
2012A mixture of experts model for the diagnosis of liver cirrhosis by measuring the liver stiffness. 송기준Article
2012Low-dose abdominal CT for evaluating suspected appendicitis 송기준Article
2012Performance of transient elastography for the staging of liver fibrosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B: a meta-analysis 김도영, 김승업, 박준용, 송기준, 안상훈, 전영은, 전재윤, 한광협Article
2012A Study on Comparison of Generalized Kappa Statistics in Agreement Analysis 남정모, 송기준, 정인경Article
2011Acute appendicitis in young adults: low- versus standard-radiation-dose contrast-enhanced abdominal CT for diagnosis.송기준Article
2011The ratio of intra-tumoral regulatory T cells (Foxp3+)/helper T cells (CD4+) is a prognostic factor and associated with recurrence pattern in gastric cardia cancer.김상용, 김충배, 김형일, 송기준, 조형원, 형우진Article
2011A scoring system for prediction of lateral neck node metastasis from papillary thyroid cancer 강상욱, 박정수, 서원열, 송기준, 이승철, 이용상, 장항석, 정웅윤, 정종주Article
2011The effect of topiramate monotherapy on bone mineral density and markers of bone and mineral metabolism in premenopausal women with epilepsy김원주, 송기준, 이병인, 이유미, 허경Article
2011Oral vitamin B12 replacement: an effective treatment for vitamin B12 deficiency after total gastrectomy in gastric cancer patients.김충배, 김형일, 노성훈, 송기준, 최승호, 형우진Article
2011Prospective evaluation of longitudinal changes in human papillomavirus genotype and phylogenetic clade associated with cervical disease progression.강숙희, 김영태, 박애란, 송기준, 조남훈, 차윤진Article
2010병원간호사의 학습조직화와 학습지향성이 조직유효성에 미치는 영향송기준Article
2010신뢰도 연구에서 급내상관계수와 관련한 표본수 결정 방법 비교 남정모, 송기준, 한수연Article
2010Childhood risk factors in Korean women with anorexia nervosa: two sets of case-control studies with retrospective comparisons송기준Article
2010How can we enhance the performance of liver stiffness measurement using FibroScan in diagnosing liver cirrhosis in patients with chronic hepatitis B?김도영, 김승업, 김자경, 박영년, 박준용, 백용한, 송기준, 안상훈, 이관식, 이진하, 전재윤, 최은희, 한광협Article
2009Symptoms to use for diagnostic criteria of hwa-byung, an anger syndrome 송기준Article
2009양적 형질의 유전적 관련성 연구에서 치료 효과를 보정하기 위한 통계학적 방법의 비교 박성하, 송기준, 장양수, 한경화Article
2009구축된 간암 발생 예측 모형의 개선방안에 관한 연구 김도영, 송기준, 이혜선, 한광협Article
2009화병척도와 연구용 화병진단기준 개발민성길, 송기준Article
2009Random forests 기법을 이용한 백내장 예측모형 : 일개 대학병원 건강검진 수검자료에서 송기준Article
2009이환 형제 자료에 대한 유전적 연관성 분석 방법의 비교 고민진, 송기준Article
2007선별검사자료를 이용한 백내장 유병률의 추정 김신영, 김응권, 송기준, 하정윤, 한무영Article
2007지질강하제 효과를 보정한 혈중 지질농도의 유전적 관련성 분석 박찬미, 송기준, 장양수Article
2006혼합모형을 이용한 혈중 지질농도의 유전적 관련성 분석 김동기, 박찬미, 송기준, 장양수Article
2006위식도 역류질환의 내시경 진단에서 관찰자 간 차이 김동기, 송기준, 이상인Article
2006HBeAg 음성 만성 B형간염바이러스 감염의 자연경과: 코호트 연구 김동기, 백용한, 송기준, 안상훈, 전재윤, 한광협Article