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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2022The effects of NF-kB inhibition with p65-TMD linked PTD on inflammatory responses at peri-implantitis sites Dissertation
2022The antimicrobial activity of Curcuma xanthorrhiza oil nanoemulsionDissertation
2022The association between autoantibody types and salivary gland hypofunction in patients with primary Sjögren’s syndrome Dissertation
2022The effect of genetic polymorphisms on treatment duration following premolar extraction Dissertation
2022Recovery pattern of masticatory function following surgical or non-surgical correction of skeletal Class III malocclusion Dissertation
2022Prognostic significance of Axin2 and Snail expression in mucosa resection margin of oral squamous cell carcinoma Dissertation
2022Osteogenic effect of porous hydroxyapatite scaffolds covered with 45S5 bioactive glass and poly(lactic-co-glycolic acid) composite microfiber Dissertation
2022Morphological changes of mandibular condyle following Botulinum toxin injection into human masseter muscle Dissertation
2022Micro-tensile bond strength between 3D printing resin and conventional provisional resin with different surface treatments and fracture toughness of combined resins with different thicknessDissertation
2022Inflammatory response and odontogenic differentiation of inflamed dental pulp treated with different calcium silicate cements Dissertation
2022Gender Discrimination and Age Estimation through Overall Analysis of Korean Teeth Dissertation
2022Evaluation of failed implants and re-implantation at a previously dental implant failed site: survival rate and risk factorsDissertation
2022Evaluating Oxygen Shielding Effect Using Glycerin or Vacuum with Varying Temperature on 3D Printed Photopolymers in Post-Polymerization Process Dissertation
2022Evaluation of Filling Voids in Narrow Root Canals Prepared by TruNatomy System Using Two Different Obturation Techniques Dissertation
2022Evaluation of low-intensity pulsed ultrasound on reducing replacement root resorption of replanted teeth in dogs Dissertation
2022Effects of Washing Time and Washing Solution on the Biocompatibility and Mechanical Properties of 3D printed Dental Resin Materials Dissertation
2022Effects of ultraviolet and simvastatin treatment on titanium implants placed in rabbit tibia Dissertation
2022Deep learning for early dental caries detection in bitewing radiographs Dissertation
2022Clinical, radiographic, and histomorphometric evaluation of a vertical ridge augmentation procedure using a titanium-reinforced microporous expanded polytetrafluoroethylene membrane Dissertation
2022Changes in Tribo-Mechanical Properties and Bacterial Resistance of Poly (Methyl Methacrylate) for 3D-Printed Intra-Oral Appliances by Incorporating Nanodiamonds Dissertation

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