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2020Osteogenic potential of periodontal ligament stem cells and immortalized cementoblasts under mechanical vibration forces Dissertation
2020Antibacterial effects of natural extracts-mediated photodynamic therapy on Streptococcus mutans Dissertation
2020Effect of the number of micro- osteoperforations on the rate of tooth movement and periodontal response in mice Dissertation
2020Association between Masticatory Function Assessment and Masseter Muscle Thickness in the Elderly Dissertation
2020Anatomical consideratioin for effective botulinum neurotoxin injection in masseteric hypertrophy Dissertation
20203D-printed polylactide membrane with variable pore size and bioresorbable magnesium-reinforced polylactide membrane for guided bone/tissue regeneration Dissertation
2020Clinical outcomes after apical surgery on the palatal root of the maxillary first molar using a palatal approach Dissertation
2020Biomimetic characteristics of mussel adhesive protein loaded collagen membrane in guided bone regeneration of rabbit calvarial defects Dissertation
2020Changes in cellular regulatory factors before and after decompression of odontogenic keratocyst Dissertation
2020Role of Ca2+ signaling in collective migration and invasion of ameloblastoma Dissertation
2020Optical detection of secondary caries around amalgam restorations using quantitative light-induced fluorescence (QLF) technology Dissertation
2020Bone regeneration using collagen gel delivery of rhBMP-2 in a critical-sized segmental defect in the diabetic rat (GK) fibula Dissertation
2020Pit and fissure sealant assessment using Quantitative light-induced fluorescence (QLF) technology Dissertation
2020Preventive effect of shimstock self-checking on loss of occlusal contact during stabilization appliance therapy Dissertation
2020Immediate versus delayed application of bone morphogenetic protein-2 solution in damaged extraction sockets: A preclinical in vivo investigation Dissertation
2020Bone augmentation using small molecules with biodegradable calcium sulfate particles in a vertical onlay graft model in the rabbit calvarium Dissertation
2020Clinical factors and cellular responses of in situ human alveolar bone-derived mesenchymal stromal cells associated with early peri-implant marginal bone loss: a prospective cohort pilot study Dissertation
2017Dissolution behavior and early bone apposition of calcium phosphate-coated machined implants in dogs Dissertation
2017Effect of parathyroid hormone (1-34) on early bone healing of sinus augmentation in healthy rabbit Dissertation
2017Validation of a minimally-invasive regeneration technique to improve open gingival embrasures using a rat model Dissertation

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