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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2019A digital approach to dynamic jaw tracking using a target tracking system and a structured-light three-dimensional scannerJOURNAL OF PROSTHODONTIC RESEARCH
2019A Digital Implant Custom Tray Fabrication Method Using the Design Process for Simulating the Position of the Impression Copings and 3D Printing TechnologyJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2020A Generation Process for a Three-Dimensional Digital Cast That Simulates the Oral Cavity by Using an Existing Maxillary ObturatorJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2019A new minimally invasive guided endodontic microsurgery by cone beam computed tomography and 3-dimensional printing technology Restorative Dentistry & Endodontics
2014A three-dimensional finite element analysis of short dental implants in the posterior maxillaINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORAL & MAXILLOFACIAL IMPLANTS
2018Accuracy of 9 intraoral scanners for complete-arch image acquisition: A qualitative and quantitative evaluationJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2011Accuracy of impressions for internal-connection implant prostheses with various divergent anglesINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ORAL & MAXILLOFACIAL IMPLANTS
2017Accuracy of intraoral digital impressions using an artificial landmarkJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2019Accuracy of Scanned Stock Abutments Using Different Intraoral Scanners: An In Vitro StudyJOURNAL OF PROSTHODONTICS-IMPLANT ESTHETIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE DENTISTRY
2000An examination of the stress distribution in a soft-lined acrylic resin mandibular complete denture by finite element analysisInternational Journal of Prosthodontics
2011Analysis of the anatomy of the maxillary sinus septum using 3-dimensional computed tomographyJOURNAL OF ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGERY
2004Another new weapon for esthetics : Cercon systemKorean Journal of Clinical Dentistry (치과계)
2019Assessment of metal sleeve-free 3D-printed implant surgical guidesDENTAL MATERIALS
2002Bar attachment와 Konus telescope를 이용한 부분 무치악 환자 수복의 증례 대한치과턱관절기능교합학회지
2014CAD/CAM으로 제작된 monolithic zirconia crown의 시적 전후 교합양상에 대한 비교 Journal of Korean Academy of Prosthodontics (대한치과보철학회지)
2017CAD/CAM을 이용한 다운 증후군 환자의 구강 재건Journal of Korean Association for Disability and Oral Health (대한장애인치과학회지)
2014Changes in the cutting efficiency of different types of dental diamond rotary instrument with repeated cuts and disinfectionJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2015Co-delivery of platelet-derived growth factor (PDGF-BB) and bone morphogenic protein (BMP-2) coated onto heparinized titanium for improving osteoblast function and osteointegrationJOURNAL OF TISSUE ENGINEERING AND REGENERATIVE MEDICINE
2015Comparative Study of Recombinant Human Bone Morphogenetic Protein-2 Carriers in Rat Subcutaneous Tissues: Pilot StudyTISSUE ENGINEERING AND REGENERATIVE MEDICINE
2019Complete assessment of occlusal dynamics and establishment of a digital workflow by using target tracking with a three-dimensional facial scannerJOURNAL OF PROSTHODONTIC RESEARCH
2019Computer-based Implant Planning Involving a Prefabricated Custom Tray With Alumina Landmark StructuresJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2017Computer-guided implant planning using a preexisting removable partial dental prosthesisJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2002cord를 사용하지 않는 gingival displacement 처리법Dental Success (치과임상)
2011Cumulative survival rate of Astra Tech implants: a retrospective analysis. JOURNAL OF PERIODONTAL AND IMPLANT SCIENCE
2012Development of implant loading device for animal study about various loading protocol: a pilot study JOURNAL OF ADVANCED PROSTHODONTICS
2017Digital workflow for a dental prosthesis that considers lateral mandibular relationJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2019Digital workflow to provide an immediate interim restoration after single-implant placement by using a surgical guide and a matrix-positioning deviceJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2009Drying time of tray adhesive for adequate tensile bond strength between polyvinylsiloxane impression and tray resin material JOURNAL OF ADVANCED PROSTHODONTICS
2017Effect of air-particle pressures on the surface topography and bond strengths of resin cement to the hybrid ceramics DENTAL MATERIALS JOURNAL
2011Effect of alendronate on healing of extraction sockets and healing around implantsORAL DISEASES
2018Effect of Bio Function Enhanced-Dual TiO2 Nanotube Implants on Osseointegration: A Comparative Study in Rabbit ModelJOURNAL OF BIOMATERIALS AND TISSUE ENGINEERING
2012Effect of loading time on the survival rate of anodic oxidized implants: prospective multicenter study JOURNAL OF ADVANCED PROSTHODONTICS
2016Effect of Surface Treatment on Shear Bond Strength between Resin Cement and Ce-TZP/Al2O3. BIOMED RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL
2018Effect of the number of splinted abutments on the accuracy of zirconia copingsJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2012Effect of using a titanium washer on the removal torque of an abutment screw in the external connection type of dental implant.IMPLANT DENTISTRY
2004Effect of water content on the mechanical strength of dental porcelainJOURNAL OF NON-CRYSTALLINE SOLIDS
2017Effects of artificial aging on the biaxial flexural strength of Ce-TZP/Al2O3 and Y-TZP after various occlusal adjustmentsCERAMICS INTERNATIONAL
2008Effects of different depths of gap on healing of surgically created coronal defects around implants in dogs: a pilot study.JOURNAL OF PERIODONTOLOGY
2011Effects of the immobilization of heparin and rhPDGF-BB to titanium surfaces for the enhancement of osteoblastic functions and anti-inflammation. JOURNAL OF ADVANCED PROSTHODONTICS
2019Enamel wear and aging of translucent zirconias: In vitro and clinical studiesJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2017Fabrication of a complete, removable dental prosthesis from a digital intraoral impression for a patient with an excessively tight reconstructed lip after oral cancer treatment: A clinical reportJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2005Full composite crown의 임상 예Korean Journal of Clinical Dentistry (치과계)
2005Glass fiber post와 composite resin core의 전단결합강도 Journal of Korean Academy of Prosthodontics (대한치과보철학회지)
2016Grooved abutment가 임플란트 지대주 연결나사의 안정성에 미치는 영향 Journal of Korean Academy of Prosthodontics (대한치과보철학회지)
2009Guided bone regeneration procedure using a mixture of micro-macroporous biphasic calcium phosphate and freeze-dried allograft in esthetic region : a case reportJournal of the Korean Academy of Implant Dentistry (대한치과이식임프란트학회지)
2011Influence of cement thickness on resin-zirconia microtensile bond strength JOURNAL OF ADVANCED PROSTHODONTICS
2019Integration of intraoral digital scans with a 3D facial scan for anterior tooth rehabilitationJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2010MAD/MAM을 이용한 치과용 지르코니아 코어의 변연 적합도 Journal of Korean Academy of Prosthodontics (대한치과보철학회지)
2019Measuring the Complete-arch Distortion of an Optical Dental ImpressionJOVE-JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS
2015Osseointegration of Implants Surface-Treated with Various Diameters of TiO2 Nanotubes in Rabbit JOURNAL OF NANOMATERIALS
2009Piezosurgery® 를 이용한 하악 정중결합부의 block bone 시술 및 임프란트 식립 치험례 Journal of the Korean Academy of Implant Dentistry (대한치과이식임프란트학회지)
2018Placement of a Retro-fitted Single Crown Restoration Under an Existing Denture by Employing Digital Technology: A Case Report Korean Academy of Orofacial Pain and Oral Medicine (대한안면통증구강내과학회지)
2016Postoperative irradiation after implant placement: A pilot study for prosthetic reconstruction JOURNAL OF ADVANCED PROSTHODONTICS
2017Recording the trajectory of mouth opening and closing for the fabrication of an occlusal splintJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2008Renova® 임플란트 식립 후 단기간의 생존율에 대한 다각적 분석 Journal of Korean Academy of Periodontology (대한치주과학회지)
2005Silicone Index Tooth Tray를 이용한 인상체의 체적안전성에 대한 연구 Journal of Korean Academy of Prosthodontics (대한치과보철학회지)
2017Simplified digital workflow for dental implant restoration on a stock abutment using an intraoral scanner: A dental techniqueJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2008SLA 표면 처리 및 외측 연결형의 국산 임플랜트에 대한 임상적, 방사선학적 평가 Journal of Korean Academy of Prosthodontics (대한치과보철학회지)
2009SLA 표면 처리와 미세나사선을 가진 내측 연결형의 국산 임플란트에 대한 후향적 연구 Journal of Korean Academy of Prosthodontics (대한치과보철학회지)