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Complete assessment of occlusal dynamics and establishment of a digital workflow by using target tracking with a three-dimensional facial scanner

 Jong-Eun Kim  ;  Ji-Hyun Park  ;  Hong-Seok Moon  ;  June-Sung Shim 
 JOURNAL OF PROSTHODONTIC RESEARCH , Vol.63(1) : 120-124, 2019 
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CAD/CAM ; Digital workflow ; Dynamic occlusion ; Facial scanner ; Occlusal analysis ; Virtual articulator
PURPOSE: To introduce a new and simple digital workflow to record dynamic occlusion, and apply it to occlusal analysis and prosthetic treatment in a virtual environment. METHODS: A table-top scanner (Identica hybrid) was used to transfer fabricated casts into a virtual environment. A facial scanner (Rexcan CS2) was used for facial scanning and target tracking. Four targets were attached to each of the four incisors in the maxilla and mandible to track jaw movement. Target position data were recorded in real time during eccentric movement. The targets were replaced with maxilla and mandible cast scan data, and mandibular movement relative to the maxilla was reconstructed. Four types of antagonist meshes were reconstructed in computer-aided design (CAD) software (EzScan8). The CAD software (Exocad) enabled checking of occlusal contacts in the maximal intercuspation position during eccentric movement. CONCLUSIONS: Target tracking data were transformed into video clips of dental cast scan data, which showed jaw movements in real time. Occlusal contact information was produced by the CAD software. Both dynamic and static occlusion analyses were performed with reconstructed eccentric movement antagonist meshes. Our new method for reconstructing eccentric movements of the mandible can reveal the occlusal dynamics of a patient within a virtual environment.
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