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Randomized Assessment of Rapid Endovascular Treatment of Ischemic Stroke

Mayank Goyal ; Andrew M. Demchuk ; Bijoy K. Menon ; Muneer Eesa ; Jeremy L. R... NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE, Vol.372(11) : 1019-1030, 2015

International Prevalence, Recognition, and Treatment of Cardiovascular R...

Deepak L. Bhatt ; P. Gabriel Steg ; E. Magnus Ohman ; Alan T. Hirsch ; Yasuo ... JAMA-JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL ASSOCIATION, Vol.295(2) : 180-189, 2006

Autologous mesenchymal stem cell transplantation in stroke patients

Oh Young Bang ; Jin Soo Lee ; Gwang Lee ; Phil Hyu Lee ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY, Vol.57(6) : 874-882, 2005
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Issue DateTitleJournal Title
2018Sex differences in insomnia symptom : a population-based study Thesis
2016천막위 수막종 수술 전후의 뇌전증에 연관된 요인 Thesis
2015Prevalence and characteristics of unruptured cerebral aneurysms in ischemic stroke patients Thesis
2015Quantitative analyses of EEG with special electrodes in TGA patients Thesis
2014대동맥 죽상경화 환자에서 뇌경색 양상의 특징 Thesis
2013The frequency and risk of preclinical coronary artery disease detected using multichannel cardiac computed tomography in patients with ischemic stroke Thesis
2013한국인의 MuSK 항체 양성 중증근무력증 환자의 임상적, 전기생리학적 특징 Thesis
2013Ischemic stroke in patients with renal transplantation Thesis
2012Mechanism of medullary infarction based on arterial territory involvement Thesis
2011Clinical manifestations of cerebellar infarction according to specific lobular involvement Thesis
2010의식이 저하된 환자들의 뇌파 분석 Thesis
2009간질 예후의 시간적 변화에 영향을 미치는 원인 분석 Thesis
2008Incidence and characteristics of in-hospital ischemic strokes Thesis
2008급성기 허혈성 뇌졸중에서 혈소판과 백혈구의 상호작용 Thesis
2006Kainic acid 유발 간질모델에서 Minocycline의 Caspase-dependent와 Caspase-independent 세포사멸 억제 Thesis
2004순수운동성뇌졸중에서 감각 기능의 변화 Thesis
2004파킨슨병에서의 감각기능 이상 Thesis
2003난치성 간질 환자에서 성공적 간질수술 후의 발작 재발 Thesis
2003혈관 조영 사진을 이용한 표준화된 두개내 뇌동맥 협착 측정법의 개발 Thesis
2003다계통 위축증 환자와 정상인에서 제 7형 알코올 탈 수소효소 유전자 다형성의 빈도 Thesis