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Shin, Dong Ah [신동아]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Neurosurgery (신경외과학교실)
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2010Primary spinal cord melanoma 신동아, 윤도흠Article
2010Enhancement of bone regeneration by gene delivery of BMP2/Runx2 bicistronic vector into adipose-derived stromal cells신동아Article
2009Artificial disc replacement combined with fusion versus two-level fusion in cervical two-level disc disease김긍년, 신동아, 신현철, 윤도흠, 이성Article
2009Automated Pressure-Controlled Discography with Constant Injection Speed and Real-Time Pressure Measurement 신동아Article
2009A case of extensive spinal cysticercosis involving the whole spinal canal in a patient with a history of cerebral cysticercosis 신동아Article
2009Clinical and Radiological Findings of Discogenic Low Back Pain Confirmed by Automated Pressure-Controlled Discography 신동아Article
2009Stereotactic spine radiosurgery for intradural and intramedullary metastasis신동아Article
2009Factors influencing manometric pressure during pressure-controlled discography신동아Article
2008The efficacy of microendoscopic discectomy in reducing iatrogenic muscle injury김긍년, 신동아, 신현철, 윤도흠Article
2008A dumbbell-shaped solitary fibrous tumor of the cervical spinal cord 김세훈, 김태승, 신동아, 윤도흠Article
2008Clinical relevance of pain patterns in osteoporotic vertebral compression fractures. 신동아Article
2008Progressive collapse of PMMA-augmented vertebra: A report of three cases김긍년, 신동아, 신현철, 윤도흠Article
2007Thoracolumbar Junction Disc Herniations: Clinical Features and Surgical Approaches 김긍년, 신동아, 신현철, 윤도흠Article
2007Clinical and Kinematic Analysis in Patients with Cervical Disc Herniation at the C3-4 Single Level 김긍년, 김상현, 신동아, 신현철, 윤도흠Article
2007Usefulness of pain distribution pattern assessment in decision-making for the patients with lumbar zygapophyseal and sacroiliac joint arthropathy 신동아Article
2007Spinal Cord Tumors of the Thoracolumbar Junction Requiring Surgery: A Retrospective Review of Clinical Features and Surgical Outcome 김긍년, 신동아, 윤도흠Article
2007Early Results from Posterior Cervical Fusion with a Screw-Rod System 김긍년, 신동아, 신현철, 윤도흠Article
2007Early Clinical Experience with the Mobi-C Disc Prosthesis 김긍년, 신동아, 신현철, 윤도흠Article
2007Surgical management of paraspinal tumors 김긍년, 신동아, 신현철, 윤도흠Article
2006Diagnostic Relevance of Pressure-Controlled Discography 신동아Article
2006압박성 신경병증을 동반한 요천추 경막외 지방종증신동아Article
2006Radiofrequency Neurotomy of Cervical Medial Branches for Chronic Cervicobrachialgia 신동아Article
2000두경부 T 세포 림프종 환자에서 발생한 진행성 다초점성 백질뇌병증 박용구, 신동아, 장종희, 장진우Article