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2020Factors affecting home-based disaster preparedness among school-aged children's parents: A cross-sectional study김고운, 최은경Article
2019Estimating Nationwide Prevalence of Live Births with Down Syndrome and Their Medical Expenditures in Korea 최은경Article
2019Healthcare Transition Readiness, Family Support, and Self-management Competency in Korean Emerging Adults with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus김호성, 김희순, 김희정, 최은경Article
2019신생아집중치료실 미숙아 부모의 자율면회 방문 현황과 부모 스트레스와의 상관관계 김희순, 박정옥, 최은경Article
2019중환자실 간호사의 임종간호 어려움과 임종간호 교육요구 조사: 혼합연구방법 최은경Article
2019Parents' Needs Concerning Their Children with Spina Bifida in South Korea: A Mixed Method Study 최은경Article
2019제1형 당뇨병 청소년의 자기관리 영향요인: 정보-동기-행동기술 모델을 기반으로 김호성, 김희순, 김희정, 최은경Article
2019Medication self-management and the quality of discharge education among parents of children with epilepsy최은경Article
2019Bladder and Bowel Dysfunction in Korean Children with Down Syndrome and Parental Quality of Life최은경Article
2019A 2-Step Integrative Education Program and mHealth for Self-Management in Korean Children with Spina Bifida: Feasibility Study최은경Article
2019Factors Influencing Physical Activity in Adolescents with Complex Congenital Heart Disease 이경희, 최은경Article
2019Sleep problems in Korean children with Down syndrome and parental quality of life최은경Article
2018Body mass index and 20 specific cancers: re-analyses of dose-response meta-analyses of observational studies신재일, 이금화, 최은경Article
2018Adaptation and Resilience in Families of Children With Spina Bifida in South Korea최은경, 한상원Article
2018복합만성질환을 가진 자녀를 둔 부모의 소아청소년 완화의료 요구도 김상희, 최은경, 황애란Article
2018Sexual function and qualify of life in women with spina bifida: Are the women with spina bifida satisfied with their sexual activity?김상운, 지종현, 최은경, 한상원Article
2017Sexual Function and Quality of Life in Young Men With Spina Bifida: Could It Be Neglected Aspects in Clinical Practice?최은경, 한상원Article
2017Bowel Management and Quality of Life in Children With Spina Bifida in South Korea최은경, 한상원Article
2016수용개작방법을 활용한 간헐도뇨 간호실무지침 개발 최은경Article
2016Can a quantitative means be used to predict flow patterns: Agreement between visual inspection vs. flow index derived flow patterns이용승, 최은경, 한상원Article
2015수용개작방법을 활용한 유치도뇨 간호실무지침 개발 최은경Article
2015Resilience in families of children with Down syndrome in Korea.유일영, 최은경Article
2015Long-term outcome of transanal irrigation for children with spina bifida임영재, 최은경, 한상원Article
2013Spina bifida occulta: Not to be overlooked in children with nocturnal enuresis이미정, 이용승, 임영재, 최은경, 한상원Article
2013Effects of intravesical electrical stimulation therapy on urodynamic patterns for children with spina bifida: A 10-year experience임영재, 정현진, 최은경, 한상원, 홍창희Article
2013The effects of transanal irrigation as a stepwise bowel management program on the quality of life of children with spina bifida and their caregivers임영재, 최은경, 한상원Article
2011입원 아동 부모의 병원서비스 기대수준과 만족도 유일영, 최은경Article
2011Factors associated with emotional response of parents at the time of diagnosis of Down syndrome유일영, 최은경Article
2009아동의 건강과 안전에 대한 보육교사 교육프로그램의 효과 오가실, 최은경Article
2008보육시설 아동의 건강과 안전에 대한 보육교사의 지식, 자신감, 실천 오가실, 최은경Article
2008보육시설 영유아 건강관리 현황 김희순, 이혜정, 최은경Article
2008한국 간호대학생의 스트레스 측정도구 개발 유지수, 장수정, 최은경Article
2007지시적 심상 요법이 남자 고등학생의 스트레스, 스트레스 대처 및 건강문제에 미치는 영향 김선아, 김수, 김희순, 오가실, 유일영, 장순복, 최은경Article