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함원식 [Ham, Won Sik]
Department :
College of Medicine : Dept. of Urology
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2017 Impact of lymphovascular invasion on lymph node metastasis for patients undergoing radical prostatectomy with negative resection margin 강용진, 김현수, 윤철용, 이주용, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식
2017 The prognostic significance of postoperative neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio after radical prostatectomy for localized prostate cancer 강동혁, 강용진, 김명수, 윤철용, 정원식, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식
2017 Prognostic Significance of Vas Deferens Invasion After Radical Prostatectomy in Patients with Pathological Stage T3b Prostate Cancer 강용진, 나군호, 신수진, 윤철용, 이주용, 조강수, 조남훈, 최영득, 함원식, 홍성준
2017 The prognostic role of tertiary Gleason pattern 5 in a contemporary grading system for prostate cancer 강동혁, 강용진, 김명수, 윤철용, 정원식, 최영득, 함원식
2016 Oncological outcomes after partial vs radical nephrectomy in renal cell carcinomas of ≤7 cm with presumed renal sinus fat invasion on preoperative imaging 구교철, 김종찬, 양승철, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식, 홍성준
2016 Does Radiotherapy for the Primary Tumor Benefit Prostate Cancer Patients with Distant Metastasis at Initial Diagnosis? 김준원, 조재호, 최영득, 함원식, 홍성준, 나군호, 장지석, 조연아
2016 Prostate-specific antigen density predicts favorable pathology and biochemical recurrence in patients with intermediate-risk prostate cancer. 이주용, 정해도, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식
2016 Comparison of High, Intermediate, and Low Frequency Shock Wave Lithotripsy for Urinary Tract Stone Disease: Systematic Review and Network Meta-Analysis 강동현, 최영득, 함원식, 이주용, 조강수
2016 A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Functional Outcomes and Complications Following the Photoselective Vaporization of the Prostate and Monopolar Transurethral Resection of the Prostate 강동혁, 함원식, 이주용, 조강수, 최영득
2016 Association of Anterior and Lateral Extraprostatic Extensions with Base-Positive Resection Margins in Prostate Cancer 강용진, 윤철용, 이주용, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식
2016 Prognostic impact of preoperative neutrophil-to-lymphocyte ratio after radical prostatectomy in localized prostate cancer 강용진, 최영득, 함원식, 홍성준, 나군호, 윤철용, 이주용, 조강수
2016 Effect of Preoperative Risk Group Stratification on Oncologic Outcomes of Patients with Adverse Pathologic Findings at Radical Prostatectomy 나군호, 윤철용, 최영득, 함원식, 홍성준
2016 Ureteral stenting can be a negative predictor for successful outcome following shock wave lithotripsy in patients with ureteral stones 강동혁, 이주용, 정두용, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식
2015 Impact of colic pain as a significant factor for predicting the stone free rate of one-session shock wave lithotripsy for treating ureter stones: a Bayesian logistic regression model analysis 이주용, 정해도, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식
2015 The Possibilities as a Prediction Tool for Cancer Research of Big Data: Comparison of Incidence Rate of Korean Major Male and Urologic Cancers and Trend Scores 이주용, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식
2015 The beneficial effect of alpha-blockers for ureteral stent-related discomfort: systematic review and network meta-analysis for alfuzosin versus tamsulosin versus placebo 이주용, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식
2015 A network meta-analysis of therapeutic outcomes after new image technology-assisted transurethral resection for non-muscle invasive bladder cancer: 5-aminolaevulinic acid fluorescence vs hexylaminolevulinate fluorescence vs narrow band imaging 이주용, 정해도, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식, 권종규
2015 Pathologic Outcomes in Men with Low-risk Prostate Cancer Who Are Potential Candidates for Contemporary, Active Surveillance Protocols. 제성욱, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식, 강호원, 권종규, 이주용, 정해도
2015 Accuracy of Urinary Neutrophil Gelatinase-Associated Lipocalin in Quantifying Acute Kidney Injury after Partial Nephrectomy in Patients with Normal Contralateral Kidney 구교철, 나군호, 이혜선, 제성욱, 최영득, 함원식, 홍정화
2015 Early Application of Permanent Metallic Mesh Stent in Substitution for Temporary Polymeric Ureteral Stent Reduces Unnecessary Ureteral Procedures in Patients With Malignant Ureteral Obstruction 함원식, 홍성준, 김기홍, 조강수, 한경석
2014 External validation of the RENAL nephrometry score nomogram for predicting high-grade renal cell carcinoma in solid, enhancing, and small renal masses 구교철, 나군호, 신태영, 유한나, 최영득, 함원식
2014 Assessing the anatomical characteristics of renal masses has a limited effect on the prediction of pathological outcomes in solid, enhancing, small renal masses: results using the PADUA classification system 김동욱, 나군호, 임세이캣, 최영득, 함원식, 강민웅, 구교철
2014 Renal Pelvic Urothelial Carcinoma With Vena Caval Thrombus Mimicking Renal Cell Carcinoma 권종규, 리칠다, 이주용, 조강수, 조남훈, 최영득, 함원식
2014 Prognostic Factors for Urachal Cancer: A Bayesian Model-Averaging Approach 양승철, 이주용, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식, 홍성준, 권종규
2014 Microsurgical intermediate subinguinal varicocelectomy 함원식, 이주용, 조강수
2014 A Competing Risk Analysis of Cancer-Specific Mortality of Initial Treatment with Radical Prostatectomy versus Radiation Therapy in Clinically Localized High-Risk Prostate Cancer 강호원, 권종규, 금기창, 금웅섭, 리칠다, 이주용, 제성욱, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식
2013 Transmesocolic Approach for Left Side Laparoscopic Pyeloplasty: Comparison with Laterocolic Approach in the Initial Learning Period 김장환, 정병하, 최영득, 한상원, 함원식, 홍창희
2013 Laparoendoscopic single site varicocele ligation: Comparison of testicular artery and lymphatic preservation versus complete testicular vessel ligation 이주용, 조강수, 함원식, 이승환
2013 A Comparative Study of Laparoendoscopic Single-Site Surgery Versus Conventional Laparoscopy for Upper Urinary Tract Malignancies 유호송, 조강수, 한웅규, 함원식
2013 Impact of Bent Distortion on Accuracy of Measurement During Transrectal Ultrasonography for Prostatic Imaging: A Preliminary Study 유호송, 이주용, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식, 나군호, 리칠다
2013 Efficacy and Safety of Photodynamic Therapy for Recurrent, High Grade Nonmuscle Invasive Bladder Cancer Refractory or Intolerant to Bacille Calmette-Guérin Immunotherapy 리칠다, 이주용, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식
2013 Clinical features of supervoiders who suffer from lower urinary tract symptoms: a propensity score-matching study 방우진, 이승욱, 이주용, 조강수, 함원식
2013 Lymphocele after extraperitoneal robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: A propensity score-matching study 리칠다, 유호송, 이주용, 정재승, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식
2012 Efficacy of vasectomy reversal according to patency for the surgical treatment of postvasectomy pain syndrome. 이승환, 이주용, 장진석, 함원식
2012 근치적 전립선절제술 후 요실금 발생 환자에서의 항콜린제 처방에 대한 비뇨기과 의사의 실태조사 함원식, 홍성준
2012 전립선암의 호르몬 불응성과 PTEN, CD44발현 양상의 연관성 분석 조강수, 최영득, 함원식, 홍성준
2012 Clinical Outcomes of Bosniak Category IIF Complex Renal Cysts in Korean Patients. 유호송, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식
2012 Efficacy and safety of solifenacin to treat overactive bladder symptoms in patients with idiopathic normal pressure hydrocephalus: an open-label, multicenter, prospective study 이승환, 이주용, 조강수, 함원식
2012 Prostatic urethral angulation associated with urinary flow rate and urinary symptom scores in men with lower urinary tract symptoms 김홍욱, 방우진, 유호송, 이대훈, 이주용, 조강수, 함원식
2011 Initial experience with laparoendoscopic single-site nephrectomy and nephroureterectomy in children 임영재, 정현진, 한상원, 한웅규, 함원식, 홍창희
2011 Laparoendoscopic Single-Site Surgeries: A Single-Center Experience of 171 Consecutive Cases 아르콘셀, 양승철, 이재원, 최경화, 한웅규, 함원식, 나군호
2011 Laparoendoscopic single-site nephrectomy using a modified umbilical incision and a home-made transumbilical port. 나군호, 유호송, 최영득, 한상원, 한웅규, 함원식
2011 Clinical experiences of pheochromocytoma in Korea 함원식, 유호송, 채윤병, 최영득
2011 Comparison of oncological results, functional outcomes, and complications for transperitoneal versus extraperitoneal robot-assisted radical prostatectomy: a single surgeon's experience 유호송, 정석현, 채윤병, 최영득, 함원식
2011 Simple, safe, and successful evacuation of severe organized clot retention using a catheter connected with wall suction: suction and fishing method 함원식, 유호송, 조강수
2011 Retroperitoneoscopic Partial Nephrectomy in a Horseshoe Kidney 유호송, 이용승, 함원식
2010 A unique instrumental malfunction during robotic prostatectomy. 나군호, 박성열, 정우주, 함원식
2010 Initial experience with 50 laparoendoscopic single site surgeries using a homemade, single port device at a single center 전황균, 정우주, 한웅규, 함원식, 나군호, 오철규, 이안로렌조
2010 Trends of presentation and clinical outcome of treated renal angiomyolipoma 최영득, 주희정, 함원식
2010 Efficacy of octreotide for management of lymphorrhea after pelvic lymph node dissection in radical prostatectomy 최영득, 함원식
2009 방광암의 진단에서 요세포검사, Nuclear Matrix Protein 22 (NMP22), Fluorescence in Situ Hybridization (FISH)의 효용성 비교 김원태, 주희정, 최영득, 함원식
2009 The “halo effect” in Korea: change in practice patterns since the introduction of robot-assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy 나군호, 정우주, 최영득, 함원식, 홍성준
2009 발기부전 환자에서 홍삼농축분말의 유효성 및 안전성: 다기관, 무작위배정, 이중맹검, 위약 대조 임상연구 주희정, 최영득, 함원식, 김원태
2009 원격전이없이 술 전 Prostate-Specific Antigen (PSA) 20 ng/ml 이상인 전립선암 환자에서의 근치적 전립선적출술의 결과 최영득, 함원식
2009 Long-term outcome of simultaneous transurethral resection of bladder tumor and prostate in patients with nonmuscle invasive bladder tumor and bladder outlet obstruction. 김원태, 전형진, 최영득, 함원식
2009 Robotic prostatectomy in patient with an abdominoperineal resection 김원태, 박성열, 최영득, 함원식
2009 로봇 근치적 전립선적출술에서 복막 외 접근법과 복막 내 접근법의 수술 결과 비교 : 단일 술자의 경험 김원태, 이용승, 최영득, 함원식
2009 병리학적 T0 병기 전립선암의 병리학적 특성과 예후 김원태, 이승렬, 최영득, 함원식
2009 Malfunction of da Vinci robotic system--disassembled surgeon's console hand piece: case report and review of the literature 나군호, 최영득, 함원식, 홍성준
2009 Robotic radical prostatectomy for patients with locally advanced prostate cancer is feasible: results of a single-institution study 김원태, 나군호, 박성열, 최영득, 함원식
2009 Clinical experience of single-session percutaneous aspiration and OK-432 sclerotherapy for treatment of simple renal cysts: 1-year follow-up 김원태, 조강수, 조성용, 최영득, 함원식
2009 Pathological effects of prostate cancer correlate with neuroendocrine differentiation and PTEN expression after bicalutamide monotherapy. 조남훈, 최영득, 함원식
2009 Clinical Characteristics of Renal Cell Carcinoma in Korean Patients with von Hippel-Lindau Disease Compared to Sporadic Bilateral or Multifocal Renal Cell Carcinoma 김원태, 이진성, 주희정, 최영득, 함원식
2009 Failure and malfunction of da Vinci Surgical systems during various robotic surgeries: experience from six departments at a single institute 김원태, 나군호, 정우주, 최영득, 함원식
2009 Initial experience of robotic nephroureterectomy: a hybrid-port technique 김원태, 나군호, 정우주, 함원식
2008 Gene amplification and mutation analysis of epidermal growth factor receptor in hormone refractory prostate cancer 조남훈, 최영득, 함원식, 이중식, 조강수
2008 호르몬 불응성 전립선암 환자에서 Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor와 HER-2 유전자의 역할 조강수, 조남훈, 최영득, 함원식
2008 근치적 전립선적출술에서의 개복과 로봇 술식의 비교 : 단일 술자 경험 박성열, 조강수, 최영득, 함원식
2008 임상적으로 진행된 전립선암에서의 로봇 근치적 전립선적출술의 결과 나군호, 박성열, 최영득, 함원식
2008 로봇 보조 복강경 신요관적출술 및 요관구 주위 방광점막절제술 나군호, 박성열, 조강수, 함원식
2008 로봇 보조 복강경 부분신절제술 나군호, 박성열, 조강수, 함원식
2008 Miles' 수술 상태에서의 로봇 전립선적출술 최영득, 함원식
2008 로봇 보조 복강경 방광적출술 및 회장도관술 나군호, 박성열, 조강수, 함원식
2008 Prostate-specific antigen velocity in healthy Korean men with initial PSA levels of 4.0 ng/mL or less. 최영득, 함원식, 김영식
2008 로봇 보조 복강경 전립선적출술 : 200례의 임상경험 함원식, 나군호, 박성열, 최영득
2008 방광출구폐색이 동반된 표재성 방광암 환자에서 동시에 시행한 경요도적 전립선 및 방광암 절제술의 의의 김원태, 전형진, 최영득, 함원식
2008 조루증의 최신 개념 김원태, 최영득, 최형기, 함원식
2008 Robot-assisted laparoscopic radical cystoprostatectomy with ileal conduit urinary diversion: initial experience in Korea. 나군호, 박성열, 조강수, 함원식, 홍성준
2008 Robotic repair of scrotal bladder hernia during robotic prostatectomy 나군호, 박성열, 이우정, 정우주, 함원식
2008 OK-432를 이용한 단순 신낭종의 경피적 경화요법 최영득, 함원식, 김원태, 조강수, 조성용
2008 한국인 von Hippel-Lindau 병 환자에서 신세포암의 임상적 특성 김원태, 이진성, 최영득, 함원식
2008 용적이 큰 전립선비대증에서 경요도전립선절제술 함원식, 김원태, 최영득
2008 임상적으로 진행된 전립선암에 대한 개복과 로봇 근치적 전립선적출술의 비교 나군호, 최영득, 함원식
2008 Comparison of multiple session 99% ethanol and single session OK-432 sclerotherapy for the treatment of simple renal cysts. 최영득, 함원식, 김원태
2008 로봇을 이용한 비뇨기 종양 수술의 단일기관 경험 김원태, 나군호, 정병하, 정우주, 최영득, 함원식, 홍성준
2008 Open versus robotic radical prostatectomy: a prospective analysis based on a single surgeon’s experience 김원태, 박성열, 최영득, 함원식
2008 Robot-assisted laparoscopic partial nephrectomy during pregnancy 김원태, 나군호, 박성열, 정우주, 함원식
2007 Age-Specific Prostate-Specific Antigen Reference Ranges in Korean Men 남정모, 최영득, 함원식, 홍성준, 강대용
2007 로봇 보조 복강경 전립선적출술에서 술 중 측정된 출혈량과 계산된 출혈량과의 관계 정우주, 한웅규, 함원식, 김원태, 나군호, 이영훈