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정인경 [Jung, In Kyung]
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College of Medicine : Dept. of Biostatistics
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2017Radiotherapeutic strategies for hepatocellular carcinoma with portal vein tumour thrombosis in a hepatitis B endemic area성진실, 임정호, 정인경
2017Clinical Practice Patterns of Radiotherapy in Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma: A Korean Radiation Oncology Group Study (KROG 14-07) 성진실, 정인경
2017The Delta Neutrophil Index as a predictive marker of histological chorioamnionitis in patients with preterm premature rupture of membranes: A retrospective study 김영한, 정인경
2016Impact of adolescent pregnancy on hypertension in postmenopausal women윤종찬, 정인경
2016Short-term follow-up in 6 months is unnecessary for asymptomatic breast lesions with benign concordant results obtained at ultrasonography-guided 14-gauge core needle biopsy김민정, 김은경, 문희정, 육지현, 정인경
2016Cumulative Metformin Use and Its Impact on Survival in Gastric Cancer Patients After Gastrectomy김형일, 김효송, 노성훈, 라선영, 안지영, 이충근, 정민규, 정인경, 정재호, 정현철, 허수진, 형우진
2016Comparison of Inter-Observer Variability and Diagnostic Performance of the Fifth Edition of BI-RADS for Breast Ultrasound of Static versus Video Images육지현, 윤정현, 정인경
2016A randomized phase II trial of ERCC1 and RRM1 mRNA expression-based chemotherapy versus docetaxel/carboplatin in advanced non-small cell lung cancer심효섭, 임선민, 정인경, 조병철, 허수진
2016The effect of radiotherapy in liver-confined but non-resectable Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer stage C large hepatocellular carcinoma 윤홍인, 정인경, 한광협
2016PD-L1 expression on immune cells, but not on tumor cells, is a favorable prognostic factor for head and neck cancer patients 김은경, 김혜련, 윤선옥, 정인경, 조병철, 최은창, 표경호, 허수진, 홍민희
2016Is Mammography Superior to Breast Ultrasound? Some remarks to: Moon HJ, Jung I, Park J, et al. Ultraschall in Med 2015; 36: 255?-?263.김민정, 문희정, 박숙진, 육지현, 정인경
2015p-value approximations for spatial scan statistics using extreme value distributions정인경
2015Phase II clinical and exploratory biomarker study of dacomitinib in patients with recurrent and/or metastatic squamous cell carcinoma of head and neck고윤우, 권형주, 김주항, 김한상, 김혜련, 백순명, 이민구, 이지현, 정인경, 조병철, 최은창
2015혼합모형을 이용한 반복 측정된 변수들 간의 상관분석 정인경, 한경화
2015The frequency and impact of FGFR1 amplification on clinical outcomes in Korean patients with small cell lung cancer김대준, 김세규, 김은영, 김주항, 김혜련, 김효송, 심효섭, 이창영, 장준, 정인경, 정지예, 조병철
2015Comparison of Cancer Yields and Diagnostic Performance of Screening Mammography vs. Supplemental Screening Ultrasound in 4394 Women with Average Risk for Breast Cancer김민정, 김은경, 문희정, 박숙진, 육지현, 정인경
2015이분형 반복측정 자료와 생존 자료의 결합분석 모형 : 실제 자료 분석 사례를 중심으로정인경
2015Efficacy of Intrauterine Bakri Balloon Tamponade in Cesarean Section for Placenta Previa Patients 권자영, 김영한, 박용원, 정인경, 조희영
2015Diagnosis of Placenta Accreta by Uterine Artery Doppler Velocimetry in Patients With Placenta Previa권자영, 김영한, 박용원, 정인경, 조희영
2015Analysis of Unexpected Conversion to Thoracotomy During Thoracoscopic Lobectomy in Lung Cancer김대준, 이성수, 이진구, 이창영, 정경영, 정인경
2015A nonparametric spatial scan statistic for continuous data 정인경
2014Risk of Bladder Cancer among Patients with Diabetes Treated with a 15 mg Pioglitazone Dose in Korea: A Multi-Center Retrospective Cohort Study 강승민, 송선옥, 이병완, 정인경
2014Breast Papilloma without Atypia and Risk of Breast Carcinoma김민정, 김은경, 문희정, 정인경
2013Image Reporting and Characterization System for Ultrasound Features of Thyroid Nodules: Multicentric Korean Retrospective Study 곽진영, 김은경, 김정아, 문희정, 손은주, 정인경
2013Thyroid Nodule with Benign Cytology: Is Clinical Follow-Up Enough? 곽진영, 윤정현, 정인경
2013Relationship between leukoaraiosis and menopause in healthy middle-aged women서석교, 이병석, 이상민, 정인경, 정태섭, 조시현, 최영식
2013The Hispanic Paradox and Predictors of Mortality in an Aging Biethnic Cohort of Mexican Americans and European Americans: The San Antonio Longitudinal Study of Aging정인경
2013시간-종속적 공변량이 포함된 이분형반복측정자료의 GEE를 이용한 분석에서 결측체계에 따른 회귀계수 추정방법 비교 정인경
2013다항 로짓 회귀모형에서의 그룹화 전략을 이용한 적합도 검정 방법 비교 송미경, 정인경
2012Application of the Western-based adjuvant online model to Korean colon cancer patients; a single institution experience. 김남규, 김태일, 노재경, 라선영, 신상준, 안중배, 정민규, 정인경, 정현철
2012US follow-up protocol in concordant benign result after US-guided 14-gauge core needle breast biopsy.곽진영, 김민정, 김은경, 문희정, 손은주, 육지현, 정인경
2012A randomized phase II trial of S-1-oxaliplatin versus capecitabine-oxaliplatin in advanced gastric cancer.김건민, 김효송, 라선영, 정인경, 정현철
2012Frailty transitions in the San Antonio Longitudinal Study of Aging 정인경
2012Ten-year risk of diagnostic mammograms and invasive breast procedures after breast-conserving surgery for DCIS 정인경
2012Spatial cluster detection for ordinal outcome data정인경
2012A Study on Comparison of Generalized Kappa Statistics in Agreement Analysis 남정모, 송기준, 정인경
2010A spatial scan statistic for multinomial data정인경
2010Lower frailty incidence in older Mexican Americans than in older European Americans: the San Antonio Longitudinal Study of Aging 정인경
2010Comparison of the affinity column-mediated immunoassay and microparticle enzyme immunoassay methods as a tacrolimus concentration assay in the early period after liver transplantation김명수, 김순일, 정인경, 주동진, 최기홍, 최진섭, 허규하