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College of Medicine - Dept. of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2019Propofol intravenous anaesthesia with desflurane compared with desflurane alone on postoperative liver function after living-donor liver transplantation: A randomised controlled trial김명수, 배명일, 신서경, 유영철, 이종석, 주동진Article
2019Anti-Tumor Potential of a 5-HT3 Receptor Antagonist as a Novel Autophagy Inducer in Lung Cancer: A Retrospective Clinical Study with In Vitro Confirmation 김나영, 박성용, 유영철, 이정수, 이종석Article
2018Pain and anxiety and their relationship with medication doses in the intensive care unit김재진, 박진영, 오주영, 이종석Article
2018Self-pressurized air-Q((R)) intubating laryngeal airway versus the LMA((R)) Classic: a randomized clinical trial김민수, 서지우, 이종석Article
2017Comparison of the i-gel and other supraglottic airways in adult manikin studies: Systematic review and meta-analysis 김민수, 남상범, 안지원, 이종석, 이혜미Article
2017Effects of intravenous fentanyl around the end of surgery on emergence agitation in children: Systematic review and meta-analysis김남오, 김민수, 박진하, 이종석, 최태양Article
2017The optimal exhaled concentration of sevoflurane for intubation without neuromuscular blockade using clinical bolus doses of remifentanil: A randomized controlled trial 고재철, 이종석Article
2016Effect of the Prolonged Inspiratory to Expiratory Ratio on Oxygenation and Respiratory Mechanics During Surgical Procedures 김민수, 민나현, 박진하, 신서경, 이재훈, 이종석Article
2016A personality trait contributes to the occurrence of postoperative delirium: a prospective study 경성현, 김재진, 박진영, 양규현, 이우석, 이종석Article
2016Standard versus Rotation Technique for Insertion of Supraglottic Airway Devices: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 김민수, 남상범, 박진하, 이종석, 주진우Article
2015Randomized Comparison of Actual and Ideal Body Weight for Size Selection of the Laryngeal Mask Airway Classic in Overweight Patients 김민수, 김지은, 남상범, 이종석Article
2014Nicardipine Infusion for Hypotensive Anesthesia During Orthognathic Surgery Has Protective Effect on Renal Function김지영, 김지은, 이종석Article
2014Intrathecal fentanyl decreases the optimal effect site concentration of propofol during spinal anaesthesia김미경, 김지영, 이종석Article
2014심한 두부하강 자세가 맥압변이도에 미치는 영향 남상범, 이종석, 조성아Article
2014Effect of Dexmedetomidine on the Corrected QT and Tp-e Intervals during Spinal Anesthesia 김소연, 김영순, 이종석, 한동우Article
2014위암 환자에서 sevoflurane-remifentanil 균형마취와 propofolremifentanil 전정맥 마취가 수술 후 스트레스 반응에 미치는 영향 김혜진, 남상범, 이수현, 이종석Article
2014The effect of desflurane versus propofol on regional cerebral oxygenation in the sitting position for shoulder arthroscopy김지영, 이종석Article
2013Undiagnosed light chain systemic amyloidosis: does it matter to anesthesiologists? -a case report- 라세희, 이우경, 이종석Article
2013약물 오남용의 신경생물학적 기전과 약동학 및 약력학 김소연, 이종석, 한동우Article
2013The effect of alfentanil versus ketamine on the intubation condition and hemodynamics with low-dose rocuronium in children김지영, 이종석Article
2013Comparison of the Efficacy of Dexmedetomidine plus Fentanyl Patient-controlled Analgesia with Fentanyl Patient-controlled Analgesia for Pain Control in Uterine Artery Embolization for Symptomatic Fibroid Tumors or Adenomyosis: A Prospective, Randomized Study김만득, 김소연, 이종석, 장철호, 한동우Article
2013Increase in Airway Pressure Resulting From Prone Position Patient Placing May Predict Intraoperative Surgical Blood Loss이종석, 장철호, 한동우Article
2011Comparison between cerebral state index and bispectral index as measures of electroencephalographic effects of sevoflurane using combined sigmoidal E(max) model이종석, 한동우Article
2010Comparison of the laryngeal view during intubation using Airtraq and Macintosh laryngoscopes in patients with cervical spine immobilization and mouth opening limitation 이윤우, 이종석, 장철호Article
2010Tracheal intubation using the Airtraq: a comparison with the lightwand김지영, 박은영, 이종석Article
2010Propofol-remifentanil and the ankle clonus test in scoliosis patients이종석, 장철호, 한동우Article
2010Interrupted aortic arch diagnosed with loss of femoral pulse in a patient undergoing patent ductus arteriosus ligation -A case report-. 김지영, 이종석Article
2010The effect of a sequential compression device on hemodynamics in arthroscopic shoulder surgery using beach-chair position.김지영, 이종석Article
2009The effect of sequential compression device on hypotension in the sitting position during shoulder arthroscopy; a comparison with elastic stocking 김지영, 이종석Article
2009The effect of intrathecal fentanyl on Cerebral State Index-guided sedation during spinal anaesthesia김지영, 신증수, 이종석Article
2009Facial paralysis after spine surgery : A case report 나성원, 남상범, 이종석, 한동우Article
2008Effects of fentanyl pretreatment on the QTc interval during propofol induction권태동, 남상범, 신증수, 이종석, 장동진, 한동우Article
2008The duration of intrathecal bupivacaine mixed with lidocaine김원옥, 배선준, 신양식, 이기영, 이성진, 이종석Article
2008Effects of target concentration infusion of propofol and tracheal intubation on QTc interval권태동, 김도형, 남상범, 이종석, 한동우Article
2008The effect of bolus administration of remifentanil on QTc interval during induction of sevoflurane anaesthesia권태동, 남상범, 신증수, 이종석, 장철호, 한동우Article
2007Hypoglossal nerve injury following the use of the CobraPLATM남상범, 이윤우, 이종석, 장철호Article
2007Antiallodynic Effect of Pregabalin in Rat Models of Sympathetically Maintained and Sympathetic Independent Neuropathic Pain 권태동, 이윤우, 이종석, 한동우Article
2007Changes in Ionized and Total Magnesium Concentration During Spinal Surgery 남상범, 신증수, 이종석, 장철호, 한동우Article
2007A randomised, crossover comparison between the CobraPLA? and the LMA Classic™ in paralysed patients남상범, 이종석, 장철호, 한동우Article
2007Neutralized rocuronium (pH 7.4) before administration prevents injection pain in awake patients: a randomized prospective trial구본녀, 김기준, 신양식, 이종석, 최승호, 한동우Article
2007흰쥐의 포르말린 검사에서 척수강내로 혼합 투여한 NMDA 수용체 길항제와 5-HT3 수용체 작동제의 상호 작용 권태동, 이윤우, 이종석, 한동우Article
2007기관편향이 심한 환자에서 두부 위치 변경 후 발생한 기관내관의 폐쇄 나성원, 남상범, 이종석, 장철호, 한동우Article
2006기관협착 환자의 후두미세수술 시 연장된 기관내관을 이용한 기도관리 : 증례보고 나성원, 남상범, 이종석, 장철호, 한동우Article
2006The CobraPLA™ during anesthesia with controlled ventilation: A clinical trial of efficacy 남상범, 심연희, 유영철, 이윤우, 이종석, 한동우Article
2006Does the tibial and sural nerve transection model represent sympathetically independent pain? 권태동, 김기준, 이윤우, 이종석, 장철호, 한동우Article
2005심장이식을 받은 Marfan's Syndrome 환아의 비심장 수술을 위한 전신 마취 이기영, 이성진, 이종석Article
2005악 성형술 중 Epinephrine으로 인한 대사성 산증 김용범, 남상범, 심연희, 이종석Article
2005Sevoflurane 마취시 후두마스크를 이용하여 자발호흡을 유지할 수 있다남상범, 신양식, 신증수, 이종석, 장철호Article
2005Relationship between arterial and end-tidal carbon dioxide pressures during anesthesia using a laryngeal tube남상범, 신증수, 이윤우, 이종석, 장철호, 한동우Article
2005Submental Intubation with Reinforced Tube for Intubating Laryngeal Mask Airway 김기준, 김형준, 이종석, 한동우Article