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Lee, Kyung Hee [이경희]
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College of Nursing (간호대학) - Dept. of Nursing (간호학과)
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2024Optimal Systolic Blood Pressure for the Prevention of All-Cause and Cardiovascular Disease Mortality in Older Adults With Hypertension: Nationwide Population-Based Cohort Study JMIR PUBLIC HEALTH AND SURVEILLANCE
2024The relationship between caregivers' behaviors and resistant behaviors of persons living with dementia during personal care in long-term care facilities: A lag sequential analysisGERIATRIC NURSING
2024Effectiveness of a media literacy-based smoking prevention program in female adolescentsPUBLIC HEALTH NURSING
2024What Matters to Chinese and Korean American Dementia Caregivers: Navigating Cultural Influences in Dementia Care from Caregivers' PerspectivesJOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE
2024Internet use and difficulties in acquiring health resources among older adults with disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic: a population-based cross-sectional study BMC PUBLIC HEALTH
2024The Application of Theories in Research on Advance Care Planning (2010~2022): A Scoping Review Korean Journal of Adult Nursing(성인간호학회지)
2023The effects of special nursing units in nursing homes on healthcare utilization and cost: A case-control study using propensity score matchingINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NURSING STUDIES
2023The effectiveness of a transitional care program for frail older adults between hospital and home: A randomized controlled trialGERIATRIC NURSING
2023Perceived Work Environment, Educational Status, Staffing Levels, and Work Outcomes in Long-Term Care Settings During COVID-19JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN MEDICAL DIRECTORS ASSOCIATION
2023The development and evaluation of a self-efficacy enhancement program for older adults with mild cognitive impairmentAPPLIED NURSING RESEARCH
2023Care provider interaction and psychological well-being of persons living with dementia in long-term care: a longitudinal observational study BMC NURSING
2023Factors Associated With Airline Cabin Crews' Influenza Vaccination Intention in the Workplace-based SettingWORKPLACE HEALTH & SAFETY
2023Association between Visual Impairment and Nutritional Risk among Older Adults with Diabetes: A Population-Based Cross-Sectional StudyJOURNAL OF KOREAN ACADEMY OF NURSING
2023The effectiveness of non-pharmacological interventions using information and communication technologies for behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia: A systematic review and meta-analysis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NURSING STUDIES
2023Experiences of implementing person-centered care for individuals living with dementia among nursing staff within collaborative practices: A meta-synthesis INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF NURSING STUDIES
2022Factors Associated with Depression in Older Adults Living Alone during the COVID-19 Pandemic Journal of Korean Academy of Community Health Nursing
2022Factors associated with retention intention of Registered Nurses in Korean nursing homes INTERNATIONAL NURSING REVIEW
2022Effect of the PRECEDE-PROCEED model on health programs: a systematic review and meta-analysis SYSTEMATIC REVIEWS
2022Information and communication technology for physical activity in persons living with dementia: A systematic review with implications for evidence-based practiceTRAVEL MEDICINE AND INFECTIOUS DISEASE
2022간호이론 기반 입원 환자의 섬망 연구에 대한 체계적 문헌고찰 Global Health & Nursing(글로벌 건강과 간호)
2022Gender Difference in Health-Related Behaviors associated with Metabolic Status-Obesity Phenotypes among Korean Adults Korean Journal of Adult Nursing(성인간호학회지)
2022Person-Centered Care in Persons Living With Dementia: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis GERONTOLOGIST
2022The Moderating Effects of Disability on Mobile Internet Use Among Older Adults: Population-Based Cross-sectional Study JOURNAL OF MEDICAL INTERNET RESEARCH
2022Event-Specific Emotional Expression of Persons Living With Dementia in Long-term Care: A 6 Months Follow-up StudyCLINICAL NURSING RESEARCH
2022Does hospitalisation impact the successful ageing of community-dwelling older adults?: A propensity score matching analysis using the Korean national survey dataINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OLDER PEOPLE NURSING
2022Non-pharmacological interventions using information and communication technology for behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia: A systematic review and meta-analysis protocolJOURNAL OF ADVANCED NURSING
2021재가 치매노인을 돌보는 가족 돌봄제공자가 경험하는 안전사고와 대처 Journal of Korean Gerontological Nursing(노인간호학회지)
2021The association between occupational factors, depression, and health-related quality of life in military women in the Republic of Korea: a cross-sectional study HEALTH AND QUALITY OF LIFE OUTCOMES
2021Behaviors of care providers and resistiveness to oral care of persons living with dementiaGERIATRIC NURSING
2021Mealtime caregiving approaches and behavioral symptoms in persons living with dementia: a longitudinal, observational study BMC NURSING
2020사단 의무대의 재이용 의도에 영향을 미치는 요인Journal of Military Nursing Research (군진간호연구)
2020Relationship of the pre-operative comprehensive geriatric assessment to length of stay in Korean older adults undergoing spinal surgeryAGING CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL RESEARCH
2020상급종합병원 간호사의 노인에 대한 지식, 태도 및 노인간호수행도 Journal of Korean Gerontological Nursing (노인간호학회지)
2020Multilevel Effects of Community Capacity on Active Aging in Community-Dwelling Older Adults in South Korea ASIAN NURSING RESEARCH
2020Development of the Care Environment Scale-Long-Term CareCLINICAL NURSING RESEARCH
2020Gender differences in quality of life among community-dwelling older adults in low- and middle-income countries: results from the Study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE) BMC PUBLIC HEALTH
2019Interprofessional global health competencies of South Korean health professional students: educational needs and strategies BMC MEDICAL EDUCATION
2019Emotional Expression of Persons with Dementia: An Integrative Review with Implications for Evidence-Based PracticeWorldviews on Evidence-based Nursing
2019간호학과와 타 보건의료관련 학과 학생들의 전문직 간 학습 준비도 차이 Journal of Korean Academic Society of Nursing Education (한국간호교육학회지)
2019Factors Influencing Physical Activity in Adolescents with Complex Congenital Heart Disease Child Health Nursing Research
2018장기요양시설 요양보호사의 치매노인과의 감정표현을 중점으로 한 의사소통 경험 Journal of Korean Academy of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing (정신간호학회지)
2018A pilot-feasibility study of measuring emotional expression during oral careGERIATRIC NURSING
2018Improving Oral Hygiene for Veterans With Dementia in Residential Long-term CareJOURNAL OF NURSING CARE QUALITY
2018간호행정학회지 게재 논문의 이론 적용 분석 (2007~2016년 중심으로) Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing Administration (간호행정학회지)
2018Pre-admission functional decline in hospitalized persons with dementia: The influence of family caregiver factorsARCHIVES OF GERONTOLOGY AND GERIATRICS
2017노인간호학회지 게재 논문 분석을 통한 연구 동향 분석(2010~2015) Journal of Korean Gerontological Nursing (노인간호학회지)
2017Does Social Interaction Matter Psychological Well-Being in Persons With Dementia?AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ALZHEIMERS DISEASE AND OTHER DEMENTIAS
2017Is an Engaging or Soothing Environment Associated With the Psychological Well-Being of People With Dementia in Long-Term Care?JOURNAL OF NURSING SCHOLARSHIP
2006스트레스 수준과 흡연여부의 관련성 Journal of the Korean Academy of Family Medicine (가정의학회지)
2004건강신념모델을 이용한 청소년 흡연 행위 예측 Journal of Korean Public Health Nursing (한국보건간호학회지)