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이경희 [Lee, Kyung Hee]
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College of Nursing (간호대학) - Dept. of Nursing (간호학과)
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2020Gender differences in quality of life among community-dwelling older adults in low- and middle-income countries: results from the Study on global AGEing and adult health (SAGE) 이경희Article
2020Development of the Care Environment Scale-Long-Term Care이경희Article
2019Emotional Expression of Persons with Dementia: An Integrative Review with Implications for Evidence-Based Practice이경희, 이지연Article
2019Factors Influencing Physical Activity in Adolescents with Complex Congenital Heart Disease 이경희, 최은경Article
2019간호학과와 타 보건의료관련 학과 학생들의 전문직 간 학습 준비도 차이 김광숙, 김인숙, 김정희, 이경희, 이태화, 이현경, 조은희Article
2019Interprofessional global health competencies of South Korean health professional students: educational needs and strategies 김광숙, 김인숙, 김정희, 이경희, 이태화, 이현경, 조은희Article
2018Pre-admission functional decline in hospitalized persons with dementia: The influence of family caregiver factors이경희Article
2018Improving Oral Hygiene for Veterans With Dementia in Residential Long-term Care이경희Article
2018간호행정학회지 게재 논문의 이론 적용 분석 (2007~2016년 중심으로) 이경희Article
2018A pilot-feasibility study of measuring emotional expression during oral care이경희Article
2018장기요양시설 요양보호사의 치매노인과의 감정표현을 중점으로 한 의사소통 경험 이경희Article
2017Does Social Interaction Matter Psychological Well-Being in Persons With Dementia?이경희Article
2017노인간호학회지 게재 논문 분석을 통한 연구 동향 분석(2010~2015) 안지윤, 이경희, 차예린Article
2017Is an Engaging or Soothing Environment Associated With the Psychological Well-Being of People With Dementia in Long-Term Care?이경희Article
2016Mediation Effect of Oral Hygiene on the Relationship Between Cognitive Function and Oral Health in Older Adults이경희Article
2015Dental care utilization among older adults with cognitive impairment in the USA 이경희Article
2015Pain and psychological well-being among people with dementia in long-term care 이경희Article
2014Staffing and job satisfaction: nurses and nursing assistants이경희Article
2014Relationship between observable emotional expression and wandering behavior of people with dementia이경희Article
2013Nursing Teamwork and Unit Size이경희Article
2013Cognitive function and oral health-related quality of life in older adults 이경희Article
2013Missed nursing care, level of staffing, and job satisfaction: Lebanon versus the United States이경희Article
2013Variations of nursing teamwork by hospital, patient unit, and staff characteristics이경희Article
2013Patterns and correlates of missed nursing care in inpatient oncology units 이경희Article
2013Daytime observed emotional expressions of people with dementia 이경희Article
2012Missed nursing care, staffing, and patient falls이경희Article
2012Congruence of perceptions among nursing leaders and staff regarding missed nursing care and teamwork이경희Article
2012Missed nursing care: Magnet versus non-Magnet hospitals이경희Article
2011Do staffing levels predict missed nursing care?이경희Article
2011Nurse staffing levels and teamwork: a cross-sectional study of patient care units in acute care hospitals이경희Article
2006스트레스 수준과 흡연여부의 관련성 이경희, 이선미, 정우진Article
2004일지역 청소년을 위한, 흡연예방사업 효과 평가 배선형, 서구민, 이경희, 이정열Article
2004서울 일지역 청소년 흡연관련 요인 분석 배선형, 서구민, 서미혜, 이경희, 이정열, 조원정Article
2004건강신념모델을 이용한 청소년 흡연 행위 예측 이경희, 이정열Article
2003지역사회간호학의 문제중심학습(problem-based learning) 평가 김광숙, 김의숙, 이경희, 이정열Article