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김도희 [Kim, Do Hee]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Yonsei Biomedical Research Center (연세의생명연구원)
(Yonsei Health Research Network)

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2014Expression of metabolism-related proteins in triple-negative breast cancer. 구자승, 김도희, 정우희Article
2014Expression of sarcosine metabolism-related proteins according to metastatic site in breast cancer. 구자승, 김도희, 정우희, 차윤진Article
2014Autophagy and redox status in carcinoma of an unknown primary.구자승, 김도희, 정우희Article
2014The expression of succinate dehydrogenase in breast phyllodes tumor구자승, 김도희, 정우희Article
2014Implications of differences in expression of sarcosine metabolism-related proteins according to the molecular subtype of breast cancer. 구자승, 김도희Article
2014Expression levels of serine/glycine metabolism-related proteins in triple negative breast cancer tissues.구자승, 김도희, 노송미, 정우희Article
2014Expression of serine and glycine-related enzymes in phyllodes tumor.구자승, 김도희, 정우희Article
2014Molecular Classification of Metaplastic Carcinoma Using Surrogate Immunohistochemical Staining구자승, 김도희, 김혜민, 정우희Article
2013Clinicopathologic characteristics of STAT1 positive/interleukin-8 negative subgroup in triple negative breast cancer defined by surrogate immunohistochemistry구자승, 김도희, 정우희Article
2013Differential expression of immune-related markers in breast cancer by molecular phenotypes구자승, 김도희, 정우희Article
2013Succinate dehydrogenase expression in breast cancer 구자승, 김도희, 정우희Article
2012Gamma linolenic acid exerts anti-inflammatory and anti-fibrotic effects in diabetic nephropathy 강신욱, 강혜영, 곽승재, 김도희, 김좌경, 남보영, 박정탁, 유태현, 이순하, 한승혁Article
2012Identification of HnRNP-A2/B1 as a target antigen of anti-endothelial cell IgA antibody in Behçet's disease.강신욱, 김도희, 박용범, 방동식, 이광훈, 이주희, 정진룡, 조성빈Article
2011Local kallikrein-kinin system is involved in podocyte apoptosis under diabetic conditions강신욱, 강혜영, 곽승재, 김도희, 남보영, 박정탁, 유태현, 장태익, 정동섭, 팽지선, 한대석, 한승혁Article
2010Effects of an oral adsorbent on oxidative stress and fibronectin expression in experimental diabetic nephropathy 강신욱, 곽승재, 김도희, 김승혜, 남보영, 박정탁, 유태현, 이금희, 이순하, 장태익, 한대석, 한승혁Article