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College of Dentistry - Dept. of Oral Biology

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2014Requirement of Runx3 in pulmonary vasculogenesis권혁제, 여영부, 이종민, 정한성article
2013Expression Patterns of Ki-67, Cyclin A, and Cyclin D1 during Tooth Development 권혁제, 윤경식, 정한성article
2012MiR-200b is involved in Tgf-β signaling to regulate mammalian palate development.권혁제, 신정오, 이민정, 이종민, 정한성, 조경원, 조성원article
2012BMP4 signaling mediates Zeb family in developing mouse tooth.권혁제, 김은정, 나까가와에이죠, 신정오, 정한성, 조경원, 조성원article
2012Retinoic acid signaling and the initiation of mammary gland development.권혁제, 신정오, 이종민, 정한성, 조경원, 조성원article
2011Expression patterns of ABCG2, Bmi-1, Oct-3/4, and Yap in the developing mouse incisor권혁제, 정한성, 조성원article
2011Shh signaling is essential for rugae morphogenesis in mice.권혁제, 신정오, 이종민, 정한성, 조성원, 최병재article
2011An Immune-compromised Method for Tooth Transplantation Using Adult Bone Marrow Stromal Cells and Embryonic Tooth Germ 권혁제, 김은정, 박지희, 이민정, 정한성, 조성원article
2011Retinoic acid modulates chondrogenesis in the developing mouse cranial base권혁제, 신정오, 이민정, 이종민, 정한성, 조경원, 조성원article
2011The Role of Microtubule in the Regulation of Endochondral Bone Formation in the Developing Mouse Cranial Base 권혁제, 신정오, 이민정, 이종민, 정한성, 조경원, 조성원article
2010Lung tissue regeneration after induced injury in Runx3 KO mice권혁제, 이종민, 정한성article
2010Effects of hyaluronan on carrageenan-induced synovitis in rat TMJ 권혁제, 이민정, 정한성, 조성원article
2010Down-regulated genes in mouse dental papillae and pulp권혁제, 정한성article
2008Comparative analysis of ABCG2-expressing and label-retaining cells in mouse submandibular gland권혁제, 김연정, 정한성, 조성원article