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Expression Patterns of Ki-67, Cyclin A, and Cyclin D1 during Tooth Development

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 치아발생 과정 중에 Ki-67, 싸이클린 A, 싸이클린 D1의 발현양상 
 Hyuk-Jae Kwon  ;  Kyung-Sik Yoon  ;  Han-Sung Jung 
 Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology (대한체질인류학회지), Vol.26(1) : 41-49, 2013 
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 Korean Journal of Physical Anthropology (대한체질인류학회지) 
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Cell cycle ; Ki-67 ; Cyclin A ; Cyclin D1 ; Tooth development
Dental epithelial and mesenchymal cells that form the teeth undergo dynamic changes in cell cycle during tooth development and morphogenesis. Although proliferation has been known as a key event during odontogenesis, the cell cycle phases and their relations with the complicated molecular mechanisms of tooth development are not fully understood yet. This study comparatively examined the expression patterns of Ki-67, cyclin A, and cyclin D1 during tooth development in the mouse incisor and molar in order to identify the cell-cycle characteristics during odontogenesis. We found that Ki-67 and cyclin A were expressed in the proliferating cells in the dental epithelial and mesenchymal tissues at the bud, cap and bell stages. Cycln D1 showed distinct expression in the incisor odontoblast region and the enamel knot, in which Ki-67 nor cyclin A was expressed. Our results provide specific information on the cell cycle phases during tooth development that may provide clues to relate them with the complex odontogenic mechanisms. Furthermore, we suggest that our findings enlightened the previous studies on the incisor odontoblasts and the enamel knot during tooth development.
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Kwon, Hyuk Jae(권혁제)
Yoon, Kyung Sik(윤경식)
Jung, Han Sung(정한성) ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0003-2795-531X
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