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Phase II trial of preoperative sequential chemotherapy followed by chemoradiotherapy for high-risk gastric cancer

 Hyo Song Kim  ;  Woong Sub Koom  ;  Song-Ee Baek  ;  Hyoung-Il Kim  ;  Minkyu Jung  ;  Seung-Hoon Beom  ;  Beodeul Kang  ;  Hyunki Kim  ;  Jee Suk Chang  ;  Yoon Young Choi  ;  Taeil Son  ;  Jae-Ho Cheong  ;  Sung Hoon Noh  ;  Eun Hye Kim  ;  Jun Chul Park  ;  Sung Kwan Shin  ;  Sang Kil Lee  ;  Yong Chan Lee  ;  Su-Jin Shin  ;  Hyunsoo Chung  ;  Inkyung Jung  ;  Hyun Cheol Chung  ;  Joon Seok Lim  ;  Woo Jin Hyung  ;  Sun Young Rha 
 RADIOTHERAPY AND ONCOLOGY, Vol.140 : 143-149, 2019 
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Gastric cancer ; Preoperative chemoradiotherapy ; Preoperative chemotherapy
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: To evaluate the safety and efficacy of preoperative chemotherapy (CTx) followed by chemoradiotherapy (CCRT) for high-risk gastric cancer (GC).

METHODS AND MATERIALS: The inclusion criteria were as follows: (1) Borrmann type 4; (2) large Borrmann type 3 (≥8 cm); (3) single bulky (≥3 cm × 1) or multiple lymph nodes (≥1.5 cm × 3). Patients received two 21-day courses of induction CTx of TS-1 (35 mg/m2, p.o, twice daily on days 1-14), docetaxel (30 mg/m2, i.v., days 1 and 8), and cisplatin (30 mg/m2, i.v., days 1 and 8) followed by CCRT (two courses of TS-1 and cisplatin in combination with 45 Gy radiation).

RESULTS: Forty-two patients were enrolled between March 2014 and February 2016, and 39 of these completed sequential CTx and CCRT. Among the 33 patients who underwent R0 resection, the pathologic response rate was 39.4% [no residual carcinoma (n = 5, 15.2%), with 1-10% residual carcinoma (n = 8, 24.2%)]. Overall, 4 patients (12.1%) were pathologic stage 0, 7 (21.2%) were stage I, 10 (30.3%) were stage II, and 12 (36.4%) were stage III. The overall survival rate at 3 years was 77.9% for stages 0 and I, 66.8% for stages II-III, and 33.3% for unresectable cases (P = 0.001). Toxicity was mild to moderate with grade 4 neutropenia (n = 1) and neutropenic fever (n = 1) as the most prominent side-effects.

CONCLUSIONS: Sequential CTx and CCRT prior to surgery are feasible and effective for high-risk GC.

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