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2023CT Evaluation of Long-Term Changes in Common Bile Duct Diameter after Cholecystectomy Journal of the Korean Society of Radiology(대한영상의학회지)
2023Predictive scoring of high-grade histology among early-stage lung cancer patients: The MOSS score THORACIC CANCER
2023Durvalumab plus pazopanib combination in patients with advanced soft tissue sarcomas: a phase II trial NATURE COMMUNICATIONS
2023Background free in vivo29 Si MR imaging with hyperpolarized PEGylated silicon nanoparticlesANALYST
2023Saponins Derived from the Korean Endemic Plant Heloniopsis koreana Inhibit Diffuse-type Gastric Cancer Cells ACS OMEGA
2023Artificial intelligence-based pathology as a biomarker of sensitivity to atezolizumab-bevacizumab in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma: a multicentre retrospective studyLANCET ONCOLOGY
2023Magnetic Resonance Elastography for Clinicians and Researchers Unfamiliar With the Field Investigative Magnetic Resonance Imaging
2023Advance of Thrombolysis and Thrombectomy in Acute Ischemic Stroke JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE
2023Postchemoradiation magnetic resonance imaging circumferential resection margin predicts treatment failure after multidisciplinary directed sphincter preservation in low rectal cancerJOURNAL OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY
2023Effect of multimodal diagnostic approach using deep learning-based automated detection algorithm for active pulmonary tuberculosis SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Transarterial chemoembolization for hepatocellular carcinoma: 2023 Expert consensus-based practical recommendations of the Korean Liver Cancer Association CLINICAL AND MOLECULAR HEPATOLOGY
2023Characteristics of perivascular space dilatation in normal aging HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING
202319F-FDG PET/CT Parameters Enhance MRI Radiomics for Predicting Human Papilloma Virus Status in Oropharyngeal Squamous Cell Carcinoma YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
2023Natural language processing to predict isocitrate dehydrogenase genotype in diffuse glioma using MR radiology reportsEUROPEAN RADIOLOGY
2023Intelligent noninvasive meningioma grading with a fully automatic segmentation using interpretable multiparametric deep learningEUROPEAN RADIOLOGY
2023Clinical molecular subtyping reveals intrinsic mesenchymal reprogramming in gastric cancer cells EXPERIMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MEDICINE
2023Body composition assessment using bioelectrical impedance analysis and computed tomography in patients who underwent pancreatoduodenectomy in Korea: a before and after study Annals of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism
2023Transarterial Chemoembolization for Hepatocellular Carcinoma: 2023 Expert Consensus-Based Practical Recommendations of the Korean Liver Cancer Association KOREAN JOURNAL OF RADIOLOGY
2023Data-driven electrical conductivity brain imaging using 3 T MRI HUMAN BRAIN MAPPING
2023Basilar tip morphology: impact on mechanical thrombectomy for acute distal basilar artery occlusionJOURNAL OF NEUROINTERVENTIONAL SURGERY

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