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2021Effects of Driving Frequency and Voltage on the Performances of Vibrating Mesh Nebulizers APPLIED SCIENCES-BASEL
2021(-)-Gallocatechin gallate from green tea rescues cognitive impairment through restoring hippocampal silent synapses in post-menopausal depression SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2021PET/CT for Brain Amyloid: A Feasibility Study for Scan Time Reduction by Deep LearningCLINICAL NUCLEAR MEDICINE
2021Cell-Membrane-Derived Nanoparticles with Notch-1 Suppressor Delivery Promote Hypoxic Cell-Cell Packing and Inhibit Angiogenesis Acting as a Two-Edged SwordADVANCED MATERIALS
1995Optimal electrode configuration in impedance cardiography by a 3-D finite element modelElsevier Studies in Applied Electromagnetics in Materials
1995인덕턴스 호흡감시 시스템의 개발 Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research(의공학회지)
1995각종 전자파에 의한 인체의 노출: 역학조사를 위한 전자파 측정 Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research(의공학회지)
1992로보스트 필터를 이용한 EEG신호의 스펙트럼 추정 Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research(의공학회지)
1995Use of a 64 channel Computerized Cardiac Mapping System in Arrhythmia Surgery YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
1996원격영상 정보 시스템의 개발 Journal of Korean Society of Medical Informatics(대한의료정보학회지)
1995뇌파신호 측정을 위한 고정밀 전치 증폭기의 설계 Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research(의공학회지)
1995Design in Emergency Tcleradiology System based on Pronessive Transmission YONSEI MEDICAL JOURNAL
1995공중 전화망을 이용한 Emergency Teleradiology 시스템의 구성 Journal of the Korean Society of Picture Archiving and Communications System(대한PACS학회지)
199564채널 심장전기도 시스템 구현에 관한 연구 Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research(의공학회지)
1995Microprocessor를 이용한 Patient Monitor 개발(II) Journal of Biomedical Engineering Research(의공학회지)
2021Segmentation of white matter hyperintensities on 18 F-FDG PET/CT images with a generative adversarial networkEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE AND MOLECULAR IMAGING
2021Serum glucose excretion after Roux-en-Y gastric bypass: a potential target for diabetes treatmentGUT
2021Postganglionic Sudomotor Dysfunction and Brain Glucose Hypometabolism in Patients with Multiple System AtrophyJOURNAL OF PARKINSONS DISEASE
2021Anti-atherosclerotic vaccination against Porphyromonas gingivalis as a potential comparator of statin in mice PEERJ

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