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Hong, Yong Woo [홍용우]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Anesthesiology and Pain Medicine (마취통증의학교실)

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2009Pressure-controlled versus volume-controlled ventilation during one-lung ventilation in the prone position for robot-assisted esophagectomySURGICAL ENDOSCOPY AND OTHER INTERVENTIONAL TECHNIQUES
2008Pregabalin and gabapentin inhibit substance P-induced NF-kappaB activation in neuroblastoma and glioma cellsJOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY
2007승모판막폐쇄부전 환자에서 판막성형술과 판막대치술이 수술 후 혈역학과 단기 예후에 미치는 영향 비교 Korean Journal of Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery (대한흉부외과학회지)
2007Weaning Approach with Weaning Index for Postoperative Patients with Mechanical Ventilator Support in the ICU KOREAN JOURNAL OF ANESTHESIOLOGY
2007수술 로봇을 이용한 심방중격결손 수술의 마취 KOREAN JOURNAL OF ANESTHESIOLOGY
2007Effects of head-down tilt on intrapulmonary shunt fraction and oxygenation during one-lung ventilation in the lateral decubitus positionJOURNAL OF THORACIC AND CARDIOVASCULAR SURGERY
2006Topical lidocaine effectively reduced the increase of systolic blood pressure after side-clamping of the aorta in off-pump cardiac surgeryACTA ANAESTHESIOLOGICA SCANDINAVICA
2006The Effect of Milrinone on the Right Ventriclular Function in Patients with Reduced Right Ventricular Function Undergoing Off-pump Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE
2006우심실기능평가에 있어서 경식도심초음파와 열희석법의 비교 KOREAN JOURNAL OF ANESTHESIOLOGY
2006Transcriptional regulation of artemin is related to neurite outgrowth and actin polymerization in mature DRG neuronsNEUROSCIENCE LETTERS
2006Effect of oral sildenafil citrate on intraoperative hemodynamics in patients with pulmonary hypertension undergoing valvular heart surgeryJOURNAL OF THORACIC AND CARDIOVASCULAR SURGERY
2006Cardiac Arrest by Venous Air Embolism During Hepatic Resection Using the Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator®ANESTHESIA AND ANALGESIA
2006Effects of milrinone on blood flow of the Y-graft composed with the radial and the internal thoracic artery in patients with coronary artery diseaseEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CARDIO-THORACIC SURGERY
2006The effect of skin surface warming during anesthesia preparation on preventing redistribution hypothermia in the early operative period of off-pump coronary artery bypass surgeryEUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CARDIO-THORACIC SURGERY
2005체외순환 없는 관상동맥우회술 시 우관상동맥의 협착 정도가 우심실박출분율에 미치는 영향 KOREAN JOURNAL OF ANESTHESIOLOGY
2005The Haemodynamic Effects of Propranolol and Atenolol Medication on Dobutamine Infusion in Patients with Coronary Artery Obstructive DiseaseJOURNAL OF INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL RESEARCH
2005체외순환 없는 관상동맥우회술을 시행 받는 환자에서 술 전 aspirin이 혈전탄성묘사도 및 술 후 출혈에 미치는 영향 KOREAN JOURNAL OF ANESTHESIOLOGY
2005Hepatic resection by the Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical AspiratorⓇ increases the incidence and severity of venous air embolismANESTHESIA AND ANALGESIA
2005Changes in jugular bulb oxygen saturation during off-pump coronary artery bypass graft surgeryACTA ANAESTHESIOLOGICA SCANDINAVICA
2004Cavitron Ultrasonic Surgical Aspirator®로 간 절제 시 경식도초음파를 이용한 공기색전증의 발생 빈도와 정도 KOREAN JOURNAL OF ANESTHESIOLOGY
2004관상동맥우회로술 환자의 기관 내 삽관 시 컴퓨터를 이용한 fentanyl의 적절한 목표농도 KOREAN JOURNAL OF ANESTHESIOLOGY
2003활성 산소가 Adenosine Triphosphate에 의한 조골 세포내 Ca2+ 활성도 변화에 미치는 영향 Journal of Korean Society of Anesthesiologist (대한마취과학회지)
2003관상동맥질환 및 심장판막질환에서 O2-Midazolam-Fentanyl 마취유도 시 Vecuronium, Pancuronium, 그리고 Rocuronium의 혈역학적 효과 Journal of Korean Society of Anesthesiologist (대한마취과학회지)
2003심장폐우회로 없이 시행하는 관상동맥우회술에서 혈관문합 시 우심실 기능의 변화 Journal of Korean Society of Anesthesiologist (대한마취과학회지)
2003폐동맥고혈압이 있는 판막 심장병 환자에서 Milrinone은 혈역학적 변수에 어떤 영향을 미치는가? Journal of Korean Society of Anesthesiologist (대한마취과학회지)
2003심혈관 질환이 없는 두 연령대의 성인에서 Esmolol이 대퇴, 요골동맥압 및 두 동맥압의 맥압에 미치는 영향 비교 Journal of Korean Society of Anesthesiologist (대한마취과학회지)
1997폐동맥 고혈압을 동반한 심방실 중격 결손증과 승모판막증환자에서의 수술 전후 폐혈역학적 비교 Journal of Korean Society of Anesthesiologist (대한마취과학회지)
1996대동맥판협착 환자에서 중심정맥압과 폐모세혈관쐐기압의 관계 Journal of Korean Society of Anesthesiologist(대한마취과학회지)