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정영철 [Jung, Young Chul]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Psychiatry
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2019Lipidomic profiles disturbed by the internet gaming disorder in young Korean males정영철Article
2019Korean Youth with Comorbid Allergic Disease and Obesity Show Heightened Psychological Distress김경원, 김민정, 김수연, 김윤희, 김종덕, 설인숙, 손명현, 정영철, 최선하Article
2018Abnormal gray matter volume and impulsivity in young adults with Internet gaming disorder남궁기, 정영철Article
2018Characteristics of Autonomic Activity and Reactivity During Rest and Emotional Processing and Their Clinical Correlations in Somatic Symptom Disorder강지인, 김세주, 정영철, 천주아Article
2018Predictors of Suicide Attempts in Individuals with Eating Disorders.안재은, 정영철Article
2018Altered Heart Rate Variability During Gameplay in Internet Gaming Disorder: The Impact of Situations During the Game 남궁기, 정영철Article
2018Subregions of the anterior cingulate cortex form distinct functional connectivity patterns in young males with internet gaming disorder with comorbid depression 남궁기, 정영철Article
2018Preliminary evidence of altered gray matter volume in subjects with internet gaming disorder: associations with history of childhood attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder symptoms남궁기, 정영철Article
2018Altered Heart Rate Variability During Gaming in Internet Gaming Disorder남궁기, 이덕종, 정영철Article
2018Gray matter differences in the anterior cingulate and orbitofrontal cortex of young adults with Internet gaming disorder: Surface-based morphometry 남궁기, 정영철Article
2017Onset of dieting in childhood and adolescence: implications for personality, psychopathology, eating attitudes and behaviors of women with eating disorder정영철Article
2017Altered functional connectivity in default mode network in Internet gaming disorder: Influence of childhood ADHD이덕종, 이정은, 정영철Article
2017Exploratory metabolomics of biomarker identification for the internet gaming disorder in young Korean males이덕종, 정영철Article
2017Impaired prefrontal cognitive control over interference by food images in binge-eating disorder and bulimia nervosa남궁기, 이정은, 정영철Article
2017Association between childhood and adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder symptoms in Korean young adults with Internet addiction 김동일, 남궁기, 이덕종, 정영철Article
2016Impaired anterior insular activation during risky decision making in young adults with internet gaming disorder.남궁기, 이덕종, 정영철Article
2015Compromised Prefrontal Cognitive Control Over Emotional Interference in Adolescents with Internet Gaming Disorder정영철Article
2015Chewing and spitting out food as a compensatory behavior in patients with eating disorders정영철Article
2015Altered resting-state functional connectivity in women with chronic fatigue syndrome김재진, 남궁기, 정영철Article
2015The Resting Brain of Alcoholics.정영철Article
2014Antipsychotic polypharmacy and high-dose prescription in schizophrenia: a 5-year comparison김찬형, 노대영, 안석균, 정영철, 조현상Article
2014Resting-state synchrony between anterior cingulate cortex and precuneus relates to body shape concern in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa김경란, 남궁기, 이서정, 정영철Article
2014Compromised frontocerebellar circuitry contributes to nonplanning impulsivity in recovering alcoholics.남궁기, 정영철Article
2014Abnormal Neural Processing during Emotional Salience atrtibution of affective asymmetry in patients with schizophrenia 김재진, 박해정, 석정호, 정영철Article
2014Synchrony of anterior cingulate cortex and insular-striatal activation predicts ambiguity aversion in individuals with low impulsivity.남궁기, 정영철Article
2013Illumination influences working memory: An EEG study김어수, 박진영, 정영철Article
2013Disruption of Orbitofronto-Striatal Functional Connectivity Underlies Maladaptive Persistent Behaviors in Alcohol-Dependent Patients 남궁기, 이서정, 이은, 정영철Article
2013Neural evidence for emotional involvement in pathological alcohol craving 김경란, 남궁기, 안석균, 이은, 정영철Article
2013Bright illumination reduces parietal EEG alpha activity during a sustained attention task 김어수, 박진영, 정영철Article
2013Midbrain-Driven Emotion and Reward Processing in Alcoholism정영철Article
2013Effects of Color Temperature and Brightness on Electroencephalogram Alpha Activity in a Polychromatic Light-emitting Diode. 김어수, 박진영, 유빈, 정영철, 하라연Article
2012Functional and effective connectivity of anterior insula in anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa김경란, 정영철Article
2012Neural network functional connectivity during and after an episode of delirium김재진, 박경민, 정영철, 정태섭, 최수희Article
2012Neuroimaging of Wernicke's encephalopathy and Korsakoff's syndrome정영철Article
2012Validation of the Korean version of the eating disorder inventory-2: psychometric properties and cross-cultural comparision 김경란, 정영철Article
2011Screening and Treating Wernicke's Encephalopathy among Alcoholic Patients in a University Hospital김어수, 남궁기, 이서정, 정영철, 하라연Article
2010Human orbitofrontal-striatum functional connectivity modulates behavioral persistence김재진, 남궁기, 정영철Article
2010가상현실기법을 활용한 대처기술훈련의 적용가능성에 관한 연구 -알코올 사용장애 환자를 대상으로-김재진, 정영철Article
2010Sleep disturbance in women with eating disorder: prevalence and clinical characteristics김경란, 남궁기, 정영철Article
2010Restoration of mammillothalamic functional connectivity through thiamine replacement therapy in Wernicke's encephalopathy김어수, 김재진, 남궁기, 송동호, 정영철Article
2009Reduced activation in the mirror neuron system during a virtual social cognition task in euthymic bipolar disorder김어수, 김재진, 정영철, 조현상Article
2009Distinct affective processing of emotionally stimulating written words and pictures in patients with alcohol dependence김재진, 남궁기, 정영철Article
2009한국 여성 섭식장애 환자에서 알코올 사용 장애의 공동이환율남궁기, 정영철Article
2009Evaluative processing of ambivalent stimuli in patients with schizophrenia and depression: a [15O] H2O PET study김재진, 박해정, 석정호, 이종두, 정영철Article
2009Mammillothalamic functional connectivity and memory function in Wernicke's encephalopathy 김어수, 김재진, 남궁기, 이강수, 이수영, 정영철Article
2009Medial prefrontal default-mode hypoactivity affecting trait physical anhedonia in schizophrenia김재진, 박일호, 박해정, 이종두, 정영철Article
2008Reciprocal activation of the orbitofrontal cortex and the ventrolateral prefrontal cortex in processing ambivalent stimuli김재진, 박해정, 이종두, 정영철Article
2008Brain mechanisms involved in processing unreal perceptions김재진, 정영철Article
2008Development and verification of an alcohol craving-induction tool using virtual reality: craving characteristics in social pressure situation김재진, 남궁기, 정영철Article
2008Social Pressure-Induced Craving in Patients with Alcohol Dependence: Application of Virtual Reality to Coping Skill Training 김재진, 남궁기, 정영철Article