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2013Eccrine Poroma Clinically Mimicking Ingrowing Toenail Complicated with Granulation Tissue 김산, 박창욱, 이광훈, 이나라, 정기양Article
2013Comparison of negative pressure wound therapy and secondary intention healing after excision of acral lentiginous melanoma on the foot오병호, 이훈범, 정기양Article
2013Effect of Subdermal 1,444-nm Pulsed Neodymium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser on the Nasolabial Folds and Cheek Laxity노미령, 정기양, 지현정Article
2013The Subcutaneous Inverted Cross Mattress Stitch (SICM Stitch) in Our Experience김종훈, 노미령, 정기양Article
2013Salicylic Acid Peels Versus Jessner’s Solution for Acne Vulgaris: A Comparative Study박창욱, 이광훈, 이윤선, 이주희, 정기양Article
2013Difference of interferon-α and interferon-β on melanoma growth and lymph node metastasis in mice노미령, 라선영, 정기양, 정희철Article
2013Mohs micrographic surgery for extramammary Paget disease: A pooled analysis of individual patient data김희수, 노미령, 배정민, 오병호, 정기양, 최윤영Article
2013Negative-Pressure Therapy for Pre-and Post-grafting after Wide Extirpation Excision of Melanoma of the Toe김종훈, 노미령, 이훈범, 정기양Article
2013The Efficacy and Safety of Succinylated Atelocollagen and Adenosine for the Treatment of Periorbital Wrinkles 서활, 오상호, 이주희, 정기양Article
2013Subungual Glomus Tumors: Surgical Approach and Outcome Based on Tumor Location노미령, 정기양Article
2013Efficacy of allergen-specific immunotherapy for atopic dermatitis: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials박창욱, 배정민, 이광훈, 정기양, 최윤영Article
2013Application of Keystone Island Flap in Three Cases of Large Skin Defects노미령, 오병호, 정기양Article
2012모즈 미세도식수술로 치료한 손톱 밑 편평세포암 4예 노미령, 정기양Article
2012Clinical characteristics and risk of melanoma development from giant congenital melanocytic naevi in Korea: a nationwide retrospective study.노미령, 정기양Article
2012Risk of second cancers after the diagnosis of non-melanoma skin cancer in Korean patients노미령, 정기양Article
2012Differential expression patterns of MMPs and their role in the invasion of epithelial premalignant tumors and invasive cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma.노미령, 라선영, 정기양, 정희철Article
2012A Case Report of Multiple Eccrine Hydrocystomas Successfully Treated with Subdermal 1,444-nm Micropulsed Neodymium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser정기양Article
2011The effect of succinylated atelocollagen and ablative fractional resurfacing laser on striae distensae나동균, 노미령, 서활, 신정우, 정기양Article
2011Treatment of periorbital wrinkles with 1550- and 1565-nm Er:glass fractional photothermolysis lasers: a simultaneous split-face trial.신정우, 이광훈, 정기양, 조성빈Article
2011Collision of two rare adnexal tumors with folliculosebaceous differentiation노미령, 노효진, 정기양Article
2011Enlarged pores treated with a combination of Q-switched and micropulsed 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser with and without topical carbon suspension: A simultaneous split-face trial. 노미령, 정기양Article
2011Early postoperative treatment of thyroidectomy scars using a fractional carbon dioxide las남기현, 노효진, 이원재, 이주희, 정기양, 정웅윤, 정종주Article
2011Wells' syndrome associated with churg-strauss syndrome 노미령, 정기양Article
2011A multicenter study on extramammary Paget's disease in Korea이민걸, 정기양Article
2011Comparison of secondary intention healing and full-thickness skin graft after excision of acral lentiginous melanoma on foot남경애, 정기양Article
2011Treatment of enlarged pores with the quasi long-pulsed versus q-switched 1064 nm Nd:Yag lasers: A split-face, comparative, controlled study 노미령, 정기양Article
2010표재성 선단 섬유점액종 1예 노미령, 신정우, 정기양Article
2010A subcutaneous nodule without surface changes on the upper arm. Subcutaneous dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans (DFSP).오상호, 정기양Article
2010The involvement of FANCM, FANCI, and checkpoint proteins in the interstrand DNA crosslink repair pathway is conserved in C. elegans.정기양Article
2010Kasabach-merritt syndrome arising from tufted angioma successfully treated with systemic corticosteroid 노미령, 정기양Article
2010The antimicrobial peptide human cationic antimicrobial protein-18/cathelicidin LL-37 as a putative growth factor for malignant melanoma정기양Article
2010Treatment and outcomes of melanoma in acral location in Korean patients 노미령, 정기양Article
2010Mohs' micrographic surgery for dermatofibrosarcoma protuber노미령, 정기양Article
2010Recovery of scleroderma-induced atrophic alopecia by autologous fat transplantation노미령, 정기양, 조성빈Article
2009Comparison of Mohs micrographic surgery and wide excision for extramammary Paget's Disease: Korean experience.노미령, 정기양, 정우길Article
2009Ultrasonographic assessment of piezogenic pedal papules정기양, 조성빈Article
2009Intramuscular human immunoglobulin therapy for multiple warts: retrospective review of 10 patients이주희, 정기양, 조성빈Article
2009Surgery and perioperative intralesional corticosteroid injection for treating earlobe keloids: a korean experience 노미령, 정기양Article
2009Painful red plaques at injection sites김동현, 정기양, 정혜진Article
2009콜라겐 이중막으로 치료한 당뇨성 족부 궤양 노미령, 서활, 신정우, 정기양Article
2009소아에서 발생한 건초 거대 세포종양 1예 서활, 신정우, 정기양Article
2009Effects of various parameters of the 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser for the treatment of enlarged facial pores정기양, 정혜진Article
2009Treatment of infraorbital dark circles by autologous fat transplantation: a pilot study노미령, 정기양Article
2009Infraorbital dark circles: definition, causes, and treatment options노미령, 정기양Article
2008주사로 오인한 전구 B세포 림프모구성 림프종 1예 정기양Article
2008성인에서 발생한 유아기 섬유성 과오종 1예 신정우, 정기양, 정혜진Article
2008피부에 발생한 원발성 변연부 B-세포 림프종 2예 정기양Article
2008Silicone net bolster dressing for skin grafts노미령, 신정우, 정기양Article
2008Xeroderma pigmentosum-variant patients from America, Europe, and Asia 정기양, 정혜진Article
2008Collagen fibril formation. A new target to limit fibrosis. 정기양Article