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Yun, In Sik [윤인식]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (성형외과학교실)
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2013Improved Scar Appearance With Combined Use of Silicone Gel and Vitamin C for Asian Patients: A Comparative Case SeriesAESTHETIC PLASTIC SURGERY
2013Reconstruction of various perinasal defects using facial artery perforator-based nasolabial island flaps Archives of Plastic Surgery
2013측두근 피판(Temporalis muscle flap)을 이용한 뇌척수액측두근 피판(Temporalis muscle flap)을 이용한 뇌척수액 Journal of Korean Skull Base Society (대한두개저외과학회지)
2012Lower Extremity Reconstruction Using Vastus Lateralis Myocutaneous Flap versus Anterolateral Thigh Fasciocutaneous Flap Archives of Plastic Surgery
2012안면이식에 대한 최근 동향: 한국에서의 안면이식은 어떤 단계에 있는가? Archives of Craniofacial Surgery
2012Effect of human adipose derived stem cells on scar formation and remodeling in a pig model: a pilot study.DERMATOLOGIC SURGERY
2012Osteoconductivity of porous polyethylene in human skullJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2012Dovetail scar revision.DERMATOLOGIC SURGERY
2011Augmentation of rat skin flap viability by relaxin-expressing adenovirusWOUND REPAIR AND REGENERATION
2011Transport disc distraction osteogenesis for the reconstruction of a calvarial defectJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2011Outcome of early rigid fixation and removal of rigid external distraction system after distraction osteogenesis of the midfaceJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2011Classification of the female hairline and refined hairline correction techniques for Asian womenDERMATOLOGIC SURGERY
2011Three-dimensional computed tomographic analysis of frontal sinus in AsiansJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2011발뒤꿈치의 재건 시에 사용할 수 있는 다양한 피판술 Journal of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (대한성형외과학회지)
2011상.하둔동맥 천공지피판을 이용한 대전자부 욕창의 치료 Journal of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (대한성형외과학회지)
2010Perineal reconstruction using a bilobed pudendal artery perforator flapGYNECOLOGIC ONCOLOGY
2010First percutaneous reduction and next external suspension with Steinmann pin and Kirschner wire of isolated zygomatic fracturesJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2010Skin color analysis using a spectrophotometer in AsiansSKIN RESEARCH AND TECHNOLOGY
2010Vomopalatoplasty: a novel procedure to reduce velopharyngeal distance in cleft palate repair.JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2010Correlation of neotongue volume changes with functional outcomes after long-term follow-up of total glossectomy.JOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2010Effectiveness of the trapezius vein in the reconstruction of intraoral defects with bare neckJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2010Versatility of three-dimensional total alar cartilage dissection in aesthetic rhinoplastyJOURNAL OF CRANIOFACIAL SURGERY
2009천공지 기저 국소피판을 이용한 회음부 결손의 재건Journal of the Korean Society of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (대한성형외과학회지)
20093차원 컴퓨터단층촬영 영상을 이용한 전두동 발달의 연구Journal of the Korean Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association (대한두개안면성형외과학회지)