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Kim, Hogeun [김호근]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Pathology (병리학교실)
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2006Long-term Survival after Surgical Resection for Liver Metastasis from Gastric Cancer: Two Case Reports CANCER RESEARCH AND TREATMENT
2006임신과 동반된 난소 섬유육종 1예 Korean Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology (대한산부인과학회지)
2006Oncologic Outcomes After Neoadjuvant Chemoradiation Followed by Curative Resection With Tumor-Specific Mesorectal Excision for Fixed Locally Advanced Rectal Cancer: Impact of Postirradiated Pathologic Downstaging on Local Recurrence and SurvivalANNALS OF SURGERY
2006신장이식 환자에서 발생한 소장의 출혈을 동반한 림프관종 JOURNAL OF THE KOREAN SURGICAL SOCIETY
2006Suppression of human selenium-binding protein 1 is a late event in colorectal carcinogenesis and is associated with poor survivalPROTEOMICS
2006Accumulation of β-catenin protein, mutations in exon-3 of the β-catenin gene and a loss of heterozygosity of 5q22 in solid pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreasJOURNAL OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY
2006Relaxin expression from tumor-targeting adenoviruses and its intratumoral spread, apoptosis induction, and efficacy JNCI-JOURNAL OF THE NATIONAL CANCER INSTITUTE
2006Enhanced Antitumor Effect of Oncolytic Adenovirus Expressing Interleukin-12 and B7-1 in an Immunocompetent Murine Model CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH
2006Markedly Enhanced Cytolysis by E1B-19kD-Deleted Oncolytic Adenovirus in Combination with CisplatinHUMAN GENE THERAPY
2006Concurrent delivery of GM-CSF and B7-1 using an oncolytic adenovirus elicits potent antitumor effectGENE THERAPY
2006RASSF1A hypermethylation and its inverse correlation with BRAF and/or KRAS mutations in MSI-associated endometrial carcinomaINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CANCER
2006Solid pseudopapillary tumor of the pancreas suggesting malignant potentialPANCREAS
2006점액세포가 관찰되는 침샘 관암종-세침흡인 세포검사에서 점액표피모양암종으로 오인했던 1예 보고- Korean Journal of Cytopathology (대한세포병리학회지)
2006Differentially expressed proteins in gastrointestinal stromal tumors with KIT and PDGFRA mutationsPROTEOMICS
2005대장암 수술 후 추적 대장내시경검사에서 발견된 무증상 장관 포상 기종 1예 Korean Journal of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (대한소화기내시경학회지)
2005복강경으로 성공적으로 절제한 후복막 점액성 낭선종 1예 Korean Journal of Medicine (대한내과학회지)
2005바렛 식도에서 발생한 식도 선암의 내시경 점막 절제술 1예 Korean Journal of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (대한소화기내시경학회지)
2005연령 및 성별에 따른 근위부 대장 선종의 빈도 Korean Journal of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (대한소화기내시경학회지)
2005Tuberculous mesenteric lymphadenitis involving the gastric wall: Case reportGASTROINTESTINAL ENDOSCOPY
2005위암 병리보고서 기재사항 표준화 KOREAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
2005Analysis of Apoptosis Protein Expression in Early-Stage Colorectal Cancer Suggests Opportunities for New Prognostic Biomarkers CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH
2005Tumor-Associated Alterations in Caspase-14 Expression in Epithelial Malignancies CLINICAL CANCER RESEARCH
2005Serum withdrawal kills U937 cells by inducing a positive mutual interaction between reactive oxygen species and phosphoinositide 3-kinaseCELLULAR SIGNALLING
2005Co-induction of cell death and survival pathways by phosphoinositide 3-kinaseLIFE SCIENCES
2005Clinical, histological, and immunohistochemical features predicting 1p/19q loss of heterozygosity in oligodendroglial tumorsACTA NEUROCHIRURGICA
2005한국인 희소돌기아교세포종의 1p/19q 이형접합소실 검사에 적합한 현미부수체 표지자 KOREAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
2005The effect on porcine bile duct of a metallic stent covered with a paclitaxel-incorporated membraneGASTROINTESTINAL ENDOSCOPY
2005직장암에서 전 직장간막 절제술 후 측방절제연이 예후에 미치는 영향 Journal of the Korean Society of Coloproctology
2005Metastatic extramammary Paget's disease with HER2 amplification to renal cell carcinoma: a unique presentation of cancer in cancer metastasisHEPATOLOGY
2005Impaired nonhomologous end-joining in mismatch repair-deficient colon carcinomas LABORATORY INVESTIGATION
2005Frequent mutations of human Mad2, but not Bub1, in gastric cancers cause defective mitotic spindle checkpointMUTATION RESEARCH-FUNDAMENTAL AND MOLECULAR MECHANISMS OF MUTAGENESIS
2005ADP-overexpressing adenovirus elicits enhanced cytopathic effect by induction of apoptosisCANCER GENE THERAPY
2005Coxsackie and adenovirus receptor binding ablation reduces adenovirus liver tropism and toxicityHUMAN GENE THERAPY
2005Correlation of KIT and platelet-derived growth factor receptor α mutations with gene activation and expression profiles in gastrointestinal stromal tumorsONCOGENE
2004Role of Microarray in Cancer Diagnosis CANCER RESEARCH AND TREATMENT
2004대장암 유전 분석의 임상적, 병리학적 의의 Korean Journal of Gastroenterology (대한소화기학회지)
2004난소의 낭선섬유종(Cystadenofibroma)이 동반된 가족성 선종성 용종증 1예 Korean Journal of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (대한소화기내시경학회지)
2004골수이식 후 만성 이식편대숙주질환으로 발생한 폐쇄성 세기관지염에 의한 이차성 재발성 기흉 1례 TUBERCULOSIS AND RESPIRATORY DISEASES
2004Transcriptional silencing of the RUNX3 gene by CpG hypermethylation is associated with lung cancerBIOCHEMICAL AND BIOPHYSICAL RESEARCH COMMUNICATIONS
2004Different gene expression profiles between microsatellite instability-high and microsatellite stable colorectal carcinomasONCOGENE
2004Proteomic analysis distinguishes basaloid carcinoma as a distinct subtype of nonsmall cell lung carcinomaPROTEOMICS
2004CMV enteritis causing ileal perforation in underlying lupus enteritisCLINICAL RHEUMATOLOGY
2003위장관 간진종양의 특성Journal of the Korean Gastric Cancer Association (대한위암학회지)
2003Colorectal flat neoplasiaDIGESTIVE AND LIVER DISEASE
2003Ad-mTERT-Δ19, a Conditional Replication-Competent Adenovirus Driven by the Human Telomerase Promoter, Selectively Replicates in and Elicits Cytopathic Effect in a Cancer Cell-Specific MannerHUMAN GENE THERAPY
2003크론병에 동반된 장골동맥-회장루 1예 Korean Journal of Gastroenterology (대한소화기학회지)
2003Expression of transforming growth factor-β1 and transforming growth factor-β receptors in hepatocellular carcinoma and dysplastic nodules MODERN PATHOLOGY
2003Chromosomal Imbalances in the Colorectal Carcinomas with Microsatellite Instability AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PATHOLOGY
2003DNA 현미 부수체 불안전성 특성을 가진 산발성 대장암의 임상병리학적 특징 Journal of the Korean Society of Coloproctology