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김지현 [Kim, Ji Hyun]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Ophthalmology (안과학교실)

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2016Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness is Decreased in Patients With Hematologic Malignancy.김지현, 김찬윤, 성공제, 한승한, 한진우, 홍사민Article
2013Comparison of Macular Ganglion Cell Complex Thickness by Fourier-Domain OCT in Normal Tension Glaucoma and Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma김지현, 김찬윤, 노승수, 성공제, 홍사민Article
2013Comparison of the optic nerve imaging by time-domain optical coherence tomography and Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography in distinguishing normal eyes from those with glaucoma김나래, 김지현, 김찬윤, 이은석, 전익현Article
2012Structural and functional predictors of visual outcome of epiretinal membrane surgery.고형준, 김용민, 김지현Article
2012Influence of cataract on time domain and spectral domain optical coherence tomography retinal nerve fiber layer measurements김나래, 김지현, 김찬윤, 성공제, 이은석, 홍사민Article
2012Surgical results of Ahmed valve implantation with intraoperative bevacizumab injection in patients with neovascular glaucoma김나래, 김지현, 김찬윤, 성공제, 이은석, 홍사민Article
2011Comparisons of nerve fiber layer thickness measurements between Stratus, Cirrus, and RTVue OCTs in healthy and glaucomatous eyes.강성용, 김나래, 김지현, 김찬윤, 성공제, 이은석, 최은희Article
2011Comparison between Tonopachy and Other Tonometric and Pachymetric Devices김나래, 김지현, 김찬윤, 이영지, 이은석Article
2011Influence of blue light-filtering intraocular lenses on retinal nerve fiber layer measurements by spectral-domain optical coherence tomography.김나래, 김지현, 김찬윤, 노승수, 이은석Article
2011Comparing the ganglion cell complex and retinal nerve fibre layer measurements by Fourier domain OCT to detect glaucoma in high myopia.김나래, 김지현, 김찬윤, 성공제, 이은석, 홍사민Article
2011Prevalence and Characteristics of Glaucoma among Korean Adults 강성용, 김나래, 김지현, 김찬윤, 성공제, 이은석, 홍사민Article
2011Determinants of perimacular inner retinal layer thickness in normal eyes measured by Fourier-domain optical coherence tomography. 김나래, 김지현, 김찬윤, 성공제, 이은석, 이준원Article
2011Factors associated with false positives in retinal nerve fiber layer color codes from spectral-domain optical coherence tomography김지현, 김찬윤, 노승수, 성공제Article
2010Effect of Korean Red Ginseng Supplementation on Ocular Blood Flow in Patients with Glaucoma 김나래, 김지현, 김찬윤Article
2010Structure-function relationship and diagnostic value of macular ganglion cell complex measurement using Fourier-domain OCT in glaucoma. 김나래, 김지현, 김찬윤, 성공제, 이은석Article
2009Seborrheic Keratosis of the Conjunctiva: A Case Report. 김응권, 김지현, 김태임Article