2. Thesis

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2016신장종양의 감별진단을 위한 전산화 단층촬영 영상의 정량적 질감분석에 기반한 컴퓨터 도움 영상분석의 유용성 박승현Thesis
2016Interobserver and test-retest reproducibility of T1ρ and T2 measurement of lumbar intervertebral disc by using 3T magnetic resonance imaging 유연화Thesis
2016Feasibility of contrast-enhanced CT with knowledge-based iterative model reconstruction algorithm for the evaluation of parotid gland masses 김기욱Thesis
2016Nodules with nondiagnostic results on repeat fine needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) : which nodules should be considered for repeat biopsy or surgery rather than follow-up? 은나래Thesis
2016Prediction of pancreatic fistula after pancreatoduodenectomy by preoperative dynamic computed tomographic imaging and fecal elastase-1 levels 강졍현Thesis
2015Differentiation between focal malignant-replacing lesions and benign red marrow deposition of the spine with T2*-corrected fat-signal fraction map using a three-echo volume interpolated breath-hold gradient echo Dixon sequence 김용표Thesis
2010유방암의 골 전이암 누드 마우스 모델에서 고분자 미셀에 함입된 독소루비신을 이용한 골 전이암 치료의 optical imaging 분석 박영진Thesis
2014Dynamic contrast-enhanced CT in advanced lung cancer after chemotherapy with/without radiation therapy : can it predict treatment responsiveness of the tumor? 유미리Thesis
2014Photoacoustic imaging of breast microcalcifications : a preliminary study with 8-gauge core-biopsied breast specimens 김가람Thesis
2013Can increased tumoral vascularity on quantitative method be a predicting factor of lymph node metastasis in papillary thyroid microcarcinoma? 신현주Thesis
2013Benign thyroid nodules on cytology : results of long-term follow up with ultrasonography 김수연Thesis
1999장정 5Cm 이하의 단일 결절성 간세포암에서 치료후 재발률 및 재발양상 : 간동맥 화학색전술과 간절제술의 비교김병문Thesis
1984구음장애 환자에서의 연구개인두부 운동에 대한 방사선학적 연구김명준Thesis
1981급성 두뇌외상의 전산화단층촬영에 관한 고찰김동익Thesis
2014Multi-channel near-infrared spectroscopy imaging system for improvement of diagnostic accuracy in localized prostate cancer 김승섭Thesis
2014Ultrasound elastography for assessing thyroid nodules : interrater variability and diagnostic performance 고지은Thesis
2014Clinical utility of 18F-FDG PET-CT and CT/MRI for detecting nodal metastasis in oropharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma patients with N0 neck 손범석Thesis
2013MDCT evaluation of food stasis in remnant stomach after subtotal gastrectomy by laparoscopic versus open abdominal approach박아영Thesis
2012Histologic characteristics of small hepatocellular carcinomas showing atypical enhancement patterns on 4-phase multidetector CT examination 김인중Thesis
2012Positive predictive value for additional synchronous breast lesions in whole-breast sonography at the diagnosis of breast cancer: Clinical and imaging factors 김아현Thesis

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