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2023Development of an artificial intelligence model to evaluate and predict the severity of postoperative scars Dissertation
2022Pellino-1-dependent regulatory mechanisms of dendritic cell in Candida albicans-induced interleukin-17 immune response Dissertation
2021WNT5A drives IL-6 dependent epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition via JAK/STAT pathway in keloid pathogenesis Dissertation
2017Role of regulatory T cells in imiquimod-induced psoriasiform dermatitis model Dissertation
2017Role of interleukin-17 production of fatty acid binding protein 5-expressing CD4+ T cells in atopic dermatitis showing systemic involvement Dissertation
2015Developing an aging index to predict the occurrence of non-melanoma skin cancer in Koreans Dissertation
2015The target search for innate allergic immune modulatory proteins in TSLP-activated NKT cells using proteomics Dissertation
2010Pemphigus in Korea a retrospective analysis of 199 patients over a 16-year period Thesis
2014The effect of corticosteroid on the acantholysis induced by pemphigus vulgaris IgG Dissertation
2014Role of estrogen in wound healing through regulation of epithelial-mesenchymal transition in human keratinocyte Dissertation
1989자외선 A의 조사와 indomethacin 투여가 마우스의 접촉과민반응에 미치는 영향Dissertation
1986광화학요법이 표피 Langerhans세포에 미치는 영향에 관한 형태학적 연구Dissertation
2014The expression of tripartite motif-containing proteins in Behcet's disease Dissertation
2011Anti-tumor and anti-metastatic effects of intralesional recombinant interferon-alpha and beta on human malignant melanoma xenografts in nude mice Dissertation
2012Expression of protease-activated receptor-2 in the immortalized human sebocyte cell line SZ95 and its role in sebaceous lipid synthesis and inflammationDissertation
2004레티노인산에 의한 각질형성세포에서의 IL-8 유전자 발현의 기전 Dissertation
1986매독진단에 있어서 chromatic antibody test for syphilis(CATS)의 검사성적Dissertation
1986Microsporum canis에 감염된 기니픽에서 ELISA법에 의한 혈청내 항proteinase 항체 검출에 관한 연구Dissertation
1985신체 부위별 각질세포에 대한 형태학적 연구Dissertation
1984정상 한국청년의 신체부위와 성별에 따른 각질세포의 차이Dissertation

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