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Regulation of root patterns in mammalian teeth

 Hyejin Seo  ;  Jinsun Kim  ;  Jae Joon Hwang  ;  Ho-Gul Jeong  ;  Sang-Sun Han  ;  Wonse Park  ;  Kanghyun Ryu  ;  Hong Seomun  ;  Jae-Young Kim  ;  Eui-Sic Cho  ;  Joo-Cheol Park  ;  Kyung-Seok Hu  ;  Hee-Jin Kim  ;  Dong-Hyun Kim  ;  Sung-Won Cho 
 Scientific Reports, Vol.7(1) : 12714, 2017 
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 Scientific Reports 
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Mammalian teeth have diverse pattern of the crown and root. The patterning mechanism of the root position and number is relatively unknown compared to that of the crown. The root number does not always match to the cusp number, which has prevented the complete understanding of root patterning. In the present study, to elucidate the mechanism of root pattern formation, we examined (1) the pattern of cervical tongues, which are tongue-like epithelial processes extending from cervical loops, (2) factors influencing the cervical tongue pattern and (3) the relationship among patterns of cusp, cervical tongue and root in multi-rooted teeth. We found a simple mechanism of cervical tongue formation in which the lateral growth of dental mesenchyme in the cuspal region pushes the cervical loop outward, and the cervical tongue appears in the intercuspal region subsequently. In contrast, when lateral growth was physically inhibited, cervical tongue formation was suppressed. Furthermore, by building simple formulas to predict the maximum number of cervical tongues and roots based on the cusp pattern, we demonstrated a positive relationship among cusp, cervical tongue and root numbers. These results suggest that the cusp pattern and the lateral growth of cusps are important in the regulation of the root pattern.
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김진선(Kim, Jin Sun)
김희진(Kim, Hee Jin) ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0002-1139-6261
박원서(Park, Wonse)
정호걸(Jeong, Ho Gul)
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한상선(Han, Sang Sun) ORCID logo https://orcid.org/0000-0003-1775-7862
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황재준(Hwang, Jae Joon)
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