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Enhanced bone regeneration with a gold nanoparticle-hydrogel complex

Dong Nyoung Heo ; Wan-Kyu Ko ; Min Soo Bae ; Jung Bok Lee ; Deok-Won Lee ; Wo... JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY B, Vol.2(11) : 1584-1593, 2014

A proposal for a new analysis of craniofacial morphology by 3-dimensiona...

Sun-Hyung Park ; Hyung-Seog Yu ; Kee-Deog Kim ; Kee-Joon Lee ; Hyoung-Seon Baik AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS, Vol.129(5) : 600.e23-600.e34, 2006

Maxillary sinus septa: Prevalence, height, location, and morphology. A r...

Min-Jung Kim ; Ui-Won Jung ; Chang-Sung Kim ; Kee-Deog Kim ; Seong-Ho Choi ; ... JOURNAL OF PERIODONTOLOGY, Vol.77(5) : 903-908, 2006
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2024Dentists' Intention to Use Teleconsultation for the Treatment of Patients With Osteoporosis: An Online Survey StudyTELEMEDICINE AND E-HEALTH
2024The trend of dental check-up and prevalence of dental complications following the use of bone modifying agents in patients with metastatic breast and prostate cancer: analysis of data from the Korean National Health Insurance Service BMC HEALTH SERVICES RESEARCH
2024Factors associated with age-related changes in oral diadochokinesis and masticatory function in healthy old adults BMC ORAL HEALTH
2024Can medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw be attributed to specific microorganisms through oral microbiota analyses? A preliminary study BMC ORAL HEALTH
2024Importance of differential diagnosis of EBV mucocutaneous ulcer and EBV-positive diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: A case report MEDICINE
2024The assessment of halitosis with a new screening tool in medication-related osteonecrosis of the jawCLINICAL ORAL INVESTIGATIONS
2023The effect of surface treatment and low-temperature degradation on flexural strength of additive manufactured zirconia JOURNAL OF THE MECHANICAL BEHAVIOR OF BIOMEDICAL MATERIALS
2023Zirconia-veneered polyetherketoneketone frameworks of implant-supported complete arch fixed dental prostheses: A report on 5 patientsJOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY
2023Evaluating the performance of generative adversarial network-synthesized periapical images in classifying C-shaped root canals SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Three-Dimensional Analysis of the Pharyngeal Airway According to Craniofacial Morphology IRANIAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH
2023Preventive effect of teriparatide on medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw in rats SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023A Study on the Hearing Protection Effect of Noise-Filtering Earplugs for Dentists Journal of the Korean Academy of Pediatric Dentistry(대한소아치과학회지)
2023Medication-related osteonecrosis of the jaw using periodontitis-induced rat before tooth extraction BMC ORAL HEALTH
2023Identification of Dental Implant Systems Using a Large-Scale Multicenter Data SetJOURNAL OF DENTAL RESEARCH
2023Mechanical properties of additively manufactured zirconia with alumina air abrasion surface treatment SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Allergic reactions to local anesthetic mepivacaine in dental procedures: a case report Journal of Dental Anesthesia and Pain Medicine
2023Mechanical properties of CAD/CAM polylactic acid as a material for interim restoration HELIYON
2023Automated deep learning for classification of dental implant radiographs using a large multi-center dataset SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Effectiveness of an Oral Health Education Program Using a Smart Toothbrush with Quantitative Light- Induced Fluorescence Technology in Children CHILDREN-BASEL
2023Evaluation of dental status using a questionnaire before administration of general anesthesia for the prevention of dental injuries Journal of Dental Anesthesia and Pain Medicine