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2023Automatic diagnosis of true proximity between the mandibular canal and the third molar on panoramic radiographs using deep learning SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Radiomics-based sialadenitis staging in contrast-enhanced computed tomography and ultrasonography: a preliminary rat model studyORAL SURGERY ORAL MEDICINE ORAL PATHOLOGY ORAL RADIOLOGY
2023Perforators Detected in Computed Tomography Angiography for Anterolateral Thigh Free Flap: Am I the Only One Who Feels Inaccurate? JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE
2023An Endodontic Forecasting Model Based on the Analysis of Preoperative Dental Radiographs: A Pilot Study on an Endodontic Predictive Deep Neural NetworkJOURNAL OF ENDODONTICS
2023Development of deep learning model and evaluation in real clinical practice of lingual mandibular bone depression (Stafne cyst) on panoramic radiographsDENTOMAXILLOFACIAL RADIOLOGY
2023Korean dental hygiene students' perceptions and attitudes toward artificial intelligence: An online surveyJOURNAL OF DENTAL EDUCATION
2023Refinement of image quality in panoramic radiography using a generative adversarial networkDENTOMAXILLOFACIAL RADIOLOGY
2023Development and accuracy validation of a fat fraction imaging biomarker for sialadenitis in the parotid gland BMC ORAL HEALTH
2023Multi-planar 2.5D U-Net for image quality enhancement of dental cone-beam CT PLOS ONE
2023Parotid gland evaluation of menopausal women with xerostomia using the iterative decomposition of water and fat with echo asymmetry and least-squares estimation (IDEAL-IQ) method of MRI: a pilot studyDENTOMAXILLOFACIAL RADIOLOGY
2022Giant Cell Lesions of the Temporomandibular Joint Area: A Report of Three Cases Korean Academy of Advanced General Dentistry(대한통합치과학회)
2023Deep learning synthesis of cone-beam computed tomography from zero echo time magnetic resonance imaging SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Automatic diagnosis of retention pseudocyst in the maxillary sinus on panoramic radiographs using a convolutional neural network algorithm SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2023Radiomics approach to the condylar head for legal age classification using cone-beam computed tomography: A pilot study PLOS ONE
2023Harmonization of robust radiomic features in the submandibular gland using multi-ultrasound systems: a preliminary studyDENTOMAXILLOFACIAL RADIOLOGY
2023Comparison of the clinical usefulness of structured and free-text reports for interpretation of jaw lesions on cone beam computed tomography imagesORAL SURGERY ORAL MEDICINE ORAL PATHOLOGY ORAL RADIOLOGY
2023Impact of physiological parameters on the parotid gland fat fraction in a normal population SCIENTIFIC REPORTS
2022Synthesis of T2-weighted images from proton density images using a generative adversarial network in a temporomandibular joint magnetic resonance imaging protocol IMAGING SCIENCE IN DENTISTRY
20225년간 연세대학교 치과대학병원 소아청소년의 치과 방사선 검사 및 유효선량 조사 Journal of the Korean Dental Association(대한치과의사협회지)
2022Unintentional temporomandibular joint disc reduction after orthognathic surgery: A case report with long-term imaging follow-up IMAGING SCIENCE IN DENTISTRY

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