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효과적인 임상실습을 위한 교육병원의 역할

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 The Role of the Teaching Hospital in the Effective Clerkship 
 백선용  ;  윤소정  ;  감비성  ;  이상엽  ;  우재석  ;  임선주 
 17(1): 5 - 9 
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 Korean Medical Education Review 
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Hospitals ; Teaching ; Role ; Clinical clerkship
A teaching hospital is a place where both patient care and learning occur together. To identify the role of the teaching hospital in an effective clerkship, we first determined the features of workplace learning and the factors that affect learning in the workplace, and then we proposed a role for the teaching hospital in the clinical clerkship. Features of learning in a clerkship include learning in context, and learning from patients, supervising doctors, others in the team, and colleagues. During the clerkship, medical students learn in three-way learner-patient-teacher relationships, and students’ participation in the tasks of patient care is crucial for learning. Factors that influence learning in the workplace are associated with tasks, context, and learner. Tying the three factors together, we proposed a role for the teaching hospital in the three categories: involvement in the tasks of patient care, engagement in the medical team, and engagement in the learning environment and system. Supervising doctors and team members in a teaching hospital support students’ deep participation in patient care, while improving the learning environment through organizational guidelines and systems. Gathering both qualitative and quantitative data for the evaluation of a teaching hospital is important.
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