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A PCR Analysis of ERα and ERβ mRNA Abundance in Rats and the Effect of O...

S. K. Lim ; Y. J. Won ; H. C. Lee ; K. B. Huh ; Y. S. Park Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, Vol.14(7) : 1189-1196, 1999

Activator-specific requirement of yeast mediator proteins for RNA polyme...

SANG JUN HAN ; YOUNG CHUL LEE ; BYUNG SOO GIM ; GI-HYUCK RYU ; SOON JUNG PARK... Molecular and Cellular Biology, Vol.19(2) : 978-988, 1999

How can we enhance the performance of liver stiffness measurement using ...

Seung Up Kim ; Do Young Kim ; Jun Yong Park ; Jin Ha Lee ; Sang Hoon Ahn ; Ja... JOURNAL OF CLINICAL GASTROENTEROLOGY, Vol.44(1) : 66-71, 2010

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