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A PCR Analysis of ERα and ERβ mRNA Abundance in Rats and the Effect of O...

S. K. Lim ; Y. J. Won ; H. C. Lee ; K. B. Huh ; Y. S. Park Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, Vol.14(7) : 1189-1196, 1999

Activator-specific requirement of yeast mediator proteins for RNA polyme...

SANG JUN HAN ; YOUNG CHUL LEE ; BYUNG SOO GIM ; GI-HYUCK RYU ; SOON JUNG PARK... Molecular and Cellular Biology, Vol.19(2) : 978-988, 1999

Protective effectiveness of hantavirus vaccine

Keeho Park ; Chang Soo Kim ; Ki-Tae Moon EMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES, Vol.10(12) : 2218-2220, 2004-12
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2024Using propensity score matching analysis to compare between cardiometabolic risk factors and physical activity type in Korean adults: findings from a nationwide population-based survey BMC PUBLIC HEALTH
2024Comparison of Metabolic Risk Factors Based on the Type of Physical Activity in Korean Adolescents: Results from a Nationwide Population-Based Survey Korean Journal of Family Medicine(가정의학회지)
2023Appropriateness of antibiotic use for patients with asymptomatic bacteriuria or urinary tract infection with positive urine culture: a retrospective observational multi-centre study in KoreaJOURNAL OF HOSPITAL INFECTION
2023Steady amelioration of institutional hand hygiene behavior among health care personnel after 12-year consistent interventionAMERICAN JOURNAL OF INFECTION CONTROL
2023Applicability and limitations of quality indicator-based assessment of appropriateness in antimicrobial use: a comparison with expert opinionJOURNAL OF HOSPITAL INFECTION
2023Ventilation strategies based on an aerodynamic analysis during a large-scale SARS-CoV-2 outbreak in an acute-care hospital JOURNAL OF CLINICAL VIROLOGY
2023Association between triglyceride-glucose index and low-density lipoprotein particle size in korean obese adults LIPIDS IN HEALTH AND DISEASE
2023Genome-wide association and replication studies for handedness in a Korean community-based cohort BRAIN AND BEHAVIOR
2023Significance of The Regular Publication of Statistics on National Health Indicators in Academic Journals and The Prospects of Korea National Antimicrobial Use Analysis System (KONAS) INFECTION AND CHEMOTHERAPY
2023코로나19 유행에 대응하는 의료종사자의 감염과 소진을 예방하기 위한 지침 Korean Journal of Healthcare-associated Infection Control and Prevention(의료관련감염관리)
2023Impact of data extraction errors in meta-analyses on the association between depression and peripheral inflammatory biomarkers: an umbrella reviewPSYCHOLOGICAL MEDICINE
2023Digital cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia on depression and anxiety: a systematic review and meta-analysis NPJ DIGITAL MEDICINE(Nature partner journals digital medicine Digital medicine)
2023Disturbance of Sleep and Circadian Rhythm in Hospitalized Patients Chronobiology in Medicine
2023Guidelines for Infection Control and Burnout Prevention in Healthcare Workers Responding to COVID-19 INFECTION AND CHEMOTHERAPY
2023The Relationship between Delirium and Statin Use According to Disease Severity in Patients in the Intensive Care Unit CLINICAL PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY AND NEUROSCIENCE
2023Association of short-term and long-term weight loss with the risk of major adverse cardiovascular disease: Community-based cohort studyDIABETES RESEARCH AND CLINICAL PRACTICE
2023Vaccine Effect on Household Transmission of Omicron and Delta SARS-CoV-2 Variants JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE
2023Outcomes of an Acute Palliative Care Unit at a Comprehensive Cancer Center in Korea PALLIATIVE MEDICINE REPORTS
2022Role of postoperative radiotherapy in resected adenoid cystic carcinoma of the head and neck RADIATION ONCOLOGY
2022Professional Status of Infectious Disease Specialists in Korea: A Nationwide Survey JOURNAL OF KOREAN MEDICAL SCIENCE