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박형준 [Park, Hyung Jun]
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College of Medicine - Dept. of Neurology

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2016Spinal cord involvement in Behçet’s disease김도영, 김승민, 박형준, 신하영, 이형석, 최영철Article
2014특이 전기생리결과를 보인 X연관샤르코-마리-투스병1형 김승민, 박형준, 신하영, 이효은, 최병옥Article
2014Clinical and Genetic Aspects in Twelve Korean Patients with Adrenomyeloneuropathy 강훈철, 김승민, 박형준, 서범천, 신하영, 이필휴, 최병옥, 최영철Article
2014Congenital muscular dystrophy type 1A with residual merosin expression 강훈철, 김흥동, 박형준, 이영목, 이준수, 최영철Article
2014Whole-Genome Analysis in Korean Patients with Autoimmune Myasthenia Gravis 김소원, 김승민, 박형준, 신하영, 이지현, 최영철Article
2014Clinical and Electrophysiologic Responses to Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors in MuSK-Antibody-Positive Myasthenia Gravis: Evidence for Cholinergic Neuromuscular Hyperactivity 김승민, 박형준, 신하영, 이효은, 최영철Article
2013Clinical and electromyographic features of radiation-induced lower cranial neuropathy김승민, 박형준, 신하영, 최영철Article
2013중증근무력증과 병발한 시신경척수염범주질환 2예 김승민, 박형준, 신하영Article
2013중추신경계 탈수초질환으로 오인된 림프종 3예 김승민, 박형준, 신하영Article
2013Clinical Characteristics and Molecular Genetic Analysis of Korean Patients with GNE Myopathy 박형준, 신하영, 최영철Article
2012The expression of BAFF in the muscles of patients with dermatomyositis.박형준, 최영철Article
2012Heterogeneous characteristics of Korean patients with dysferlinopathy 김승민, 박형준, 선우일남, 신하영, 최영철, 홍지만Article
2012Duchenne 근디스트로피의 치료에 대한 고찰 박형준, 최영철Article