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박유랑 [Park, Yu Rang]
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College of Medicine (의과대학) - Dept. of Biomedical Systems Informatics (의생명시스템정보학교실)
(Yonsei Health Research Network)
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2019Prescription Refill Gap of Endocrine Treatment from Electronic Medical Records as a Prognostic Factor in Breast Cancer Patients 박유랑Article
2019Modification of the prolonged mechanical ventilation prognostic model score to predict short-term and 1-year mortalities박유랑Article
2019Genomic Common Data Model for Seamless Interoperation of Biomedical Data in Clinical Practice: Retrospective Study 박유랑Article
2019An Assessment of Physical Activity Data Collected via a Smartphone App and a Smart Band in Breast Cancer Survivors: Observational Study 박유랑Article
2019Event-free survival following early endometrial events in breast cancer patients treated with anti-hormonal therapy: A nationwide claims data study 김혜령, 박유랑Article
2019Is Blockchain Technology Suitable for Managing Personal Health Records? Mixed-Methods Study to Test Feasibility박유랑Article
2019Postvaccination Fever Response Rates in Children Derived Using the Fever Coach Mobile App: A Retrospective Observational Study 박유랑Article
2019Survival benefit of first-generation epidermal growth factor receptor-tyrosine kinase inhibitors in female with advanced lung cancer박유랑Article
2019Medical resource utilization patterns and mortality rates according to age among critically ill patients admitted to a medical intensive care unit 박유랑Article
2019Why Do Data Users Say Health Care Data Are Difficult to Use? A Cross-Sectional Survey Study 박유랑Article
2019Clinical MetaData ontology: a simple classification scheme for data elements of clinical data based on semantics 박유랑Article
2019A Serious Game-Derived Index for Detecting Children With Heterogeneous Developmental Disabilities: Randomized Controlled Trial 박유랑Article
2018A Cardiopulmonary Monitoring System for Patient Transport Within Hospitals Using Mobile Internet of Things Technology: Observational Validation Study박유랑Article
2018Impact of a Wearable Device-Based Walking Programs in Rural Older Adults on Physical Activity and Health Outcomes: Cohort Study 김혜령, 박유랑Article
2018A Filtering Method for Identification of Significant Target mRNAs of Coexpressed and Differentially Expressed MicroRNA Clusters 박유랑Article
2018Effect of self-monitoring on long-term patient engagement with mobile health applications 박유랑Article